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Political Propaganda Handbooks: Israel’s Hasbara, USA Peaceful Upheaval, Soft War handbook…?

Note: A re-edit of 2014 post “Israel (Zionism) propaganda (Hasbara) Handbook”

Hasbara (explanation) is not breaking news, most of our readers are already familiar with Israeli Hasbara .

If you patronize Facebook or Twitter and you posts anything remotely related to pro-Palestine, or work in the media in general, you are probably all too familiar with the persistent Hasbara that floods the comments of every post about Palestine.

It’s a force to be reckoned with: It attempts to control message and kill credibility of articles or commentary that reveal anything negative about Israel.

Wikipedia defines Hasbara as “Public diplomacy in Israel” and refers to it as “public relations efforts to disseminate abroad positive information about Israel.”

That’s true enough but in reality Hasbara is a manipulative propaganda machine.

Students are paid to spread pro-Israel messages online and have been slaving away in the Hasbara War Room to sell the Gaza war in social media.

According to the Hasbara Handbook – their main target audience is USA.

The Israeli Project’s 2009 Global Language Dictionary was originally leaked by Newsweek Online.

The link to the document in their original article now leads to a 404-page but you can read the 116 page PDF here.

It’s probably been updated since but the 2009 version is more than enough to understand how it works.

Are you persuadable?

According to the Hasbara Handbook Conservative Republicans and religious fundamentalists in USA are generally easiest to persuade or are already on board with team Israel.

This page has an interesting footnote that their “most favorable audience is white and male voters.

The Handbook refers to religious fundamentalists as Israel’s “Amen Choir” and claims they are “Israel’s strongest friends in the world.”

In general US conservative Republicans and/or religious fundamentalists don’t seem to be a primary target audience for Hasbara, however they dedicate an entire chapter on talking to the American left which appears to be their greatest challenge.

Hasbara propagandists are directed to use empathy – and this word is stressed – as an important factor to use as a tool of persuasion to build credibility.

If you are among the stubborn leftists they may tell you a story to appeal to your sense of empathy.

Hasbara also may target women for persuasion campaigns more than men as their charts seemed to indicate that women were less aware of “the facts” after Operation Cast Lead (pre-emptive war on Gaza that killed over, 2,000 Palestinians and injured many more thousands and destroyed Gaza infrastructure in 2014).

Each chapter of the Hasbara Handbook has helpful boxes outlining the “Words that Work”.

There is even a section praising Obama’s notorious public speaking skills that states:

“President Obama’s language is so similar to what we have recommended for years that he could easily be stealing straight from our playbook.”

Posters that Work

Appendix IV of the Hasbara Handbook is dedicated to “Posters that Work” and lays out a style guide to follow when designing pro-Israel propaganda posters.

Apparently posters featuring Ahmadinejad as Hitler and babies strapped to bombs were epic fails, so now they aim to use “factually based” graphics to spread a positive impression of Israel.

The examples above are from several years ago but we’ve seen this same style of posters circulating during Operation Protective Edge.

Hasbara has it’s own team of graphic artists called the Interactive Media Team from Israel Under Fire which has been hard at work designing high quality, branded graphics to sell the assault on Gaza to western audiences.

The current Hasbara poster campaign features slick graphics, contrasting red and green colors that pop off pro-photographed backgrounds and bold fonts with key words like “rockets” or “tunnels” emphasized for impact. This is a 100% professionally branded media campaign.

The lexicon of the Hasbara Handbook is really impressive as far as manipulation standards go. If you have time to read the whole handbook we definitely recommend it.

Propaganda exists all over the world and perhaps other countries also have official “playbooks” like Israel, but the Israeli Hasbara has mastered the art of persuasion, at least on western audiences.

Note 2: You might have heard of the CIA financed handbook for Peaceful mass upheaval? The USA spread the propaganda that the “Arab Spring” mass demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt adopted and practiced the principles of that handbook (pure myth). The USA was totally taken aback but managed to exploit these upheavals to appoint their dictators.

Note 3: You might have heard of the US new Soft War handbook, meant to impose severe economic sanctions until most people experience hunger and scarcity in medicine and energy and kneel in their negotiations with US diktat.

