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USA left alone in OTAN to mend for her oppression of countries: Allies and Not “friendly”

Restructuring the Big Game? How to keep the domination of this infected world?

Has the Sumerian/Mesopotamian Curse (malediction) been forgotten? The land of Assyrian, Babylonian,  Akkadian

Iraq , Syria and Iran inflicted a long awaited defeat on USA power monger military presence

The successive dynasties of the Sumerians in current Iraq were the most civilized in Antiquity: sciences, laws, civil administration and economy/trade. Their wealth permitted them to expand militarily to all of the Middle-East region and beyond.

And then Persia put an end to that dominance. Even the Romans were checked in their expansion eastward by Persia.

The Chinese monarchs admitted that Iraq was the strategic center of the world, especially during the Islamic dominion: “Clouds can wander every which way, its rain will return its bounty to our coffer”

And then Bush Jr. got into a frenzy to dominate this Center.

And now the USA is trying to find a face saving mechanism to withdraw from Iraq.

Les forces US en Irak se retirent des bases militaires mixtes qu’elle partageaient avec les troupes irakiennes. Officiellement ce retrait est motivé par des mesures de sécurité et de confinement. Il intervient très peu de temps après la décision de retrait de l’ensemble des forces de l’Otan d’Irak.

Des roquettes Katyusha continuent de s’abattre sur le périmètre de l’ambassade US dans la zone verte de Bagdad et sur la base militaire de Taji.

La libération des agents secrets détenus au Moyen-Orient se poursuit.

Les français Antoine Brochon, Julien Dittmar, Alexandre Goodarzy et l’Irakien Tarek Maatoka, enlevés à Bagdad le 20 janvier 2020 alors qu’ils étaient en mission spéciale ont été libérés.

Ce qui met temporairement fin à l’activisme français en Irak, en Iran et en Syrie pour le compte de Washington. (The European military forces have already vacated Iraq and Syria)

Washington a renforcé les sanctions économiques et les mesures de sabotages à l’égard de l’Iran et du Venezuela.

Le président Nicolas Maduro est devenue la cible prioritaire de Washington, lequel promet 15 millions de dollars pour son arrestation dans le pur style de la tradition Western. Il est improbable que les Etats-Unis puissent refaire le coup du Panama en 1989.

Les États-Unis sont devenus le premier pays au monde affecté par le COVID-19 avec 125,000 cas recensés devant l’Italie et la Chine.

Au Royaume-Uni, le Prince Charles de Galles et le Premier ministre Boris Johnson sont tous les deux contaminés au SRAS-nCov-2.

Le système de santé britannique fortement dégradé par des années de néolibéralisme sauvage est incapable de faire face à la crise du COVID-19 sans l’appel aux volontaires.

Ces derniers ne manquent pas puisque plus d’un demi-million de britanniques se sont portés volontaires pour participer à la lutte contre cette menace biologique.

Cela n’a pas empêché les médias britanniques à s’intéresser à la hausse des activités navales et aériennes russes dans la Manche et en mer du Nord.

En réalité, on assiste à une recomposition du Grand Jeu.

La longue guerre dans la région centrale du monde qui a débuté sur les territoires de l’ancien pays de Sumer, de Babylone et de Ninive avant de s’étendre en Syrie n’ont rapporté que malheurs et malédiction à un Occident.

La malédiction Mésopotamienne existe.

Du moins selon les grands Rabbins juifs.

Et ses conséquences sont palpables: confinement, tentatives de triage face à la mort sur la base de l’âge, individualisme meurtrier, chute des structures socio-économiques, pestilence, effondrement économique et bientôt un début de disette qui ne dit pas son nom.

La boucle est bouclée.
Note 1: US is deploying fresh nuclear strategic bombers to Europe and landing in Portugal.
Note 2: During the Seljuk and the next Ottoman empires, the people in Iraq and Syria were left to mend for themselves: Even the Silk Route was diverted and Not to cross this region. Trade was to look southward (Egypt) and eastward toward India.

Bi-Weekly Report (#24) on the Middle East and Lebanon (May 28, 2009)


            The weekly “Courrier International” failed to do its job on analyzing Syria’s policies.  Instead of investigating and doing leg works it opted to rely on the Washington Post and Now Lebanon, totally biased against anything related to Syria, for spreading its nonsense.  This weekly publishing is repeating the old story of what the successive US Administrations want from Syria with respect to facilitating the job of US military presence in Iraq. As usual, the catchy “Damascus does not get it” and “Could we have confidence in Bashar Assad ” summarizes the topic. As if the job and responsibilities of President Assad is to cajole and obey the US dicta for nothing in return, such as the Golan Heights that was captured by Israel since 1973.

