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“The Obsession for State Borders” by Michel Foucher (January 7, 2009)

I have written on State borders problems in two previous articles; this one is on a happy realization in several parts on earth.

There is this concept that is taking effect on a large scale for resolving border problems:  reserving delimiting zones as natural preserves and void of any military presence.

Up to now, it seems that 10% of the total area of natural conservation projects is of this nature.

For example:

1. Along the borders of Poland and Byelorussia we have this primary forest of Bialowieza.  T

2. he tri-national park of Prespa delimits the borders among Albania, Greece, and Macedonia.

3. The Trifinio natural reserve among the three Central American States of Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador is inhabited by 700,000 people managed by 45 communes. 

4. In south of Africa the “Park for Peace“, large as Italy, delimit the frontiers of the States of Zimbabwe, Angola, Namibia, Zambia, and Bostwana.

It seems that between 2004 and 2006, at least 8 secret meetings between the Syrians and Israelis negotiated borders resolution by creating natural reserves on Lake Tiberiade; the Israelis would have access to two snow skiing resorts in the Golan without visa requirements.

Brazil has borders with all States in South America except Chili and Equator.  Brazil resolved the problems of its 17,000 km borders using aerial cartography of OrbiSat that can produce carts covering 250,000 square km in two months.  Brazil and Venezuela have opened a trans-Amazonian route from Manaus to Caracas; and gas pipeline through the Amazon Forest to Bolivia.

There are 12 trans-oceanic routes or corridor under consideration with a budget of $50 billions in a 10-year plan by Mercosur (economic union of the South American States).  These corridors are meant to “vanquish barriers of physical, normative, and social natures”

rmative, and social natures”




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