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And the Beltway battle cry of “look to the future, not the past!” is what all political power systems tell their subjects to do when they want to flush their own crimes down the memory hole.

Oh Palestinians, Jordanians, Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqis: You should Not cow down to the colonial powers directives that you are living on individual State Islands and have to fend individually by yourselves. You are one nation, one people and you have got to think, feel and act accordingly. One for all and all for one against the forces that want you isolated, weak and taken apart in our existential future.

Great awakening of the troubling times ahead. Walmart is temporarily pulling guns and ammunition from shelves. Citing rising tensions after police fatally shot a Black man in Philadelphia on Monday, the retailer will require customers to specifically request the items for purchase. Approximately half of Walmart’s 4,700 US stores sell firearms.

Global Debt reached $280,000 bn, mostly printing money with no reserves of any kinds. The many next generations will have to resolve this “funny money” game.

Stephen Hawking wrote: “If you stacked the new books being published next to each other, at the present rate of production you would have to move at ninety miles an hour just to keep up with the end of the line.” For each of these books of, “famous” profitable authors, there’s a cover, carefully designed, to catch the reader’s, and hopefully buyer’s, eye.

French colonialism did the most harm than all the other colonial powers to the people in the Near-East. French institutions have been suckering to Zionist movements since 1870 and preempting their demands all the way.

All billionaires have shares in pharmaceutical companies, in oil companies, in chemical companies… What is worrying is that, eventually, most vaccines (covid-19 and others) will be laced with 5G microchips to control and monitor world population by the superpowers. Mind you that Taiwan is the main manufacturer of those microchips.

Do you trust covid-19 vaccine? I don’t. Especially when they force it on you. and more horrifying, when the pharmaceutical companies are liability-free if you die or are maimed…(The PERP ACT of Trump administration)

The night is much longer than the day. Not just in duration but in exhaustion. Trying to sleep and waking up frequently and filling the void. By day break, you feel that you had done all your mental work

A reminder to people dealing with the Near-East calamities, especially to our One people, One Nation

I received this post from someone interested in knowing more on the political conditions in Lebanon and our policies toward the refugees (Palestinians and Syrians).

“I’d like to thank you for your blog article ‘How US State Department created 5 million Palestinian refugees?’ (May 31, 2012;

I found your article while surfing for background perspective on recent news about the Trump Administration’s alleged efforts to reform the definition of ‘Palestinian refugees’ from the UNRWA (hereditary) standard to the UNCHR (non-herdeditary) norm, and to undermine UNRWA and their operations (

Your article provided some of the most useful and relevant information on this subject, far better (I’m sorry to say) than most of the articles by professional journalists in the States who are supposed to inform my fellow citizens about the proceedings of our government.

I’d be interested in reading your thoughts, incidentally, on these current events, since this particular aspect of US policy could have a fundamental effect on Lebanon’s ‘confessional’ government, since it would theoretically challenge the legality of denying citizenship to the large Palestinian (and now Syrian) population that immigrated as asylum-seekers.”

My reply was:

“Your queries requires another expanded article to reply to your concerns. I would start by reminding my readers of a few fundamentals;

1) A reminder for our people in the Near-East that Israel was implanted in our region to prevent any daily trade and communication among the same people (in the Near East and an expansion to the Middle-East as a strategic geopolitical region).

2) Israel was created to fail us any sustained development among the same people who were divided into “independent” States to foment civil wars among themselves as any kinds of development emerged.

3) Israel and the colonial powers of USA/France/Britain are existential threat to our future well-being. Their goal is to hinder and prevent any facilitation of daily interconnection.

4) This region was linked by train system and boats before the establishment of Israel, and when any part experienced economic difficulties, they simply transferred to another part.

5) We are One people and One Nation with same language (different slang obviously), same tradition, same customs same culinary system…The colonial powers didn’t want this One people to resume their progress since the discovery of Oil and Gas in abundance could be used as a  strategic weapon.

6) Israel was used as a colonial implant to effectively separate this One people. Consequently, each State is behaving in isolation of the common interest and denying the refugees (consequence of the Machiavelli plans of the colonial powers) permanent residency that would satisfy Israel requirement of transforming itself into a purely Jewish Homeland, which it blatantly confirmed it in its recent constitution. 

7) The US “christian” Evangelical Zionist movement provided the religious background as excuse to fulfilling the colonial powers interest in a divided region.

8) Trump is simply ratifying what Congress has already proclaimed 2 decades ago that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel. and the process is being quickened.

9) Thus, No other alternative to the people in this region but to resist this advanced and hurried process of re-transferring everybody for the nth time since 1948.




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