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French police totally impotent? French ultra-Zionist hooligans repeatedly bludgeoned “wiser opponents”…

What’s common between Jacob Cohen and Olivia Zemor?

There are about 150 French ultra-Zionist hooligans who recruits Jewish adolescents in Jewish schools under the motto “Israel will live. Israel will vanquish” and go around throwing oil-based red paints on Jewish opponents, sensible opponents who are more on the reflective side of the troubles facing Israel and Zionism, and take videos of the incidents and project them on Youtube….

Jacob Cohen and Olivia Zemor had to pay visits to hospitals and succumb to two hours of emergency shower.

This group of “militant” Jewish Defense League has already committed many kinds of violent acts such as stabbing a French police officer, burning movie theaters (showing “Gaza-Strophe“), ransacking libraries, and barging into court rooms and attacking pro-Palestinian activists…

Jacob Cohen is the antizionist author of “The spring of the Sayanim“.

Olivia Zemor is the president of Capjpo-Euro Palestine, and coordinating activities among associations that demand a Just Peace in the Near-East.

The Zionist hooligans use approximate combat techniques practiced by Israeli soldiers called Krav Maga...

This radical and obscurantist French Jewish group was created in 2000 by Pierre Lurcat. Lurcat is a former member of the radical Zionist Youth Movement, and offshoot is basically similar to the extremist Israeli movements of Kach and Kahane Hai…who demand the total transfer of Palestinians to Jordan and putting in prison Palestinians who had sexual intercourse with Jewish women…

The symbol is a clenched fist within a black David Star…

Claude Barouch, vice-president of the Union of Jewish company owners and Professionals in France declared: “The struggle of the LDJ is the same as ours, with different methods…Their method is that of 5 year-old babies…”

These babies have been recruiting Jews with military training to travel to Judea-Samaria…To do what you think?

The French spokesman for the ministry of the interior said: “The ministry has not yet taken a position…The subject is too sensitive to provide further information…

Mind you that France has already banned similar extremist movements such as Ka Tribe and Forsane Alizza.

Note: Post inspired from a piece in the French weekly Le Nouvel Observateur 2492 by Lou Chapiteau and Elsa Vigoureux




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