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Are the dying telling us about

Six sense, telepathy, psy-perception

Every field of study or discipline invent its own terminology in order to:

1.  give the illusion that it is different from the other disciplines and

2.  convince the graduates that they have their own identity, knowledge and spot in the work place.

What discipline these terminologies strike you to belong to?

Anomalous cognition, grief hallucination, terminal lucidity, entangled mind, Ganzfeld experiment, spontaneous telepathic, near-death experience, out-of-body experience, anomalous retroactive influence, non-intentional precognition, antedating cortical development, primitive form of perception, presentiment, depersonalization, shock thought, unio mystica

Patricia Pearson published “Opening Heaven’s Door“.

What the dying tell us about where they’re going?

Blessed are those who mourn.

The book is of 7 chapters:

1. An unexpected vision

2. What the dying see: Near death awareness

3. Signals and waves: Uncanny experiences at the moment of death

4. Astral father: Sensed presence phenomena

5. How the dying attain peace? (Pure exhaustion?)

6. What NDE tell us about where the dying go?

7. Living in the aftermath: Walking the enchanted boundaries

Do you believe in premonitions? Why not? Isn’t why we occasionally feel compelled to write?

Suppose I am walking on an inclined path and cannot see far ahead of me. A carnivorous marauding beast, or a serpent… is in the environ and hiding or napping  a few feet off the bend. Someone uphill is seeing the entire scene and he can forecast one of the potential events in the near future that might befall me.

The uphill watcher is “seeing” the trend, if nothing disturb the current parameters of the real universe, I am in serious trouble…You may fall, break an ankle…before you reach the location of the potential danger. The watcher might act upon the pieces of intelligence and sound the alert one way or another to desist you from resuming your ascend, even starting a fire…

All that sciences can do is offering one of the potentialities in the future by studying the trends…For example, one of the thermonuclear bombs might go off, regardless of man-made tight security checks…The danger is there in power, and danger will be activated one way or another as long as it is there…

You certainly had an out-of-body experience during your dreams and you hovered freely in space. A few acquire the power of initiating an out-of-body experiment during their waking hours. The high vantage point of seeing what is happening does not have to by physical in nature. For example,

1. Favorable vantage points can be secured by scientists (natural and social) in restrictive fields of studies to predicting events…Only genuine scientists with great experimental minds and extensive comprehensive knowledge can have premonitions. The difference between predicting and having a premonition is based on sensitive comprehensive knowledge of mankind and the universe, a sort of holistic comprehension of the major trends, and daily engagement to changing the condition of mankind and preserving their rights and liberty of thinking and expressing…

Restrictive scientists (natural and social) can play a favorable role if they don’t fail to remind the audience of the essential parameters that are supposed not to deviate or change in order for the trend of a phenomena to hold ….The public need to be reminded frequently and educated to the various restrictions and constraints limiting any piece of knowledge or prediction…

2. Genuine sensitive poets and authors have potentials to sound the alert on afflictions and calamities in the making…

Describing “reality” such as basing a story on actual people and events is generally of no interest for “real people” to read.

1. The fast communication and dissemination of information and news does not catch our attention as a well researched and well written story undertaken in blood and nervous energy by the author…

2. The camera has freed the need for painting external scenes…And the voice recorder has freed culture and authors from focusing on the “real world”…

The genuine author and artist must bare his internal confusion and struggle to all to share…Let readers participate in whatever they also feel and experience internally…

We are all seeking a risk-free and sick-free life. This is a healthy reaction to our realization that mankind is unpredictable and emotionally driven…

Any story that avoid the inevitable dilemma of death, of “why I am living”, of “why I was born”, of “what’s the meaning of living”… is not worth writing.  Journalists and reporters can do far better jobs writing of the daily activities and events…

Psychanalysing every move, action, and responses of characters in the story sap the credibility of the author who meant to describe and bare feelings and emotions: Feelings and emotions should not be exposed as scientific and deterministic happenings.  Though occasional psychoanalysis sections does not rob the power of a story for the insensitive readers. 

Any story must involve communicating with at least another character: Otherwise, why publish anything that does not show what might be generated from a shared confused utterance to other people and the chain of reactions that sets in?

Writing for publishing is the labor of showing the wide gamut of potential reactions in our uncertain behaviors, maintaining the right of the free spirit to be exposed in the face of advancing deterministic, technology driven and robotic society, systems, and institutions…

Note: Post inspired by the interview (conversation) of Carlos Catania with late Ernesto Sabato, and conducted in July 1987, and published under “Between the word and the blood”. Sabato published three novels “The Tunnel”, “Heroes and Graves”, and “Abdon”




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