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Ariel Sharon of Israel

Ariel “Sharon“, nicknamed after the plain where he was born and lived, never resisted an opportunity to lead the army for murderous adventures.

All the excuses were excellent ones to head tanks in the invasion of neighboring States.  I believe that Ariel Sharon, single handedly and for quirky purposes, aided more than any others Israeli leaders the Palestinian cause and the Lebanese cause and contributed to the starting process for the eradication of this mythic dream of Eretz Israel in the crazy minds of the extremist Zionists.

Sharon encircled the Egyptian Third army in the 1973 war and then lost all Sinai politically.

Sharon invaded Lebanon in 1982 and entered Beirut and evacuated the Palestinian factions, thus freeing the Lebanese from the enduring problem of having a State within a State.

His direct supervision and planning of the massacres of Sabra and Chatila that lasted 2 days and 3 nights, and resulted in the savage killing of 3,000 civilian victims (all fighters had already been evacuated by ships and the US guarantee not to enter Palestinian camps was worthless) didn’t prevent the Israeli political system from electing him Prime Minister.

Wanting to return to the political scene as Prime Minister, the civilian Sharon stormed the Al Aksa Mosque in 2000, and protected by the police. This incursion started the Second Palestinian Intifada.

Sharon committed the massacre of the Jennin Camp in 2003, with the blessing of Bush Jr.

The Second Intifada resulted in the Oslo Agreement between Rabin and Arafat.

The Palestinians factions then returned to part of Palestine proper under the international agreement of Oslo to establish a recognized Palestinian authority; thus challenging the international community to finally recognize and agree on a Palestinian State.

In 2005, Sharon evacuated the Israeli colonies in and around Gaza that he had encouraged their establishment after the preemptive 1967 War so that he might invade and punish this most dense band more effectively.

Thus, Sharon freed Hamas to overcome the Palestinian Authority in Gaza and to installing its radical brand of authority and ideology.

Even in his coma state, Sharon’s spirit must have inspired Olmert PM to his military fiasco by invading Lebanon for the fifth time in July 2006; and definitely eradicating any remnant Eretz Israel’s dream of this most untenable and last most apartheid ideology of the century.




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