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Deep Well of Wrath (May 14, 2009)


The late author Mai Ghoussoub wrote an article “When we clap for not shouting”.  She was subjugated with a chain of gruesome events that overwhelmed her with wrath.  The duo Bush Jr. and Sharon of Israel were coordinating their barbaric genocides and spreading havoc:  Iraq was a slaughter house and Sharon bulldozed the Palestinian camp of refugees in Jenine; hundreds of civilian Palestinians were buried under the rubbles and the World Community failed to pursue its investigation of the massacre.  Mai Ghoussoub remembered that “when you are blue, what else but Blues?”  Thus, she walked to an underground Jazz club in Soho.  Gilad Atzemon was playing clarinet and saxophone and singing Jazz that Thursday night. 

Gilad’s Jazz group is called “The Orient House”; the name of a Palestinian cultural center in Jerusalem that Israel had closed down.  Gilad is an Israeli “refusnik” of the Zionist ideological activities that Israel has applied consistently and shamed the civilized world.  Gilad addressed the audience saying “The next piece is presented to the Palestinian people facing the worst disgusting regime in the world” After being taken aback Mai clapped her heart out; no body shouts in these particular clubs that are reserved for escaping political frenzies. Gilad then performed combination of North African tunes with jazz and then placed another proclamation attacking Israel recent invasion of Lebanon.  Mai did not stop clapping the harder for the night; it was her relief from shouting her wrath the louder.

It might be convincing that behind our specific anger there is a layer of deeper feeling of wrath but when a overbearing army destroys, kills, and maims unarmed civilians and refugees then what layer of wrath could be hidden any deeper?

Then you discover many hate books on Islam and Moslems published after the September bombing of the Twin Towers. For example, the Irish novelist Michael Howilbick who was awarded Ireland literature international award and replied to his interviewer “Killing a pregnant Palestinian mother is a good thing since it rid us of two Arabs”.  What about the latest book of late Italian Oriana Fallachi who dared write “Moslems proliferate like mice”?   Fallaci lived during the fascist Mussolini period and she should know that this sentence of “proliferating like mice” was used by Mussolini and Hitler as preliminary projects for racist genocides.

How much Freedom of Opinions should be extended before we scream “Enough is enough”?  We claim that words do not kill; it is human who kill.  We say guns do not kill; it is man who kills with the gun.  Fine with freedom of opinion and freedom of publishing but when publishers and media hawk these hates products for entire religions and entire people without any discrimination then genocide planning must be in the planning. Should we sit tight, in the name of freedom of speech, for the massacre to take place and then apologize?

I have extensively reviewed in November 8, 2007 “Fallaci interview Fallaci and Apocalypse” and it is posted on my blog.  You may also read my critique in two posts

“Are there moderate Moslems?” (October 26, 2007) and “An alternative version of Oriana Fallaci’s apocalyptic interpretation of St. John’s” (November 2, 2007).   I replied rationally point by point to Fallaci’s Islam bashing and her insane apocalyptic vision soberly and patiently. 




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