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Zionism vs. Arabism or islamism Or mainly the existance of Syrian Nation?

What is the frequent and successive preemptive wars on Gaza all about?  And how are the main actors performing?


Rami G. Khouri published this August 09, 2014

We should keep in mind two important elements of the frustrating continued uncertainties surrounding the situation in Gaza:

What is this war about, and how are the main actors performing?

First,  this is not just about Israel vs. Hamas in Gaza, as mainstream Israel-American media and politicians depict it, but rather about the deeper rights and demands of both Palestinians and Israelis.

Most analysts and politicians have focused on whether either Hamas or Israel have “won,” “lost,” or come out of this latest round of fighting in a tie.

That kind of very short-term analysis is useful in the span of days or weeks at a time, but the actual determinants of the ongoing clashes will likely remain the longer term drivers that have shaped this conflict for some 4 generations, effectively since the 1930s, when the conflict between Zionism and “Arabism” first ignited in Palestine.

Events are moving quickly. I write this a half hour after the Friday 8 am deadline for the 72-hour ceasefire to expire, and all kinds of possibilities are likely to occur.

These include renewed low-level fighting, all-out warfare, or an informal continued ceasefire followed by more negotiations, after both sides show their determination to kill each other until their demands are met, while Israel bizarrely refuses to acknowledge that repeated warfare has not achieved any of their key demands.

The attempt by Israelis-Americans mainly to focus only on Hamas’ options, tactics and aims is a mistaken diminution of the entire Palestinian national struggle for self-determination, rights and statehood.

They do this probably because it is easier for American-Israeli propagandists to highlight Hamas’ militancy rather than to grapple with the fact that all Palestinians — and most of the world, actually — support the demands that Hamas has articulated and that have been negotiated by the all-inclusive Palestinian delegation in Cairo.

So the next time you hear or read an Israeli-American journalist or politician talk about the position or demands of “Hamas,” simply substitute for “Hamas” the term “the Palestinian people” and you will get a more accurate reading of the situation.

Hamas receives disproportionate attention because it and its militant colleagues are the last Palestinians standing who use armed resistance to fight back against Zionist colonization, siege, assassination and savage attacks.

Hamas’ militancy sets it apart from Mahmoud Abbas’ Fateh and others who have acquiesced to Israeli occupational demands, but Hamas’ political demands are shared widely by all Palestinians. Those demands, especially lifting the siege of Gaza, releasing prisoners and ending the Israeli occupation and Palestinian refugeehood, are the core issues that must be resolved for the Palestinians to coexist with an Israeli state.

This is where the focus must remain, not only on whether Hamas does this today or that next week.

The second important aspect of the current situation — spanning both the last month and the last two decades — is that the defining characteristic of the six major political actors has been resounding and repeated failure, i.e., the Israeli government, the centrist and leftist Israeli political camps, the Fateh-led Palestinian government under Mahmoud Abbas, the armed resistance movements led by Hamas in Gaza, the United States, and the European Union.

In the four critical domains of war, peace, diplomacy and development, these six actors have generated a track record of collective incompetence that is as stunning as it is sad.

The default condition in the West Bank-East Jerusalem thus remains Israeli occupation and colonization alongside Palestinian acquiescence, and in Gaza it is Israeli siege alongside Palestinian armed resistance.

Neither of those situations is sustainable or desirable, but current approaches to conflict resolution have failed to achieve any long-term breakthrough — primarily, in my view, because the Israeli-American view of the conflict favors Zionist colonial supremacy over equal rights for both peoples, which prohibits Israel from acknowledging legitimate Palestinian rights and the United States from acting as an effective mediator or even just a credible facilitator.

The Palestinian side, with the sleep-walking Arab regimes competing for the Docility Award of the century, has been incompetent in mobilizing the enormous support and goodwill for their cause that exists in the world, and channeling it into an effective diplomatic process.