Israeli Project’s 2009 Global Language Dictionary
Electronic Intifada – Israel student union sets up “war room” to sell Gaza massacre on Facebook
The Independent – Israel-Gaza conflict: The secret report that helps Israelis to hide facts
Israel Under Fire

Golden plaques on streets testifying these Jews fled, “transferred themselves” to Palestine

I read an article written in “Arabic” and posted on FB. I felt the urge to translate the gist of it.

An “Arab” was walking streets in Germany and noticed golden plaques on the streets, with name and destinations. He asked a German person to enlighten him on these plaques and their stories.

The German told him these plaques are in commemoration of Jews who lived in this bloc and were “forced” to leave during the Nazi regime.

Many of these plaques mentioned Palestine. This “Arabic” person asked: “what that means?”. “Well, these Jews went to Palestine”.

“And where is Palestine? I searched Google and there is no location of Palestine”.

“Well, it is now called Israel”

” Were these fleeing Jews welcomed and treated with civility in Palestine?” “Yes, we heard no complaints from them”

“Are you telling me that my grandparents welcomed the fleeing Jews and now the parents and children of these Jews have chased us out of our land?”

“Well, this world is Not just” said the German citizens.

The Palestinians are intent on returning Home, Not because of the UN resolution of 193 for their right to return, but because it their just right: the right to return Home.

For over 6 months, every Friday, peaceful Palestinians in Gaza flock by the thousands to the “demarcation line”. And every Friday, Israeli snipers kill and injure Palestinians by the dozens, children, youth, women, journalists, paramedics…

Hundreds were killed and thousands handicapped and injured, and the world community is behaving as if it is helpless to control this apartheid colonial State of Israel.

Tidbits and comments. Part 402

Purdue Pharma offered up to $12 billion to settle its opioid lawsuits. The OxyContin manufacturer and its owners, the Sackler family, face more than 2,000 cases alleging that they fueled a deadly addiction epidemic across the US

If Kokhavi, Israel high commander of the northern front, were Not dead or seriously injured, as communicated by social medias, wouldn’t Israel exhibited him publicly as well and kicking? Did Hezbollah came to the conclusion that Kokhavi was the commander who assassinated the two Hezbollah fighters, Zabeeb and Daher, near Damascus?

With validation therapy, caretakers don’t correct confused patients, particularly Alzheimer patient: instead, they go along with it without asking questions, similar to improving acting. There is no way to keep “reality correction or reality orientation) behavior since they’ll forget it right away. My mother has a kind of this confused condition and cannot utter any full sentence or remember names, people and objects. Actually, mother view TV as a live situation and that people on TV are talking to her personally.

The western colonial powers coined terms Semitic and Aryan to differentiate their white racist ideology from the rest of the world. The Middle-East people and Islamic world were labelled Semitic. How a Jew likes to be labelled? According to color of skin or colonial passport he carries? Funny that Iranians snatched this myth to consider themselves Aryan. Same stupid position for Georgians, Armenians, and people around the Black Sea.

The name Palestine was coined 12 centuries before the existence of any sect called Jewish. The Palestinians occupied the stretch of land from El Arich, Gaza and Eshkelon. The remaining land was called Canaan and Jerusalem was the Capital of the Canaanite Kingdom. The Jews were mere Bedouins south of current Judea and never reached any kinds of seas or river.

Later, the Jews warrior God Jehovah was used by the Canaanite during period of wars to incite the mercenary tribal Jews to cooperate and a tiny idol temple for Jehovah installed in Jerusalem close to the Kingdom main temple. Mind you that Israel means “Isra El” or the land of El, the highest God among the gods of the Canaanite and Phoenician Gods. The same as the Idol Allah (from El) was the highest among the “Arabic peninsula” gods before Islam

In Sept. 5, 2017, ISIS prisoners, after today liberation of Deir Zour ( 1,000 days in defensive position by the Syrian army, much longer than Stalingrad) confirmed they coordinated their attacks on Syria army with the USA. Actually, the Syrian army was set to liberate this region in 2017, but USA conducted air strikes to prevent any advances.

Vacuum cleaners mechanism didn’t change since its inception. The counter-intuitive design of making the vacuum’s container see-through, observe the dust accumulating in the bag, made a marketing success.

Professionals vacuuming procedure: don’t Go back and forth.

1) Vacuum a row of carpet in one direction, wall-to-wall.

