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This “Because”: The magical justification term that does wonders

Nothing is more frustrating than being kept in the dark.

Any lame statesman that uses “because’ is good enough to dissipate our endemic frustrations

For example, “Excuse me. I have 5 pages to copy. May I go before you because I have to make a few copies?”

Apparently, over 90% of people in the front line will let you advance them, especially if you are attractive and have a jovial look.

As if the one in the front line didn’t mean to make copy at the copy machine, and yet the person is gracious enough to advance him for your lame a nd stupid reason.

Actually, someone in the line who has heard you excuse will revolt, unless the first in line is ready to join the end of the line.

Try it “because” it might work after all.

Like to cut the line at the cash register in a supermarket “because’ you are busy and in a terrible hurry.

Or you are in jam on the highway. Simply because you read a sign stating “We’re renovating the highway for you”, that’s good enough reason to dissipate your frustration or lower substantially the level of your uneasiness.

As if you cannot see the repair done, or if this renovation could not be meant for car drivers.

Or this throw-away reason “Flight 5678 is delayed by 3 hours due to operational reasons”. Good enough justification and need not go to the desk to find out what “operational” exactly means.

Even if the fluctuation in the stock market is less than 0.5%, a common white noise occurrence, the financial commentator has to give powerful reasons for it that verges on calamitous central decisions.

“Because” is the grease to most wheels of human interactions. Such as:

Because I haven’t got around to finish the task yet

“Because I prefer to separate black from blue colored clothes to wash”

Read “The Art of Thinking Clear”





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