When these two dominant realities converge — focusing on Hamas instead of wider Palestinian national rights, while all the principal actors pursue their certificates in diplomatic incompetence — the result is the current narrow focus on military action by Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

Until all parties move out of this constricted and distorted view of the conflict and tackle the wider conflict between Zionism and Arabism, we should only expect more bloodshed, destruction, suffering, and political failures.

Rami G. Khouri is Editor-at-large of The Daily Star, and Director of the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs at the American University of Beirut, in Beirut, Lebanon. On Twitter: @ramikhouri.

Copyright © 2014 Rami G. Khouri—distributed by Agence Global

Note: In the fundamental and longer-term problem is the fact that the Colonial mandated powers of France and England foiled the aspirations of the people of the Syrian Nation ( constituted of the current states of Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan and Iraq).  The colonial powers decided to implant Israel in our midst in order to keep this people fragmented and divided according to UN faked borders and prevent effective integrated internal market.

Currently, Da3eshor ISIS has demonstrated that the borders between Iraq and Syria are fictitious and their troops are advancing on all fronts and from all directions.



“I refuse to represent these 49% leeches…of non-tax paying Americans…”

Actually, the citizens who enjoy some kind of social benefits and government coverage are about 10%, and they are the elderly, the retired, and the utterly destitute…( Far behind the rate of 40% in the western European States)

When the presidential candidate Mitt Romney voiced his opinion in a secret meeting with the rich contributors: “I refuse to represent these 47% leeches…of non-tax paying Americans…” he had no idea that it was being filmed and recorded.

Romney went on to blurt out: “These subclasses of citizens consider themselves victims and refuse to shoulder their responsibilities and carry on a decent life…”. Romney was sending the strong message:

“I am one of you elites, and I feel most comfortable to converse with the rich elite classes. I am at the same wavelength with your concerns, and I will promote your ideology that unless the US citizen behave and act as a liberal capitalist, this citizen cannot be valued and considered to enjoy the same rights and responsibilities as we the elite Americans…”

This number of 47% is a symbol. And it means: “As long as the majority of Americans (53%) are above the (high median income) and able to pay taxes, the US is all right, and particularly the Republican Party…and the remaining so-called citizens can go to hell and good riddance of these poorer US citizens…”

Mind you that Romney is running an enterprise that was founded by money laundering gangs, and he is practically illiterate and has no clues in foreign policies…

The very conservative critics David Brooks commented that “Romney does not understand the American culture…and has forgotten the social contracts that the US has engaged itself to…”

And the other conservative commentator Bill Christol said: “Romney is a total ignorant and overbearing candidate…”

2. Romney paid a quick visit to Israel to amass some funds for his campaign and to woo the US Jews. And what was the price for sucking up to the Jews? “Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel” Romney declared. As if he has no idea that the US embassy is located in Tel Aviv and the UN and the US never agreed to his wishful thinking.

Romney is considering himself as defacto President, a dictator for the duration of his term, and he has no concerns for the opinions and decisions of the Senate, the Congress and the US people…

And Romney goes on: “The Palestinians are no people, they don’t want peace with Israel, and they want to destroy Israel, and their very low standard of living is proof enough that they should be occupied by Israel and be under mandated powers…”

3. And what about Iran? “If I was ruling radical Iran, I would give Hezbollah of Lebanon radioactive materials and drop them on Chicago and threaten the US with an atomic bomb if the US refuses to desist from the embargo… I will bomb Iran and wipe out those dirty Iranian people…” 

4. What about the safety in commercial airplanes? “If there is a fire in the airplane, what can you do? You cannot go to the rear of the craft, open a window and inhale some fresh air. It is such a dangerous place to be in…” The US people should now sleep at ease: Romney will pressure the airline companies to have a few windows designed to be opened in dangerous situation, so that the passengers die from trampling, or being sucked outside, as a result of too much inhalation of the freshest of air…

Should be very exiting moments to watch the coming media confrontations between Obama and Romney? And what Romney has left in his bag of bunches in non-sense and stupid opinions and arguments?

Is it time to reconsider the dismantling of the two-party system so that the people won’t have to voting for the “Lesser of two evils?”