2) Pull the vacuum back over that strip you just vacuumed.

3) Once you’re back to your starting place, vacuum another strip right next to the first, overlapping slightly.

4) Keep doing this until the whole room has been vacuumed.

5) After the entire room is done, vacuum the room going the opposite direction.

Henry Dreyfuss, born into the theatrical supplies business, began his career as an apprentice to Norman Bel Geddes, a stage designer who became an iconic industrial designer. Dreyfuss would go on to become a founding father of the ergonomics movement; his studio’s Humanscale reference books, based in part on his Hoover work, pioneered the intensive use of measurements in designing industrial products.

“Appearance always goes hand in hand with how something works,” Dyson’s design director told The Guardian. “James wanted a clear bin so you could see how much dust the machine was picking up. Many people were uncomfortable with that idea—who wants to look at the nasty stuff you’re sucking off the floor—but he stuck to his guns and now it’s a hallmark piece of design.”

US native Indians had to be eradicated: No owner of the land could be enslaved or bought. And they imported Blacks

And the Palestinians are Not about to be bought out so that immigrant Jews own the Land in Palestine. The Palestinians turned out to be much tougher to subjugated as all the colonial powers occupiers ever considered.

Jean Hanna Konsol posted on Fb جان حنا قنصل. 21 hrs

شعب للبيع بخمسين مليار دولار

.فضيحة العصر: اعطنا نهر الاردن وخذ زجاجة كوكا كولا بقلم نارام سرجون ومني مشاركة..
ككل شيء في اميريكا هناك ثمن للبشر ..

ففي اميريكا يحولون كل شيء الى فاتورة وأوراق نقدية .. حتى الوجع والالم له ثمن يباع في مكاتب المحاماة والمحاكم .

. السعادة ايضا لها ثمن حسب نوعها مثل سندويشة الهامبرغر كبيرة او صغيرة .. حتى الله يبيع ويباع في اميركا بالفواتير .. فصلاة الشكر هي فاتورة للرب تدفع له لأنه أطعم المبشرين الاوائل الذين تاهوا وكادوا يهلكون الى أن أرسل لهم الله بعض الهنود الحمر الذين انقذوهم وقدموا لهم أكواز الذرة ..

ورد الاميريكون الجميل لله انهم نحروا له كل الهنود الحمر وقدموهم كالقرابين ثم صلوا له وكتبوا اسم الله على الدولار ..

ولذلك فان العقل الاميريكي مصمم ومبرمج على حقيقة ان الوجود هو مدفوع الثمن ..

حتى عبارة (نحن نثق بالله) المكتوبة على الدولار يعتبرونها صفقة بينهم وبين الله .. هم يضعون اسمه على عملتهم وهو يرزقهم وينصرهم ..

ومن هنا يأتي مشروعهم لما يسمى (صفقة القرن) ..

التي هي ترجمة للعقل الاميريكي عندما تطور من مرحلة الصدام وقتل الهنود الحمر الى مرحلة ترحيل الشعوب الافريقية لملء الفراغ الذي تسبب به قتل شعب اميريكا الاصلي ..

فرغم ان الاميريكي راعي البقر كان قادرا على استعباد الهنود الحمر الاصليين على ارضهم بدل استيراد السود كالعبيد الا انه فضل القضاء على الهنود الحمر والقبائل التي كان يغزوها .. لان استعباد السكان الاصليين لن تكون عملية سهلة على الاطلاق ..

فالانتماء الى الارض لدى اي شعب يجعل استعباده على ارضه عملية غير موفقة وغير مجدية وصعبة للغاية .. وخاصة ان احتمال نيل الحرية كان يعني انه يمكن ان يعيد ذاكرة الأحفاد لاستعادة الأرض بعد الحرية ..

وكان من الافضل القضاء عليهم وابادتهم بدل استعبادهم .. وكان لابد من عملية فصل الانسان عن الارض بشكل قاطع ولاشيء يفصله عنها الا الموت .. حتى وان فرغت الارض من الشعب .. لتصبح أرضا بلا شعب .. ويصبح المهاجرون البيض شعبا بلا ارض (تماما كما اليهود في تعريفات وعد بلفور) ..

