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Drama: Here are the Choices (March 9, 2009)

I forgot what the various definitions of Drama are. I am interested of stating mine; call it the Drama of Life or call it Adonis concept for Drama. Here it goes.

Step one: At every moment in life, you, the individual, regardless of race, origin, religious belief, or physical handicap, or mental handicap, or emotional handicap have alternatives.

At every instance you have got countable choices to select from. Some of you might create more than one, two or several choices to select from, depending on your potentials, hard work, reflection, and accumulated knowledge. You can opt to make life decisions as complex or as simple as you want; it is irrelevant to life; it goes on.

Step two: At every instance do not expect life to tell you the consequences of your choices.

Life is not interested in guiding your path, or taking you by the hand, or infusing knowledge to you, or answering your queries. If you cannot move or select unless you are fully aware of the consequences of your decisions, then you will be selecting default alternatives that you implicitly are inclined to follow.

Life does not care for your process of making decision; it goes on.

Life is telling you: You have got five senses, a brain, and alternatives to select from at every instance. Open your eyes and observe.

Clear your ears and listen. Smell, touch, and taste what nature is offering you. Discuss your head off or keep silent and listen it is your choice.

Reflect for yourself or follow instructions it is your choice. Read or let other read to you it is your choice. Learn or stay ignorant it is your choice. Venture, discover, investigate, or stay put on your land it is your choice. Whatever you do is totally irrelevant to me and it is of no concern to me.

Life is telling you: You were born with certain definite limitations structurally and genetically deal with it. You were born with much potential and capabilities deal with it.

At the end, whether you create binary alternatives, or several or none at every instance, the path you followed is unique and you are unique among the trillions of individual living or already dead.

Life is telling you: I have no instruction to give; I have no opinion to offer. Whatever set of values that are agreeable to you, implicitly or explicitly, it is your set of values and I am totally indifferent.

You may accept 100 values to select from, or fine tune every value and chose from a thousand values it is still completely none of my concern. You may agree with what your society pressure you or induce you to receive as the best set of moral values to guide you it is still your own choice; I am in no position to judge.

All that I know is that you were born unique and you will die unique; that is the best of recognition that I may lavish on you.




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