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“The vow to return the key” for a Palestinian refugee family house in Israel

I watched a 4-part TV series on the channel ARTE and I liked it.  It is called “The Vow” (Le serment).

Elisa is a young Jewish/Israeli doing graduate studies in London and she is preparing to return to Israel to do her military service (of about 3 years). Elisa family is well-to-do and living in a spacious villa by the sea-shore.  Elisa invites her best friend, the British Erin. to accompany her to Israel and ease her nervousness.

Erin stumbles on her grandfather diary (I call him John) and discover that he lived a very sad life after he returned from his military service in Palestine after WWII, from 1945 to 48.  Erin grabbed this opportunity to follow-up on the story of her grandfather and visit the places where he served, and also to return a key to a Palestinian family house around Haifa.

Apparently, Erin’s mother must have read the diary or heard her father recount the horrors and disappointments he suffered in Palestine, and she was furious that Erin is going to Palestine/State of Israel.

Erin is totally ignorant of Palestine, Israel and politics.  Elisa has been brainwashed to support the State of Israel unconditionally, without proper background knowledge of how Israel was created and who were the Palestinians.

Erin and Elisa discovered that the father of Elisa’s mother was one of the Irgun Zionist terrorists (headed by late Prime Minister Menahim Began 1980-84) who blew up the King David Hotel (headquarter of the British mandated military troops), and where Erin’s grandfather was injured…

This piece of news came about as Elisa mother was furious at one of the Palestinian “terrorist” activities that almost killed her son Paul. And Paul to remind his mother of the genesis of terrorism in Palestine, and Elisa’s mother to admit that the Zionists started the custom of perpetrating terrorism.

Paul served his military time located in Hebron (Al Khalil) by the Dead Sea (300 meters below sea level) in the occupied territory of the West Bank and witnessed and participated in the humiliation of the Palestinians. Paul said: “You could do anything with any Palestinian, and even kill him without blinking an eye lid. One day, I levelled my gun to the head of a young girl, just for fun and to demonstrating my power, and the girl started to cry softy, and I changed from the inside and became a member of “Peace Now” Israeli movement…”

The Zionist armed forces, mainly trained by the British during WWII, turned against the British mandated forces after WWII on the ground that it was not facilitating the immigration of the Jews from eastern Europe, after they experienced the German concentration camps…

One uncle of Elisa, an elder Irgun terrorist, declared: “We decided to return to Palestine and stay, and we were ready to wipe out the British forces by any means available if they stood against our wishes…and we did bomb them and hanged British soldiers to set example of our determination…”

As the UN voted for the creation of the State of Israel in 1947 on 53% of the Land of Palestine (the Jews constituting less than 40% of the population), the military branch of Zionism the Hagana of Ben Gurion set in motion the terror activities against the Palestinian towns and villages and committed genocides to force the Palestinians to vacate their properties.

John witnessed the genocide perpetrated by the Zionist terrorists on the Palestinians in Deir Yassin and could do nothing to prevent the horror.

There is this scene of Zionists forces waiting for the British to vacate Haifa. As soon as the British military moved to be embarked, the Zionists started shooting on Palestinian civilians, a killing field, under the eyes of the British who had orders not to intervene in the slaughtered…

John hurriedly visited his Palestinian friend Mustafa and told him bluntly that the Jews are ready to take Haifa and that the British will not intervene and that the “Arab” armies will have no time to come to the rescue. Mustafa reluctantly took his large family to the embarkation and gave the key to the house to his young son Hassan (12 year-old) to keep, as soon as they return to the house within a month.

On the way to the port, Hassan slipped from the family and joined a small group of Palestinians fighting back the Zionists. John promised Mustafa to find Hassan before the ship set sail. John found Hassan and had to join Hassan fighting the Zionists in order to save him and return him safe to his family. Hassan died of a sniper shot.

John could not locate Mustafa to relay the terrible news because the British jailed John for refusing to obey the order of “neutrality”.

Hassan gave John the Key to the house before he died, and John vowed to return the key to Mustafa, a “serment” that could not be accomplished.

Erin is now trying hard to locate the Mustafa family, and had to visit Hebron where her intelligence pieces directed to go and she found out that only two of Mustafa relatives live there. One Palestinian woman said that the family transferred to Gaza after the radical Jewish colons in Hebron decided to live in the spacious house. The story is that Mustafa took in the Jews in his house to save them from potential persecution, and after Israel invaded the West Bank in 1967, the Jews kicked out Mustafa and his family from the house…

Erin is in Gaza and is witnessing another Palestinian girl committing a suicide attack. The Israeli forces are vacating the entire family of the suicide bomber in order to blow up the house in retaliation.  Erin locked her body with chain in order to prevent the demolition of the house, and Elsa was sent over to Gaza to calm down Erin.

It turned out that the grandmother (Youmna) of the suicidal girl was the daughter of Mustafa, and she was paraplegic and Erin returned the key of Youmna’s house in Haifa (inhabited by Jews).  Thus satisfying the vow of her grandfather. 




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