The western media have been throwing smoke screens as to the non-existence of a Palestinian people since the recognition of the State of Israel in 1948.  Zionism and western media kept hammering out the notion that Palestinians are just another tribe among “Arab people” and had no distinctive characteristics, culture, and national spirit.  Golda Meir was utterly blunt when she proclaimed: “there are no Palestinians” in 1970 as the Palestinians started organizing their national resistance movement as early as 1965.

What define a people if not uniting to fighting an occupier?  Since 1930, the Palestinian people have been exercising frequent uprising and armed struggle upheavals against colonial Britain.  In 1936, Britain had to mobilize 100,000 troops to quell the 6-month Palestinian revolt (called al Qassam) that lacked the rudiment of arms and means to fighting mighty Britain.  How could the British troops in 1917 advance in Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria to defeating the Ottoman army if the nationalist Palestinians refused to cooperate with the allied forces?

How could the Palestinian people not exist when even the UN divided Palestine into two States in 1948 between Jews and Palestinians?  It is a historical fact that Zionism had lost hope establishing a State in Palestine in 1920 when the resistance of Palestinians to the immigration of Jews forced Britain to stop any further immigration and the Rothschild family desisted financing further kibbutz and building Tel Aviv.  Then, the US financial crash of 1929 put a complete hold on any further financing to Jewish organizations in Palestine.

If it was not for brutal British colonial power then, there was no way that Zionism could have settled in Palestine.  Why Britain delayed giving independence to Palestinians when it gave it to Jordan and Iraq, and when France acknowledge independence of Syria in 1936 and Lebanon in 1943?  Is it because Jews served in the British army in WWI and WWII? Another reason that Palestinians are the patriots and legitimate people of Palestine because they fought the occupying colonial power when the Jews were mercenaries to the occupation force.

Israel wants to be recognized as a Jewish State.  Are the Jews out of their mind? Is the US out of its mind? Is Russia out of its mind? Is the UN out of its mind?  How can Israel survive as a religious State amid surrounding Moslem States (that will surely be hijacked by extremist fundamentalist Moslems) simply because Israel was declared a Jewish religious State?  If the western nations could maneuver within nationalist feelings and allegiances then, how can they navigate within the sea of religious extremism?

The latest round of negotiation does not have to last a year.  There are four evidences: First, Palestinians want an independent State; second, they want Jerusalem as Capital; third, they will never relinquish their right for return to their place of birth (even if in the State of Israel); fourth, all lands occupied by force will have to be vacated.  What is so difficult about these truths that acknowledge by every sane person?

Let’s get on with this lousy peace negotiation that has lasted three decades before it is too late for diplomacy, good will, and peaceful intentions.

Are you itching? I am: I am scratching like crazy; (Feb. 2, 2010)

            It is a virus in the air; a sort of mushroom that spreads over your skin and inflicts crazy itching. Sometimes I blame the viruses; more frequently I loathe the contaminated and polluted air; mostly I am mad right now: I might have been wild in my adulthood but this punishment is outrageous; utterly inhuman. 

            You start scratching one spot and you end up lapidating your entire body.  It has affected me for over a month.  I finally saw a physician, not a skin specialist, who manes a dispensary and thus, she witnesses many cases of sicknesses.  The virus is in the air and that is how you are contaminated; many victims experienced lousy moments for many weeks.  The physician prescribed a single pill (costing $8) which effects last for a week; it was to be repeated a second week; that should take care of the mushroom. 

            The physician said that without the pill the itching takes 6 weeks to subside.  In my case and with the pill then I should be okay within days: I was healed the next day.  I decided for the second pill to make sure that the mushroom is taken care off once and for all.  I felt cured for two weeks. I am not sure: three weeks later and I am back to itching mania; not necessarily of mushroom; but what do I know?  Suffice to know that I wait for dawn to get some sleep; mostly, I am watching TV standing and consciously “shivering” my legs and shoulders on purpose just so the virus feels “dizzy”. Whatever is gets energetic and hipped at night and doze off somewhat in day light.  Help! I might be dragged to the asylum pretty soon.

