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You have people, economists, planners, and yes, scientists claiming that there are hundred of reasons, many supposedly good reasons, for building “civilian” nuclear power plants.

A single evidence might change your mind: Potable water is contaminated in Japan.  What kind of hope can you expect in life if you are unable to drink water safely?  When potable water is contaminated, rivers are contaminated, and agricultural products will be contaminated.  Imported water bottles will be contaminated as they arrive:  Do you think water bottles are covered with a thick layer of lead?

Has Japan to invest in water pipeline coming from Antarctica?  Ridiculous, but feasible with a rich country as Japan.

You may say that this catastrophic accident is temporary:  How temporary? Anyone is ready to believe politicians or scientists when reality hit so hard?

You say the Japanese people have demonstrated willingness for “resolution”, facing the events with courage or whatever…What do we know about the state of disarray of a people who experienced the most brutal aggression in history:  The first two atomic bombs dropped on inhabited cities!

If technologies are useless preventing contamination of water, what is the use of technology?

You hear many scientists, expert and not expert at all, proclaiming that vast improvements in the safety and security of nuclear power plants have been enhanced in the last decades.  Where are these chimeric improvements?  Why have they not be redesigned in the older power plants?  Should private electrical companies be relied upon to invest more on something that was functioning “well”?

Since 1952, the world has witnessed 7 nuclear dangerous accidents of level 5 out of 7; all of them taking place in the rich and developed States of the veto powers in the UN such as USA, France, England, Russia…Fukushima plants are about 6 already and growing.  Contamination of radioactive cesium has reached 450 miles in diameter; no, we are not talking about the “benign” contamination of nitrogen or oxygen…with seconds of half-life. A second contamination here, another contamination there, and pretty soon we have a contamination larger and more devastating than US deficit.

Nuclear scientists said and are saying…Are you sure these scientists have mastered the nuclear?  Are you sure they know how to manage and control nuclear catastrophes?

How many among you know how many died instantly, two days later, a month later…from the Three Miles Island plant?  Is not knowing a good basis to forgetting that “what can happen will happen”?

Are we about to sit tight and wait for the next doomsday? Nuclear scientists said and are saying…  This is not a one time catastrophe of a single day:  Successive earthquakes have been shaking Japan since the first big one with scales higher than 6.  Earthquakes are expanding to Myanmar  and heading eastward.  Are there more nuclear power plants in India, Iran, Israel, and on?  Are scientists in seismic troubles as expert as nuclear scientists in their previsions?




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