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Very frequently, Israel would vent its internal pressures by attacking Lebanon, Gaza, Palestinian camps in the West Bank under lame excuses.  Thousands of Lebanese and Palestinians died and were severely injured simply because internal politics in Israel required external campaigns to venting off untenable internal conditions.  Lebanon’s and Palestinian economies and infrastructures were destroyed several times to extending a standing position of an impotent Israeli PM.

These “preemptive wars” were meant to divert the Israelis from their daily troubles with political institutions driving the Israelis to apathy and falsehood security.  Are there any steam venting valves for Israel to fall back on?

Lebanon is off-limit:  Hassan  Allah of Hezbollah warned that upper Galilee will be occupied if Israel tried to attack Lebanon again.  Why not?  Upper Galilee was always attached to the district of Tyr since antiquity.

Gaza is off-limit:  This is not the time to anger the Egyptians going to vote on a referendum on the defunct  “peace treaty”. 

Any attack on Syria means that Israel had decided to return the Golan Heights to Syria with no further negotiations.  Maybe Israel will attempt a preemptive incursion in the West Bank:  I think Hamas would love this lunatic invasion that will decimate every “moderate leader” of this illegitimate Palestinian Authority.

So what is Israel to do now?  How about going for a new election and feel the pulse of Israel’s citizens without undue useless and dangerous preemptive faked wars?  How about spending more money on the million of second-rate citizens who are suffering from apartheid discrimination?

How about a unilateral retreat from the Syrian occupied lands?  Is it not a smart fair price to pay for arrogantly relying for 30 years on a faked “peace treaty” signed by Egyptian dictators?

If Israel fails to clear up all its check-points in the West Bank, and very soon, then, the third Palestinian Intifada will do the job materially.  It is ridiculous to think that Israel government can’t sense that mass revolt is not boiling among the Palestinians, and not just against Abbas. 

Claiming that these hundreds of check-points are for security reasons have no currencies, even in the western world:  It is clear that the barriers in the West Bank are for humiliating the Palestinians and displaying apartheid ideology and manifesting blatant discrimination.

If Israel still believes that the Egyptian army is going to renege on its promises for a civilian government then, Israel is delusional:  The fast spreading of upheavals in the Arab World are there to stay for a long time.  The Egyptian army will enjoy plenty of reminders of what are the consequences of playing its old game.

Israel has been looking at the Arab citizens from the splits of its bunkers:  They are saying that what is happening is none of Israel’s concerns and Israel had no cause in these upheavals. 

Israel has got to come to term:  Peace and security are handy if all the States in the Middle-East consider that it is the responsibility of them all to work toward the best interest of all people in the region.  No more relying on foreign interventions and satisfying foreign interests at the expense of our people.




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