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December 13, 2006

“Human Types; Essence and the Enneagram” (Part 2), by Suzan Zannos

It seems that the tarot and playing deck of cards are basically symbols to represent the characteristics of individuals.

For example, the aces represent the center of gravity of the main function in a human type; the Jack is the moving center in that function, the Queen the emotional center, and the King the intellectual center.

The Ace of clubs is for the instinctive function, the Ace of spades for the moving function, the Ace of hearts for the emotional function, and the Ace of diamonds for the intellectual function.

The effort of the Fourth Way to make sense of human behavior and classifying mankind into a meaningful structure is all based on conjectures. Susan Zannos is trying to lay the theoretical ground or a hierarchical picture of human behaviors that goes like this:

The jacks or the lowest forms of intelligence in the four human functions (which are the instinctive club, the moving spade, the emotional heart, and the intelligence diamond) are the mechanical parts that operate without attention and thus are unaware of each other manifestations.  The queens exert a strong influence on intelligence forms but they do not work together; for example, when the queen of clubs is tired or hungry, the queen of hearts is more likely to fly into a rage over some small matters; when the queen of spades becomes fascinated by scuba diving, the queen of diamonds is stimulated to start reading about barrier reefs, and the queen of clubs looks for recipes for cooking abalone.  The kings or highest levels of intelligence, work together and can combine their different varieties of intelligence so that they may operate with mutual awareness. For example, it may be impossible to isolate the king of hearts’ aesthetic sensibilities from the king of spades’ awareness of effective design in proportion; the king of diamonds ability to apply scale and relativity in thinking requires the king of heart’s capacity to examine possibilities without identification.

The instinctive function is the most basic and most powerful mind that can override the other three functions, especially when the body is suffering from illnesses and physical disturbances and imbalances; in that case, the instinctive mind shut down the other functions until the body recovers from this survival circumstance.

The intellectual part in the instinctive function or king of clubs controls the energy of the whole person and kicks in without intentional decision in dangerous situations and can become a constant energy drain in older people, preventing them from doing activities they should be attempting.

When the intellectual center in the instinctive function is strong then, the split second before an inevitable life threatening situation can seem to stretch for minutes, so the person is allowed the needed time to observe and maneuver around the danger.

Telepathy, clairvoyance, charisma, and such experiences considered paranormal or extra-sensory, may be functions of the king of clubs.  The king of clubs has the ability to put an invisible wall, a force field, around itself to repel unwanted advances from other people and may have paranoia in their concern for safety.

The kings of the four functions are developed through conscious efforts; the effort to be more intelligent results in unified interactions among the kings which generate stronger will to be able to do and to love.  The more developed the kings are in the four functions the more they can keep the queens under control from extreme mood swings because the queens have the capacity to hoard most of the energy available once the energy of the basic instincts for survival are supplied.

Reading this book I could not but feel a tacit hypothesis that the dominant gland during childhood might be the determining factor in an individual’s psychological and physical make up.

I think that it could be a valid hypothesis to invest on longitudinal experiments (carried over long periods throughout individuals’ life) in that direction.

Since pediatric physicians can determine from a set of graphs how tall a kid is going to be without drastic interventions, it might be possible to determine the normal psychological characteristics of kids if suitable non intrusive methods are discovered to determine their glands activities.  At least, mothers could benefit by learning more about what to expect and how to care for their kids and redirect their kids’ tendencies.




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