            I just saw the same physician today: she is appalled for delaying seeing her sooner.  She ordered me to have tests for my liver tomorrow and would not prescribe anything before the results are in.  During my Calvary a perfect analogy flashed in my mind and grabbed it.  Would Israel be the virus in this region?

            If you say Israel is an apartheid State because it subjugates the Palestinian people to a different law of the land than the one applied on the Jews then Israel is upset.

            If you say Israel is a theocratic State because it extends citizenship to any Jew who sets foot in Israel then Israel is angry. Why, all of the over 600 religious laws that govern daily life, as applied by the Pharisee during Jesus time, are still valid and harshly controlled.  The secular Jews agree that Israel is back to the Dark Age, but how to convince the US neo-conservative “Christians” that this is so?

            If you say that Israel is comfortable with ghetto-like environment because it built walls all around its frontiers (that are not yet delimited in its Constitution) then Israel is appalled

            If you say Israel is a Sparta State because it believes in military resolution for any contention with any neighboring State then Israel is incensed. Why?  Israel is worse than Sparta: after 3 years of forced military service the citizen has to submit to a month per year in “the reserves” service.

            If you say Israel has been committing crimes against humanity since before its inception in 1948 and Gaza is the latest in evidence then Israel rejects Goldstone’s report in all its sections.

            If you say Israel has a peculiar kind of “democracy” that was called “apartheid democracy” in South Africa where laws are not applied equitably on all citizens; or if you say that the kind of democracy applied in Israel is barely a developed version of City-States democracies in Antiquity such as applied in Athens, Tyr, or Sidon then Israel feels obfuscated.

            I you say Israel refuses to grow up and abide by its responsibility as a member of the United Nations and respect UN decisions then Israel is furious: Israel constantly expects the US to cover up illegal activities with the veto power.

            If you say the Arab States want peace for returning all the conquered lands in 1967 as proclaimed in 2002 Arab Summit in Beirut then Israel feels resentful and laughs it off.

            If you say that Israel is a racist State because the UN declared “Zionism a form of racism” then Israel is up in arms to drop this statement.  Can you believe it?  Israel is investing money to demonstrate that Indians living in the region of Malihabad, (near Lucknow in the Uttar Pradesh), and known as Pathans Afridis are Jews from the tribe of Ephraim that lived in northern Galilee during Jesus time.  The Indian Shahnaz Ali was hired by Israel Institute of Technology to test the DNA of this “tribe” and hopefully extrapolate the results to include the Pashtoun tribes on the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan.  Is that a form of racism? Since when did any religion base its belief system on race?

            I did a rough estimate: I figured out that the Phoenicians are over one billion, give or take one standard deviation, and are spread over the five continents!

            If you say that Israel is “the vastest psychiatric ward in the world with no treating personnel” then Israel is ready to lambaste the Israeli author as a schizophrenic, leftist, and probably “anti-Semitic” mole.

            If you say that Israel is indeed a very, very peace loving State then Israel is infuriated because you are mocking it.  It is a virus.

            No matter what you say is non receivable.  Best attitude is to censure your opinions and refrain from mentioning Israel, Jews, Judaism, Hebrew, or the Diaspora.  One term is admissible: Jews were gazed by Nazism and the number better be exact: 6 millions no less and not one over that scientifically reached number. Repeat: Jews were gazed and not shot, poisoned, killed, trampled, or any other form of “final solutions”.  Repeat: Exactly 6 millions or the holocaust literature would have to be republished; any number over 6 millions and Germany would be infuriated and Merkel would have to cancel the seventh nuclear submarines, built for free for the State of Israel, at Germans’ tax payer expenses; and for what use are these nuclear submarines put in service?  May be to support NATO policies?

            It is a virus: mushroom or no mushroom you feel itching like crazy: Barack Obama and George Mitchell are the most recent comers in this itching universe.




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