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Moroccan Lawyer Refuses Legion of Honor

Because of France’s Continual Support of Israel apartheid system

Moroccan Lawyer Refuses Legion of Honor Because of France’s Support of Israel

Ouassima Boujrad

It’s a very rare occurrence: a Moroccan lawyer flat out refuses the Legion of Honor award!

In a letter to French Ambassador Charles Fries, Abdelaziz Nouidi justified his decision, saying it was because of France’s support of Israel.

His decision stems from the massacres that the Israeli army committed in Gaza on the 16 of July, when 4 children died after an Israeli bomb hit a fishing hut on a beach in Gaza City.

The nearby harbor was destroyed, but there was a group of children sitting in the line of fire.

What’s more, French President Francois Hollande called Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu to express his support for Israel in their onslaught against Palestinians in Gaza.

According to Yabiladi, “the French President declared his solidarity with the rockets aimed at Gaza, and that it is up to the Israeli government to take all the measures necessary to protect its population against threats”.

Abdelaziz did not only decline the Legion of Honor. He also called for the Israeli military and Israeli politicians to be tried for crimes against humanity in international courts, in accordance with the principles of human rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the 1952 Geneva Convention, and the status of Roma, which established the International Criminal Court.

The Moroccan lawyer focused equally on how the French Republic is going against its value  and its commitments to the international community.

Abdelaziz added, “Righteous men whose principles are unalterable do not want your Legion of Honor, which has holds nothing more than the name”.




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