ولكن هذا خلق مشكلة وهي ان الارض الشاسعة التي تم افراغها من سكانها كانت تحتاج الى شعب آخر ليعمل فيها ويطلق عملية الانتاج .. فتم شحن عشرات ملايين الزنوج من افريقيا وتوطينهم في مزارع اميريكا بالقوة .. وهذا كان حلا معقولا ..

فهؤلاء لايريدون أرضا مهما تمردوا بل اقصى مايطلبونه هو حريتهم .. حتى وان تحرروا يوما فانهم لاينتمون الى أي أرض وليست لهم فيها أية جذور بعد ان تم قص جذورهم من افريقيا وزرعهم في ارض لاينتمون اليها وليست لهم فيها آثار ولامقابر ملوك ولاتعني لهم الا انها أرض لايملكونها بل يعملون للعيش فيها لدى من يملكها وهو السيد الابيض ..

وعقلية المالك لايملكها العبد وابناؤه واحفاده طالما انه يعرف انه جاء من ارض اخرى .. وهذا هو جوهر صفقة القرن .

. اي تجريد الشعب من الانتماء الى الأرض .. وتجريد الارض من الشعب .. ولكن عبر عملية بيع للانسان الفلسطيني الذي تحول الى سلعة في السوق او شعب مسروق للبيع سعره خمسون مليار دولار ..

صدقوني انه رغم كل مايقال عن صفقة القرن فانني لم اجد في التاريخ كله صفقة أكثر وقاحة منها .. ولم أجد في كل التاريخ الحقيقي والمزور صفقة فيها أكبر عملية استرقاق وعبودية .. فالتعبير الحقيقي الذي يعكس الصفقة هو انها أكبر عملية بيع للبشر في سوق النخاسة ..

وماتفعله اميريكا هو ترجمة للمشاهد الشهيرة التي نعرفها منذ رواية مسلسل الجذور الشهير لعملية بيع البشر .. في تلك العمليات كان الاميريكيون ينقلون البشر بالسفن من افريقيا الى اميريكا .. ويقتلعونهم من أرضهم ويقصون لهم جذورهم .. ويعرضونهم في السوق كالمواشي ..

وما صفقة القرن الا عملية شحن للبشر ونقلهم خارج ارضهم وقص حذورهم .. وكلفة العملية خمسون مليار دولار فقط وتتم عملية النقل اليوم عبر رشوة صغيرة وتافهة ..

وهي تحسين ظروف معيشة العبيد .. بخمسين مليار دولار .. ويتم نقل الفلسطينيين من من حالة شعب مالك لفلسطين الى حالة شعب ثمنه خمسون مليار دولار .. وهو أدنى سعر تم تداوله في بورصة النخاسة البشرية منذ ان وجدت .. وثمن بخس جدا جدا للانسان الذي لم يعد يساوي الا بضعة دولارات .

. وحسب مقاييس اميريكا فان ضحايا طائرة لوكربي تم تقدير ثمنهم باكثر من 3 مليارات دولار ودفع ثمنهم الزعيم القذافي مرغما عندما تركته العواصم العربية وحيدا في المواجهة في قضية لوكربي .. وهذا يعني ان كل الشعب الفلسطيني وكل فلسطين لاتساوي وفق ثمن صفقة القرن الا 16 طائرة لوكربي بركابها البالغ مجموعهم قرابة 4500 انسان .. وكل فلسطين الجغرافية وكل القدس لا تساوي مايعادل 16 طائرة ركاب ..

ماقاله امل دنقل في قصيدة (لاتصالح) هو بالضبط المعادل الجوهري لمفهوم( صفقة القرن)

..ولو منحوك الذهب
أترى حين أفقأ عينيك
ثم أثبت جوهرتين مكانهما
هل ترى..؟
هي أشياء لا تشترى

انها فضيحة العصر والثمن الأبخس في التاريخ .. فاليهود وهم أثرى الناس على هذا الكوكب هذه الايام لايرون ان كل مال الدنيا يعادل أرضا ووطنا .. ويبحثون عن كل شجرة زيتون وليمون في فلسطين لشرائها ..وكما قالوا للسادات: اعطنا نهر النيل وخذ مقابله زجاجة كوكاكولا .. فقبل .. فانهم اليوم يقولون للفلسطيني:

اعطنا عينيك وخذ جوهرتين مكانهما .. اترك الزيتونة واترك الليمونة .. وخذ أطوموبيل ..
أعطنا الماء وخذ الكأس الفارغ ..
اعطنا نهر الاردن .. وخذ زجاجة كوكا كولا ..
أعطنا كل زيتون فلسطين وخذ علبة ببسي كولا ..

