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On the way to Oslo airport: “God save the Queen”?

The taxi driver is Iranian by origin and he has earned a couple of masters’ degrees in Norway.  The driver is a Norwegian citizen, but he is not complaining for earning a living as a taxi driver. He is saying to the Christian Lebanese lady heading to the airport: “I am respected in this country and I return my respect a hundred fold.  I cannot fathom why men in Islamic States can marry several women and this right is not reciprocated?I am disgusted with fathers and brothers slaughtering daughters and sisters, simply because she is no longer a virgin out of wedlock…”

The driver cannot stop talking, and he resumes: “I am atheist because I refuse to have my mind hijacked by clerics whose job is disseminating abstract concepts of obeying a God who refuses to admit the Gods of other religions…In our Islamic countries, we didn’t harvest but dissensions and hatred from religious teaching…”

The taxi driver loves poetry and Iranian music.  The lady felt free of opening up to this stranger and started whining and complaining of how she is feeling trapped, and how tired she is feeling…  The two individuals are not to meet again, but as she got out of the car at the airport, she couldn’t help but hug the taxi driver…

Note 1:  Do you mind allocating a reasonable budget to entertain a human symbol, with no political power, in order to secure democracy, decency, and cohesion of the people?

Note 2: The story was published in the Lebanese daily Al Nahar by Jumana Haddad.




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