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Who was assassinated 500 yards from a Pakistani military base? Is he Osama bin Laden or Al Liby?

You may think this article a fiction of the imagination, and it is.  It might turn out not to be such a fiction story.

I thought Osama bin Laden was dead, long time ago.  Any sane person knew that Al Qaeda was finished long time ago. Osama was killed by the Afghan forces as they ousted the Taliban regime in 2002.  The Tora Bora and subsequent war stories of chasing after the illusive Bin Laden is the real fiction.  The US needed the image of Bin Laden alive to resuming its preemptive strategy on Iraq, and staying in Afghanistan.

Osama’s second in command, the Egyptian Al Zawahiri was badly injured in 2008 by a missile.  They both sent videos to Al Jazeera, giving the impression that they are alive and kicking.  With the new audio-visual technology, almost everything can give the impression of reality.

I wanted to believe that the assassinated man was Osama, simply because Obama said so.  You don’t want to believe that the most powerful President might take the chance of lying through his teeth.  Someone important was assassinated, 500 meters from a Pakistani army base.  Was he Osama bin Laden?  There are no proofs, and the picture of the dead person is not convincing.   Who is this assassinated member of Al Qaeda?

That the body was dumped in the ocean is evidence enough that the scheme is characteristic of US Hollywood style of smoke-screening the planet with falsehood.  It is not proof of Bin Laden being “eliminated” that many governments expressed relief. The body could have been shown to independent parties for DNA testing and then sent overboard scuba diving.  It is funny to think that the task force was carrying sophisticated equipment to test DNA samples of killed people: “Hello Mr. President. The DNA sample matches 100%. Shall we carry on the dumping expedition of the body?”

president Obama also proclaimed that all the soldiers returned safe to base.  It was not true: US soldiers died in that assassination operation that Obama gave the green light on Friday.  A US attack helicopter was downed, and not mechanically as reported.  Why this team had to take the trouble of loading a dead body and dump it in the ocean, instead to letting it burn and disintegrate in the ashes of the helicopter that was destroyed?

You have people claiming that Al Qaeda existed because bin Laden argued that the regimes of the Arab world were dictatorial and oppressive. That Osama argued that the United States was supporting those regimes and, as a result, Muslims had to engage in terrorism against the United States and those regimes. That Osama claimed that the only way to achieve change was through violence, terrorism and Islamic extremism.

I don’t know; did anyone believe that Bin Laden had not figured out alternative dictatorial or oppressive regime of his style?  Like instituting the Caliphate of the old Arab Empire period?  Many want to believe that the Arab Awakening has already crippled the basic rationale of al Qaeda.   I thought that Al Qaeda was already dead, long time ago.  Even the Lebanese army defeated Al Qaeda in the Palestinian camp of Nahr al Bared.

Al Qaeda has been dead for many years now. It is the symbol Osama bin Laden that the US wanted to keep alive until all the US soldiers withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq. Bin Laden was a scarecrow tactic for the US strategy of preemptive wars.

So, who was assassinated, without carrying any weapon, five hundred meters from the Pakistani military base?  Could he be the other important Al Qaeda Libyan commander Al Liby?  Al Liby was the one focusing his struggle to defeating Qadhafi, his arch nemesis.  The US and the European leaders were not about to executing Qadhafi prior to insuring that Al Liby is done with:  The flow of oil demanded that Libya does not turn to another Afghanistan with its vast territory.

Al Liby was disposed of.  Next in line was Qadhafi who somehow survived the missile attack on a house, killing this youngest son Saif Al Arab and a few grandsons.

Qadhafi, if not already dying, must be dying of terror. The road is clear for the Libyan “revolutionaries” to taking over a 40-year old regime.

Very soon, President Obama will go on the air proclaiming the death of Al Liby.  The pictures of the supposed Bin Laden will show Al Liby.  Obviously, Al Liby will go scuba diving too:  Libyans cannot afford to have Al Liby buried in Libya and the grave enshrined for the worshipers, like the one done to Saddam Hussein in Takrit.

It might not be a science fiction after all

Note 1: The assassinated man was crippled and was shot in his bed. No wonder President Obama is feeling shame to displaying the whatever video he has in his possession.  The CIA will need time to tamper with the video to make it presentable to the public.

Note 2:  The Pakistani and US authorities knew for long time who was living in the enclosed compound.  The US decided for a great show right now, for particular internal interests.




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