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World’s biggest security companies, British G4S : profiting off of Palestinian oppression

Dalia Hashad – posted “Stop torture for profit in Israel”

G4S is notorious for shady operations around the world. Inside Israel, it provides security systems for prisons and detention facilities holding Palestinian political prisoners — prisoners who are often illegally held and tortured  

We have 24 hours to stop one of the world’s biggest security companies from profiting off of Palestinian oppression — if we all act now.

British security company G4S works for Israel all over illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

It guards brutal prisons, where prisoners are often illegally held and tortured, homes and supermarkets. When these contracts were exposed, some international clients protested by ditching the company.

G4S responded by canceling a few of their Israeli contracts.

Now we can get them out altogether if we convince shareholders and the Board that G4S’s shady work in Israel will give them a bad reputation and make them lose business.

There’s no time to lose. G4S has their big Annual General Meeting in London tomorrow. Let’s send them a deafening message to stop doing Israel’s dirty work. Click below to join the campaign and spread the word:

Awareness of G4S’s work with Israel’s occupation industry has led to the company losing clients in Europe – including a major bank in Denmark and several NGO’s.

The Scottish Trades Union Congress is pressuring the government to cancel a £13 million contract and 19 NGOs from across the Middle East have called on the EU to stop dealing with G4S altogether.

Israel is only 1% of G4S’s global revenues and financial analysts predict that it might become too expensive to it’s reputation to continue with it.

According to some reports, G4S may let go of its Israel contracts altogether. But there are no guarantees.

That’s why if we pile on the pressure now, just ahead of it’s Annual General Meeting when shareholders are already angry about the negative forecast on profits and scandals in other parts of the world, we can pressure G4S to get out of these dodgy deals in Israel altogether.

The Avaaz community has stood time and again with Palestinians in their quest for justice. Let’s come together to support humanity for everyone, once again.

With determination,

Dalia, Alaphia, Marie, Luis, Bissan, Ricken and the rest of the Avaaz team

PS – Many Avaaz campaigns are started by members of our community! Start yours now and win on any issue – local, national or global:

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