هذه الصفقة هي النتيجة الطبيعية لأسوأ قرار تورط فيه الفلسسطينيون وهو القرار الفلسطيني المستقل الذي أنجب أوسلو .. لأن منح القرار الفلسطيني المستقل خلص الزعماء العرب من اي مسؤولية تجاه فلسطين بحجة ان لفلسطين قرارا مستقلا ..

والقرار الفلسطيني هو السلام الذي يحميه محمود عباس برموش عينيه .. فيما قرر جزء آخر من قيادة الشعب الفلسطيني “اسلمة” القضية وتكليف اردوغان وقطر بتولي رعايتها ..

فيما فلسطين ليست قضية اسلامية ولاعربية بل هي قضية انسانية مثل قضية الحرية والعبودبة والوجود البشري هي قضيه سورية محض وانظرو للشام نعرف لما فعلو ان اشغلوها بعبيدهم ومرتزقتهم ليمررو هذا العار

لذلك من العار ان تنتصر زجاجة البيبسي كولا على بساتين الزيتون .. وأن يهزم نهر الاردن امام هدير وزئير وفوران زجاجة كوكا كولا.. ومن العار ان تساوي طائرة لوكربي واحدة ثلث فلسطين ..

لايوجد أي رد على صفقة الكوكاكولا الا شيء واحد يرد الاعتبار للشعب الفلسطيني .. هو انتفاضة الزيتون .. التي ستقتلع معها أوسلو .. وهذا سيجر معه اقتلاع للقرار الفلسطيني المستقل ..

وتعيد كوشنر والعرب الى حافة عام 1936 .. عندما كانت فلسطين ملكا للجميع .. وحريتها مسؤولية الجميع .. عربا وغير عرب .. مسيحيين ومحمديين.. لأن فلسطين قضية العصر .. ومواجهة العصر .. معركة بين الفناء والبقاء ..

Image may contain: 3 people
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‘NYT’ coverage of Trump peace plan news quotes 5 pro-Israel voices, 0 Palestinians

Media Analysis


The New York Times covers phase one of the Trump peace plan, an economic “workshop” in Bahrain next month at which the administration is expected to dangle the money it wants to give Palestinians and states neighboring Israel, so that Palestinians will sacrifice their political demands/rights (among them sovereignty on ’67 borders; return of refugees; shared Jerusalem)– a figure said to be $68 billion.

The article quotes No Palestinians. (No Palestinian business person will attend this faked “workshop”)

It does include quotes from Aaron David Miller, Jared Kushner, Robert Satloff, Treasury’s Steve Mnuchin, and Brookings pundit Tamara Cofman Wittes. Five (Jewish) Americans, all five of them strong supporters of Israel. (Mnuchin’s background is here.)

Satloff, Wittes, and Miller are all presented as “critics” of the plan, but they are all Zionist critics of the plan. Just different shades of Zionist.(No, not shade. Stauncher Zionists than most Israelis)

Why? This is racism in journalism before your eyes.

The Times clearly has a structural bias against Palestinians. (As all colonial powers’ administrations in the last century)

Even as it demonstrates its higher consciousness in other left zones, the newspaper is stuck in the old paradigm on Israel.

How else could a newspaper publish four justifications of the killings of nonviolent protesters inside of a few months, as it did last year in Gaza?

This would never happen in any other context when a government opens fire on demonstrators.

But the Times columnists offered those justifications, in Shmuel Rosner’s case almost a bloodthirsty one, and there was no balance, let alone criticism from the Roger Cohens, David Brookses, and Michelle Goldbergs of the world.

Palestinians simply don’t count as full human actors.

The Palestinian Prime Minister released a statement rejecting the economic summit today. He and his cabinet surely were available yesterday. So was Sam Bahour, who writes that Palestine cannot have an economic future without an independent political future, in which construction workers and university graduates will be able to find employment inside a Palestinian state.

