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How come we were happier during the war?

Here’s 10 reasons why?


It’s horrible and I hate myself for it. But I always ask myself this question.

How come we were happier during the war?

I also feel guilty towards those who lost someone. yet, this is a fact, even the days and nights spent hidden underground are happy moments in our memories.

Here’s 10 reason why…

1- FINANCIAL SITUATION: That’s the easiest one… (All these cash funding to various militia groups to sustain the ugly civil war. The Lebanese currency was 2 pounds for the dollar, now at 1,500 for 1$. And the Palestinian movement had plenty of liquidity to entertain the sub-economy)

2- HOPE: Everyone was thinking that this war will end one day and we will be living in peace sooner or later.

Today we lost hope, we know nothing can be done.

3- DIVISION: It’s horrible to admit it, but we live better divided, I believe we are not mature enough to live united, and as much as I believe we are fantastic people, I am loosing hope in our ability to live together as one.

4- SINGLE ENEMY: During the war we had one enemy each: One enemy at a time for each period in the war. Actually, no two parties stayed united during the war, and everyone fought his yesterday allies.

Today we lost count, we don’t know who is a friend and who is an enemy, we just look around and feel danger everywhere.

5- SAFETY: What I mean by this is the domestic safety, our home security, it’s amazing how we used to live with our doors open, danger was never in the building or in the street, it was behind enemy lines.

6- NOSTALGIA: It’s not exactly the Stockholm syndrome, we did not fell in love with war, but even bad times are emotional when they are in our memories.

7- TOGETHERNESS: We use to live together, stay together… fear and war brings people together, they seem to make us forget all the stupid things and go back to what matters most, families and friends.

8- POLITICAL LEADERS: We had leaders, now we have egos. We had heroes, now we have criminals. (Militia War leaders became peacetime leaders after the war)

9- AGE: Its a fact, we get older, we loose our optimism, and our innocence and with it, happiness…

10- WHO SAID WAR IS OVER? for everyone war started in 75 and ended up in 90… seriously… we must be delusional?

Visualizing Occupation: Freedom of movement

Whereas West Bank settlers can travel freely between Israel and the West Bank, Palestinian movement is governed by the Israeli security establishment. This illustration is the fourth in a series of graphics on the effect of the occupation on the Palestinian civilian population. For more striking infographics click here.

Michal Vexler posted on May, 14, 2013

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Machsom Watch: Invisible prisoners

Michal Vexler is a designer and an activist. This work – a part of a series of infographics regarding the effect of the occupation on the Palestinian civilian population – is presented here with her permission.




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