The Washington Post and supposed “reporter” Karen De Young would like us to believe that the increase of “terrorist activities” in Iraq and in Mossoul last month can be linked to the laxity of Syria’s border patrols.  It seems that Al Qaeda has been active shipping “martyr terrorists” from northern African Arab States to blow up Iraqi Shiaa. What about the other sects, such as the minority Christian sects? The report stated that the Iraqi border patrols cannot do effectively their jobs because of lack of carburant. The Iraqi government has a depleted budget because of low oil prices on the international market and thus the border patrols drive along the vast borders with Syria 15 days out of 30; thus, Syria is to be blamed for the US insufficient funding for borders control.


The monthly “Le Monde Diplomatique” did its job concerning Albania and Kosovo. The US Administration is pushing to finish quickly the fast highway linking Pristina (the Capital of Kosovo) to the Adriatic Sea at the Albanian seaport of Durres. Apparently, the OTAN needs this strategic highway so that the 5th fleet could discharge military hardware and soldiers.  Close to the highway in Kosovo there is the largest US Camp Bondsteel military base by the town of Urosevac.  Close to the highway in the town of Kukes in Albania the US has finished a functional airport used by military cargo and denied access to civilian use and at the expense of the Albanian tax payers.  The story boils down to a Greek bank Alpha lent the Albanian government 300 millions Euros (guaranteed by the US) to build the super highway; the trick is that 65% of the Albanian budget is reserved for the infrastructure ministry and 75% of the budget of this ministry is allocated to this super highway.  The bombshell is that the US  Bechtel multinational will reap 44% profit on the cost of this super highway. The newly “independent” States of Kosovo, Montenegro, and Macedonia are quickly becoming the dumping ground for the NATO and the European Union economic, military, and environmental policies.


I watched the highly informative interview of retired General Jameel Al Sayyed with Maggie Farah on the OTV channel.  Jameel Al Sayyed was released recently from 4 years of detention with no formal court cases after the International Tribunal judged his imprisonment illegal and ordered him out along with 3 other officers. General Al Sayyed returned two day ago from France after resuming his depositions on Millis (former investigator to the assassination of Rafic Hariri) and Johnny Abdou (former retired Lebanon military intelligence chief) who fabricated the climate for Al Sayyed unjustified detention.   Al Sayyed will also work out the courts in Germany with respect to Millis.  Al Sayyed is a highly interesting character and a well spoken intelligent and honest personality. Al Sayyed said that it was the Lebanese officials who drew the Syrian counterparts into suspect transactions and corruptions.  Although every political leader in Lebanon has dealing with foreign States, Al Sayyed lambasted Saad Hariri and Samir Geaja for their incapacity in using proper “valves” that can shut down foreign interests to destabilizing Lebanon.


 The German daily Der Spiegel reported excerpts from internet blogs posted by Syrian dissidents six months ago claiming that a special team of Hezbollah masterminded the assassination of late Lebanon Rafic Hariri PM.  The timing of that report, which the International Tribunal denied any knowledge, was evidence that the real perpetrators were scared shit of the victory of the opposition in Lebanon at the next Parliamentary election on June 7.  It meant that the opposition is not about to let the assassination case linger any longer and will pursue its own investigation or force the International Tribunal to move swiftly and close the doors to further political manipulations of that case. What exacerbated the political climate is that Lebanon has started dismantling systematically Israel’s spy webs and dangerous intelligence are accumulating relative to Israel involvement in many of the string of assassination cases in Lebanon since the murder of Rafic 2005. 

The US Vice President Biden visited Lebanon for 6 hours before the publishing of the report and met with the leaders of the government alliances.  Lebanon has to expect the worst every time a US official pay us visit to give orders that Lebanon cannot satisfy.

Thanks to Walid Jumblat, one of the principal allies to the government, he quickly and adamantly lambasted this chimerical and fabricated report and proclaimed that the report was intended to draw Lebanon into another civil war between the Shiaa and the Sunni Moslem sects.  Saad Hariri (leader of the Future movement) and Seniora PM were forced into suspect silence; proof that they were aware of the plan that backfired on them, a plan that is backed by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, and the USA.




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