Diana Buttu, Saeb Erekat, Hanan Ashrawi (who has been denied a visa to travel to the U.S.), Omar Barghouti, Mustafa Barghouti, Haider Eid surely would have spoken to the Times, too.

Palestine is truly teeming with sophisticated political actors on a wide range who would have something to say about the implausibility of economic peace.

And if the Times says this was an American politics piece, well, there are Palestinians here, too, who have a lot to say. The bottom line here is obvious and disturbing. Palestinians aren’t equals.

Deal of the Century Adds “New” to the Four Thousand Year Old Name “Palestine”

The apartheid regime we know as “Israel” was built on the very ruins of Palestine and imposed a brutal regime on those who still live in their country. Millions of Palestinians still languish in refugee camps in and around Palestine, yet Israel and its allies around the world celebrate “Israeli independence.”

JERUSALEM, PALESTINE — Nakba Day — the day when Palestinians commemorate the destruction of their country and the mass killing and forced eviction of their people — is coming up, and with each passing day, another disturbing story unfolds.

Perhaps the most disturbing story so far is the plan to present Palestine with a new name, “New Palestine.” (How imaginative)

This, according to a rumored leak, is what Donald Trump and Jared Kushner are going to present to an anticipating world as part of the so-called “Deal of the Century.”

Also according to the leak, aside from a demand for Palestinians to accept a new name as part of the “Deal of the Century” — forgoing the name “Palestine,” which has been used to describe their land since the Bronze Age — the Palestinian people will have to accept that their heritage and their history will be erased and their land will be taken away for good.

In other words, what Palestinians are going to receive, according to the leak, is a new name but no country, and they will be expected to accept this or else they will be denied access to foreign aid, not only from the U.S. but other countries as well.

From elections to Gaza to Independence Day

Things move fast on the Israeli side of occupied Palestine.

Israel recently held elections, then — within a few weeks and before a new government was even formed — Israel lashed out with a deadly attack on Gaza.

Then, Israel recognized a few solemn days, the first one Holocaust Remembrance Day and the second, a day to commemorate Israeli soldiers who had fallen in battle. Then Israelis were off to celebrate “Israeli Independence.”

On the Palestinian side, no sooner does one tragedy end than a second one follows, no time for the fresh blood on the ground to dry before more is spilled.

The lovely face of 16-year-old Fatima Hijazi, shot by an Israeli sniper, is still fresh in people’s hearts when more, even younger casualties are reported. Palestinians go from mourning to mourning with no end in sight.

Over the past several years, a new phenomenon has risen, a joint memorial service where Israelis and Palestinians join together to commemorate their fallen loved ones.

While the idea of such an event may seem appealing to some, the moral equivalency it tries to create between the victims of the violence and those who lost their lives while perpetuating the violence is troubling.

However, in the political climate that now exists among Israelis, this is considered progressive. While this event was permitted to proceed, right-wing gangs came by to protest the initiative and lashed out with obscenities at the participants: “Sons of whores, may God take all of you stinking lefties! Death to Arabs!” and on and on.

Celebrating independence

A custom that can only be described as insensitive, if not outright cruel, and which has been in place since Palestine was destroyed, is the celebration of Israeli independence. Just as Israeli elections were held on the day that Palestinians commemorate the massacre at Deir Yassin, Israel callously celebrates a day of independence at the same time as Palestinians mourn the loss of their country.

The apartheid regime we know as “Israel” was built on the very ruins of Palestine and imposed a brutal regime on those who still live in their country. Millions of Palestinians still languish in refugee camps in and around Palestine, yet Israel and its allies around the world celebrate.

Israel Memorial Day

A young Israeli girl plays on a tank during an Israeli Memorial Day ceremony in Latrun, Israel, May 8, 2019. Oded Balilty | AP

Israelis are not the indigenous people of Palestine. What we know today as “Israelis” are people who came to colonize mostly during the time of the British Mandate in Palestine, and they did so largely with the assistance of the British government.

The British mandate over Palestine, which was, in reality, an occupation of the country, facilitated the creation of the Zionist apartheid regime in Palestine. The Jews who came to colonize and settle in Palestine were never oppressed or occupied; in fact, they were privileged. The Jewish settlements in Palestine had services like running water and electricity long before many of the Palestinian communities did, and they were assisted by the British in every possible way.

