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“I refuse to represent these 49% leeches…of non-tax paying Americans…”

Actually, the citizens who enjoy some kind of social benefits and government coverage are about 10%, and they are the elderly, the retired, and the utterly destitute…( Far behind the rate of 40% in the western European States)

When the presidential candidate Mitt Romney voiced his opinion in a secret meeting with the rich contributors: “I refuse to represent these 47% leeches…of non-tax paying Americans…” he had no idea that it was being filmed and recorded.

Romney went on to blurt out: “These subclasses of citizens consider themselves victims and refuse to shoulder their responsibilities and carry on a decent life…”. Romney was sending the strong message:

“I am one of you elites, and I feel most comfortable to converse with the rich elite classes. I am at the same wavelength with your concerns, and I will promote your ideology that unless the US citizen behave and act as a liberal capitalist, this citizen cannot be valued and considered to enjoy the same rights and responsibilities as we the elite Americans…”

This number of 47% is a symbol. And it means: “As long as the majority of Americans (53%) are above the (high median income) and able to pay taxes, the US is all right, and particularly the Republican Party…and the remaining so-called citizens can go to hell and good riddance of these poorer US citizens…”

Mind you that Romney is running an enterprise that was founded by money laundering gangs, and he is practically illiterate and has no clues in foreign policies…

The very conservative critics David Brooks commented that “Romney does not understand the American culture…and has forgotten the social contracts that the US has engaged itself to…”

And the other conservative commentator Bill Christol said: “Romney is a total ignorant and overbearing candidate…”

2. Romney paid a quick visit to Israel to amass some funds for his campaign and to woo the US Jews. And what was the price for sucking up to the Jews? “Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel” Romney declared. As if he has no idea that the US embassy is located in Tel Aviv and the UN and the US never agreed to his wishful thinking.

Romney is considering himself as defacto President, a dictator for the duration of his term, and he has no concerns for the opinions and decisions of the Senate, the Congress and the US people…

And Romney goes on: “The Palestinians are no people, they don’t want peace with Israel, and they want to destroy Israel, and their very low standard of living is proof enough that they should be occupied by Israel and be under mandated powers…”

3. And what about Iran? “If I was ruling radical Iran, I would give Hezbollah of Lebanon radioactive materials and drop them on Chicago and threaten the US with an atomic bomb if the US refuses to desist from the embargo… I will bomb Iran and wipe out those dirty Iranian people…” 

4. What about the safety in commercial airplanes? “If there is a fire in the airplane, what can you do? You cannot go to the rear of the craft, open a window and inhale some fresh air. It is such a dangerous place to be in…” The US people should now sleep at ease: Romney will pressure the airline companies to have a few windows designed to be opened in dangerous situation, so that the passengers die from trampling, or being sucked outside, as a result of too much inhalation of the freshest of air…

Should be very exiting moments to watch the coming media confrontations between Obama and Romney? And what Romney has left in his bag of bunches in non-sense and stupid opinions and arguments?

Is it time to reconsider the dismantling of the two-party system so that the people won’t have to voting for the “Lesser of two evils?”




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