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Bono-metrics and more; (Jan. 28, 2010)

            Rock superstar of U2 Bono published his 10 ideas for the next decade in the New York Times.  I selected a few of these ideas with comments.

            Half a million children in developing countries died of diarrhea this year.  There is a vaccine for antirotavirus  that could save millions of children.  The vaccine can be delivered with the other available inoculations.  Super rich Bono has established many humanitarian associations such as ONE and the label of RED products to fighting tuberculosis, paludism, and AIDS. Super rich and supper motivated Bono can start this campaign of vaccination and then play the catalyst for other billionaires, public figure personalities, and international organizations to taking over the movement.

            Soccer “world cup” games for 2010 are organized in South Africa. During the games, many African civil wars will declare cease fire for the event. Between now and then, soccer is enflaming enmities among peoples instead of letting politicians fight it out: it is a shame that Egyptians feel so strongly of Algerians simply for a soccer game. In this century, people can still exhibit small mindedness; as if knowledge and simple common sense decency have never touched them.

            Each individual should have the right to sell his polluting conduct to the heavier polluters and receive the money for his sustainable life behavior. The Ethiopian who is polluting the environment with 200 kilos of CO2 related chemicals per year should be paid by the US polluter of 20 tons.

            I love the European Union dynamism: Do you remember the “Spanish auberge” movie where European students study in any EU State?  Well, there is an extension to that program for small entrepreneurs.  The Erasmus program offers stipends for entrepreneurs who manage to contact skilled entrepreneurs to be mentors and learn new techniques in administration and managing their business.  Damn, I love to have dual citizenship with any EU state.

            For example, the Netherland allocated one billion to cover salaries of part time workers so that companies retain qualified employees for better economic periods.  What a better strategy to keeping people off the street and feeling worth as a person during downturn period.  It is amazing that small Netherland, with no raw materials, and with flat land under sea water level can progress as a super wealthy society.  The EU should move most of its institutions to the Netherland and be kept up to date to notion of courage and organization.




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