The biblical Zionist narrative

The name “New Palestine” becomes even more absurd in light of the fact that the name Palestine was, “first documented in the late Bronze Age, about 3,200 years ago.”

Furthermore, according to a new book by historian Nur Masalha, “the name Palestine is the conventional name used between 450 B.C. and 1948 A.D. to describe the geographical region between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.” These quotes are from Masalha’s Palestine, A Four Thousand Year History, published by Zed Books in 2018.

Palestine: A Four Thousand Year HistoryMasalha — professor of history at the London University School of Oriental and African Studies, or SOAS — takes on the difficult task of seriously, scientifically, and one may add successfully, challenging the prevailing narrative regarding Palestine.

This is clearly no simple feat but it is one in which the historian Masalha succeeds in a manner that is both admirable and convincing. (Just peruse the old pictures of Palestinians and Palestine before and after British mandated power)

Unfortunately, odds are neither Jared Kushner or Benjamin Netanyahu — the two men who are most likely to be behind the “New Palestine” and the “Deal of the Century” — will ever read this important history book.

Revealing aspects of Palestinian history that Zionists would prefer remain in the dark, Masalha’s book is essential reading. Until the history of Palestine is told and the cruel reality in which Palestinians live today is exposed, Palestine will never be free.

Miko Peled is an author and human rights activist born in Jerusalem. He is the author of “The General’s Son. Journey of an Israeli in Palestine,” and “Injustice, the Story of the Holy Land Foundation Five.”

Note: I posted many articles on Palestine and Palestinians on my blog

Tidbits and Notes. Part 271

Israel has deprived millions of Palestinians of their liberty and property. It has perpetuated a system of gross racial discrimination and inequality.

Israel has systematically incarcerated and tortured thousands of Palestinians, contrary to the rules of international law. It has, in particular, waged a war against a civilian population, in particular children.

Israeli snipers shot with live bullets on 16,000 unarmed Palestinians in last year alone. And the UN is shyly and barely saying: Israel committed what verges on crimes against humanity.

I don’t know who sold out to the enemy, but I have seen who paid the price

I don’t mind being buried in the soil, in a dark small patch of soil, but they no longer respect the soil. We are cremated or stuffed in a cement cave: the land is too rare and dear to reserve it for the departed.

Is Death the most compassionate of all realities?

Currently, millions of female fetuses are aborted each year in China and India. Even after birth, Indian baby girls are left to die of famine and negligence.

Minority ethnic groups in China are experiencing State Eugenics Laws since 1995; the Chinese genetic physician has simply to state that the expected baby of the minority parents is found to be physically or mentally handicapped to sterilize the parents; reactions are lukewarm; as they say “it is economics, stupid”.

A lengthy interview with Hezbollah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah (200 min) that covered all the world policies. He said: “Israel political and military leaders frightened the Israeli society far more than they were expected and the the Gulf “Arab/Emirate” States are far more ready to worry about Turkey Sunni expansionism than the avowed nemesis of Iran. Israel is thus cornered and totally confused at all front, particularly in Syria new status and progress

Elle avait la caresse ferme et le corps flexible

Tu veux l’argent du beurre et le sourire de la cremiere par-dessus le marche’?

“Vous etes le Pere de se diocese”? “Oui ma petite. comment puis-je vous etre untile?” Je n’es pas de peche’ mon Pere pour me confesser. Peux-tu m’aider a accummuler quelques unes?

Le peuple Nama de la Namibie: The German colonial power committed its earliest genocide in the late 19 century.

Always select an older person to marry with: He will be your best catalyst to seek a better and younger partner.

We appreciate quality when we are able to master quantity

This rage of extracting precious stones and metal (gold, diamond…) has sank deeply in the psychic of people and is so ingrained that no paper money can dislodge.

If Allah exists, all those who speak in the name of Allah to justify their behaviors and bad actions, Hell was reserved for them

EU listed Saudi Kingdom in the list of “terror States” but still export weapons, directly or indirectly

If there is Heaven, it must be a place of arranging puzzles: all the pieces are available, thrown haphazardly around for you to search for them. Repetition won’t make your performance better: You are memoriless and the puzzle cannot be saved or stored. Enjoy thinking and imagining while you are alive: leave professionalism to after death.





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