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Tidbits and notes. Part 427

Europe was wracked with terror attacks for 2 decades in the 1960’s.
The world was wracked with terror attacks for 3 decades after 1980, before Da3esh (ISIS) was established.
Africa was wracked with the most violent of attacks by enrolling children in their armies and forcing them to kill their parents as sign of allegiance.The USA was mainly behind all these crimes against humanity
Singling Da3esh (ISIS) is a strong message that the USA is sticking to its strategy of destabilizing the Middle-East.

The death toll in Gaza surged. According to Palestinian officials, a family of 8 was killed in Israeli airstrikes, bringing the total number of deaths to 32 since both sides started exchanging fire on Nov. 12, following a targeted killing in Gaza. There have been (officially) no Israeli deaths so far.

Actually, every Friday in the last year, Palestinians in Gaza have been marching to the borders as their UN rights to Return home. Israel has been sniping and had killed hundred so far and many thousands have been injured and crippled.

US government regulates everyday consumer products more tightly than it does the nation’s voting systems.

Operation Blackout”, simulating an election process in USA, pitted ethical hackers against participants from the FBI, Secret Service, Department of Homeland Security, and Virginia police, presenting real-world possibilities pushed to an extreme. The game-play, which forbade any actual hacking, was strategic, not technical, and a team of cybersecurity professionals, monitored by US government observers, decided the outcome. The exercise ended in abject chaos

“America is totally unprepared for what is coming in (election interference) because it will be like nothing we’ve seen before. Everyone is vulnerable, and everyone will be affected.” And the number of people needed to influence an election is surprisingly small,

Most useful decision: Coming to term with “how we wish to die”

Decision to die in own bed is best definition of extreme laziness.

If you die before you decide how to die, that’s tough luck

If you die differently, that’s recklessness.

Les deux puissance au monde, le sabre et l’esprit, ont ete’ vaincus en Libye et en Somalie (there are no States in these 2 countries)

All curves for reforms and changes intersect a focal point: the points of perceived chaos, and the poorer classes are demanded to pay the heavy price.

Palestinians’ “day of rage.” In the West Bank and Gaza, demonstrators protest against the Trump administration’s reversal of longstanding US policy on Israeli settlements, which are considered illegal under international law. The Arab League formally rejected the US position yesterday.

A Moroccan rapper was imprisoned for a song about corruption. Mohamed Mounir, or “Gnawi,” was found guilty of insulting police in the track “Long Live the People.

In the 2017 election, the MRP poll from YouGov made the surprising prediction—eventually proven correct—that the UK Conservative Party would lose a majority. The 2019 poll relies on 50,000 people, rather than the usual 1,000-people survey.

The intense pressure to succeed in South Korea comes in many forms, including economic, social, cosmetic, and educational, writes Isabella Steger. But as unhappiness mounts at society’s intolerance of failure—perhaps manifested most clearly in the country’s persistently high suicide rate—the government is stepping in to encourage more acceptance of second chances. (How to learn to embrace failure?)

Demonstrating against a hike in fuel prices, some 200,000 people set alight 731 banks and 140 government sites, according to the country’s interior minister. Iran hiking of fuel prices was meant to discourage transferring fuel across borders by illegal dealers.




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