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Listen to the learned professionals? The broad minded scholar? Omar Khayyam
Befriend the broad minded people
Stay away from the curious ignorant
Drink the poison of the well-educated
And poor the wine /medicine of the ignorant on the ground
صاحب من الناس كبار العقول</p> <p>واترك الجهال اهل الفضول</p> <p>واشرب نقيع السمِّ من عاقلِ</p> <p>واسكب على الأرض دواء الجَهول</p> <p>عمر الخيام </p> <p>إقتراح من صديق الصفحة : Walid Goudjil

صاحب من الناس كبار العقول واترك الجهال اهل الفضول

واشرب نقيع السمِّ من عاقلِ

واسكب على الأرض دواء الجَهول

عمر الخيام

إقتراح من صديق الصفحة : Walid Goudjil


Don’t tell me how adventurous you were when young: It does not count

Now that you are a tad older, tell me how you resolve your few handicaps every time you have to step out of your comfort zone.

Youth will never get the patience to listen to how older people body lose its adaptability, flexibility and power of recuperation.

All you are saying on physical difficulties is totally irrelevant to youth: They are not that real and they cannot fathom this decrepit state you are complaining about.

Did I mention the frequent stops for pissing?

This need for farting uncontrollably?

That when you say ‘I have to go”, it means exactly what you said.

This difficulty of getting out of bed when it feels cold?

The lengthy breathing exercises to clear up your lungs

How you manage to overcome the numerous aches in your joints?

“There was a time I felt life was sweet. I just realized it was only  my youth that was sweet” Attar

“At term, all that will remain of your existence is a story. Make sure the story is a good one” Afzel

We are all lions on banners. We act and move as the wind flaps the flag (Mesnevi)

A person of high values mingles with common people. Persons with low values shoot for pre-eminence. (Sahabi)

Young and old decrepit bodies hide inside veils. (Saadi)

A bite of bread, a bottle of wine, a book of poems and you singing by my side under a green tree: This solitude is my kind of paradise. (Omar Khayyam)

Life is snow, exposed to the scorching July sun. (Saade)

In time of great distress, not a single one will be around to come to your rescue. (Senay)

O children of Adam. You are members of one body. When misfortune ache a single part, there is no rest for the other members.

O you who refuses to worry of the pains of the others, you are not entitled the name of Man. (Coran)


On Religion: Omar Khayyam (1048 -1131), Abul Ala2 Al Ma3ari ( 937-1058), Ibn Sina2
I thought that I wrote the definitive position on religion. This position was stated succinctly and clearly 10 centuries ago, and by Moslems scholars.
Omar Khayyam (1048 -1131), one of the greatest mathematicians, astronomers, and poets of Iran
Omar Khayyam (1048 -1131), one of the greatest mathematicians, astronomers, and poets of Iran
“Do not suppose the statements of the prophets to be true; they are all fabrications.
Men lived comfortably till they came and spoiled life.
The sacred books are only such a set of idle tales
As any age could have and indeed did actually produce”.
Abul Ala2 Al Ma3ari ( 937-1058)
‎彡غرباء في المنفى 彡‎'s photo.
Ibn Sina2: “We are plagued by a community of people who believe that God never guided anyone else”
The famous physician who wrote the medical book Al Kanoun and was taught in Europe during the Renaissance period and centuries later.
Machiavelli wrote in The Prince:
“Religion is necessary to government.
Not to insure morals, but to control the people…”
‎العقل دين‎'s photo.

What is this French Academy? Who is Amine Maaluf?

The French Academy (L’ Academie Francaise) for the illustrious literary individuals who wrote in French (regardless of origin, genders, or religious affiliation) was instituted by the Cardinal Richelieu who was the Prime Minister of the monarch Louis 13 in the 16th century.

Among the  pantheon of the literary figures you find, Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Poincare, Alexander Dumas the Son (of African descent), Leopold Cedar Segor (Senegal), Asia Jabbar (Algeria)…Amine Maaluf (Lebanon) was inducted a member two week ago. (He will officially deliver his speech and get the chair, exactly a year later)

Amine Maaluf joined the Lebanese daily Al Nahar at the age of 22 in the foreign section.  He used to bring a book to work and read it hidden under the desk.

Amine undertook trips to Vietnam, Ethiopia, Haiti…to cover events.

You cannot be a successful journalist if you fail to read books everyday!  For example, how could we comprehend the Napoleonic war against Russia if we fail to read “War and Peace” of Tolstoy, or about France if we failed to read Balzac, or about Italy without Luigi Bazetti...?

Amine Maaluf was born in a small village of Lebanon (Ain Kabo) and immigrated to France in 1976, as the civil war in Lebanon set in.  He wrote many books about Lebanon, Iran, the Crusaders, his Origin…

How can we feel the feudal system in Lebanon without “The Boulder of Tanios“, or the century of Omar Khayyam in Iran, or how the Arab viewed the Crusaders at the time, or how the Lebanese immigrated and prospered overseas…

Maaluf earned the French Goncour Prize for “The Boulder of Tanios” (Sakhrat Tanios) and the Spanish Literary Prize.

His productions were translated in over 20 languages.  I read all his books in the original French language (about a dozen books) and reviewed extensively many of them in English, in my blog under “Book Review” category.

Many Lebanese authors wrote in foreign languages and were famous.  For example, Jubran Khalil Jubran “The Prophet” (the highest read in the USA after the Bible), Amine Rihani who corresponded with the New York Times in the 20’s and wrote “Khaled” and many other books, Andre Chedid, George Shehadeh, Salah Stitieh

Note 1: This article was inspired by the article of the Lebanese journalist Samir Attallah, published in the daily Al Nahar (June 29, 2011)

Note 2: This Nov. 10, 2013, Amine presented his latest book during the exhibition of French book production in BIEL (convention place in Beirut), and the President of Lebanon offered him the Medal of Honor during a reception.




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