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Note: You may read this road map before the testimonials and eye-witness accounts of the civil war in Lebanon, during and 30 years after the war

Road map for the phases of the civil war

The war extended from 1975 to 1991 and different regions suffered the slaughter and relocation to confessional cantons at various periods.  It would be enlightening to expand on the major phases of the war for better comprehension of the calamity.

The first phase (April 1975 to 1976) started by the attempts of the Phalanges party to control the port of Beirut and the hotels of Holiday Inn and Phoenicia.  This phase ended with the entrance of the Syrian troops in Lebanon.

The results of this period were the relocation of most Christian population in Beirut and Mount Lebanon to East Beirut, North Metn, Kesrouan, Jbeil and Betroun regions; the concentration of Lebanese Moslems in Karantina and Nabaa in the suburbs of East Beirut were forced to relocate somewhere else. The Christian citizens affiliated to secular parties were forced out of their villages.

The Palestinian camps enclaves in Dbayeh and Tel Zaatar , located in “Christian areas, were invaded and emptied from all refugees. The leftist political parties fell back from these regions to other parts of Lebanon.

Bashir Gemayel,  second son of the founder of the Phalanges Party, formed the “Lebanese Forces” militias from most of the other Christian factions. The Lebanese army was split into two groups but all its soldiers were paid as if still one army by the Lebanese governments.




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