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Israel spreading Christmas Message of Hate in Ireland.

Over the past few weeks, Israel in Ireland facebook page has been launching sustained attacks and libels against everyone from Amnesty International to the Irish charity Trocaire.

The page delivers this fantasy idea that Jesus was and is pro-Israel, and that Palestinians are anti Christian and that Jews aren’t safe in Bethlehem.

Abureesh posted on De. 17, 2012″

“I’m in the process of writing a full analysis of how the Israeli MFA handles it’s social media in the Republic of Ireland, especially after the attempt to categorize activists as Sexual Deviants earlier this year.

Today I spotted this on the Israel in Ireland‘s facebook page and had to share it with the public so they can see what the Israeli MFA passes for legitimate social media propaganda these days.

Over the past few weeks, I have witnessed the Israel in Ireland facebook page launch sustained attacks and libels against everyone from Amnesty International to the Irish charity Trocaire.

How they do this is usually through a mixture of obfuscation and disinformation designed to suggest that Amnesty International for example are hypocritical and do nothing for other situations such as the crisis in Syria.

For any MFA or Foreign office to use such flagrant language in an attempt to obfuscate from their own human rights abuses is utterly repulsive in my opinion.

Attacking human rights NGO’s such as Amnesty International using the terrible situation in Syria as an excuse, not only demeans the very real humanitarian situation those people face but also undermines true human rights activism.

I wont say I’m sorry to burst Israel in Ireland’s bubble by pointing out that I’ve personally witnessed Amnesty International in Northern Ireland and further afield organize scores of events, write articles, raise funds and provide direct on the ground coverage & reports on the situation in Syria.

I think it’s pathetic that what in essence is the foreign face of a country is not only attacking NGO’s but using one human rights abuse to distract from another.
The question we should ask is when will Israel in Ireland organize an event or rally to help the people in Syria instead of attacking legitimate human rights groups?

Regardless of the information being put out having mostly no substance the hundreds of page fans delight at having the opportunity to bash an NGO here and there or libel the entire Palestinian people as hostile enemies and brutal terrorists.

Getting back to the post that happened today and its attempt to justify occupation and brutalization of innocent civilians by use of sectarian logic I think the image provided above speaks volumes. Attempting to gain Christian support for Israel’s occupation and military presence in the occupied territory of the West Bank through an entirely false narrative that relies upon religious sectarianism which in my view is immoral, insulting, entirely reprehensible and duplicitous.

Instead of sending out a Christmas message of Peace,Israel in Ireland has opted for this single mission: to sully this time of year by suggesting all Palestinians are hostile enemies.

Despite how obviously disgusting the FB update is, we should also recognise that in some ways it is highly effective as it delivers this fantasy idea that Jesus was and is pro-Israel, that Palestinians are anti Christian and that Jews aren’t safe in Bethlehem.

Let us not forget that it is Israeli law that prohibits Israeli Jews from traveling into Bethlehem not the other way around.

Four key areas this type of propaganda covers:

1. It categorizes Christian figures in a specifically Jewish manner which may or may not be true (it opens the door for anti-Semitic comments to flow back thus is self-justifying)

2. It attempts to justify the ‘Security’ presence of the IDF in occupied territory

3. It categorizes all Palestinians as hostile people which is a libelous and racist thing to say.

4. It makes people link biblical Israel to today’s Israel. Thus putting out the idea the entire area is Israeli and shall remain that way for eternity.

Let me finish just by saying directly to Israel’s MFA that racism of this callibre won’t work in Ireland

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