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Taking over the command of army: The Israeli Orthodox Jews?

Since the invasion of Lebanon in 1982, the Ashkenazim Jews in Israel “blond, blue-eyed central European pseudo-Jews who mastered the German methods of humiliating and subjugating conquered people” have been shunning the military career:  They have better opportunities making fortunes exporting military hardware to third world States and managing military industrial complexes and financial institutions.

Consequently, the orthodox Jews living in the colonies in the occupied West Bank and the poorer quarters in cities have filled the void in the infantry at command posts.  From 2% in 1990, this percentage of orthodox jews in army command posts jumped to 30%.

So far, 6 out of 7 lieutenant colonels in the Golani Brigade, and 2 out of 6 colonels are orthodox; and by this summer of 2010, their top commander will be one of their own.

The orthodox Jews also form 3 out of 7 lieutenant colonels of the Kfir (anti-terrorist infantry stationed in the West Bank.

In many local infantry brigades over 50% of the commanders are Orthodox jews.  Orthodox jews are 3 fold represented in the top commanding positions with respect to their proportion in the population

The Ashkenazim are still holding commands in the air-force and internal intelligence services.

The Mossad, or foreign intelligence services, is vastly discredited with multiple failures.

The infantry is no longer a viable force to rely on: it is mostly used to manning the hundreds of check points in the West Bank and protecting colonies.

In the 2006 war against Lebanon, Israel blamed the debacle on the chief of staff Halutz for relying almost completely on the air-force to defeating Hezbollah.

The fact is the infantry was out of shape and lacked training to face the resilient fighters of  Hezbollah.  At the end of the third day of the war, Israel was convinced that land incursion is tantamount to wasting thousands of soldiers, more than the 1973 war against Egypt and Syria combined forces.

Israeli soldiers of the Golani Brigade were weeping like kids and retreating faster than their shadows permitted.

It is estimated that within 5 years, the orthodox will be majority in army command posts.  Then Israel will shamefully contend that it could no longer rely on its army to obey orders for vacating colonies.  

This is a great opportunity for the US to speed up the peace process and pressure Israel to dismantle colonies in the occupied lands, the sooner the much better.

Note:  Today, Israel killed 19 peace activists in a boat (in international water) heading to Gaza and injured dozens.  Israel claims that its soldiers had to defend themselves against sticks raised by a few activists on the boat.




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