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Why the Lebanese upheaval is blocking the Parliament to meet in sessions?

Let me upfront clarify my position:

  1. Nabih Berry has been chairman of the Parliament since 1994 without discontinuity. He is every-time elected by the entire deputies, give or take a couple of deputy. The reason for this is that Nabih has supported every deputy to acquire a monopoly of a consume good, energy, financial transaction, services… Berry has transformed our Ponzi system into an anomy system.
  2. Nabih Berry considers himself the sole interpreter of the Constitution, although we have no idea which constitution we are guided: the initial constitution of 1943 or the constitution of the Taef ( Saudi Kingdom) in 1992
  3. Actually, the Constitution is basically scarecrow that nobody abide by and is repeatedly baffled on the basis of urgent trade-off among the sectarian parties. We do have officially 19 religious sects, each one maintaining the citizens’ private registry.
  4. What Berry and most of the deputies elected by the sectarian parties and enjoying astronomical privileges is to wipe out, by a general amnesty, all their highway robberies during the last 30 years, and escape facing justice. The mechanism is to create special Courts elected by the parliament itself.
  5. As long as Berry is still in power, Lebanon will never experience any reforms or any kind of change in its political system

لا جلسة لا تعبر عن ارادة الشعب.

لماذا يجب ان نمنع انعقاد جلسة مجلس النواب
1- لانه يوجد شك بدستوريتها
2- لانها لا تطرح اي قانون يحمي ودائع واموال اللبنانيين في المصارف ولا تحاسب اصحاب المصارف وحاكم مصرف لبنان
3- لاننا لا نثق بهؤلاء النواب الذين يمكن لهم ان يعدلوا ويضيفوا ويحزفوا من قانون العفو لكي يحموا انفسهم.
4- لان على جدول اعمالها بنديين قد يحرما اللبنانيين من استرداد الاموال العامة المنهوبة ومعاقبة السارقين وحرامية السلطة الفاسدة

وهذين البنديين:
. البند الاول، قانون هيئة مكافحة الفساد والذي ينص على ان الحكومة تعين اكثر من نصف اعضاء الهيئة، يعني فاسدون يعينون فاسدين لمكافحة الفساد.
. البند الثاني، قانون تشكيل محكمة خاصة لمحاسبة سارقي المال العام، ويجيز في احد بنوده على ان مجلس النواب هو من يشكل المحكمة ويعين القضاة،

وبهذا يكونون قد ضربوا استقلالية القضاء واستولى المتهمون بسرقة الاموال العامة على المحكمة، يعني حاميها حراميها.
ايها اللبنانيات واللبنانيون امنعوا الجلسة بشتى الوساائل،

Tidbits and notes. Part 421

Wars of choice“? And decided by the 1% elite class in the “war industry” that plunder other nations raw materials and oil.. and open market

Do you know there are 40% unemployed youth in Lebanon? This anomie system expected that most of them will find jobs overseas. It turned out that there are no jobs overseas at this junction. This militia/mafia system has to contend with all these educated youth demanding drastic changes: This is the real cause for the current mass upheaval 7iraak.

Since its independence in 1943, Lebanon successive governments and institutions totally ignored the southern region, the Bekaa3 valley and the northern regions: they were to fend for themselves to survive. The southern region had no borders with Syria and they were plagued with the “legitimate” presence of Palestinian PLO in their midst and the successive excuses for Israel to bomb their towns and force them to flee, mostly toward the Capital Beirut (al Da7iyat)

What is the main institution that ruled and controlled this fiasco in Lebanon for 30 years? It is the Parliament and all its deputies for 30 years. They all, and invariably, elected the non-changeable Nabih Berry by all the deputies. They all have to face the justice system for cooperating with this anomie system

Nothing is spontaneous. Nothing but paying jobs can organize a mass movement. And the more the content is based on abstract concepts (freedom, liberty…) the worse is the “Style” of the particular 7iraak (tent, khaymat)

The higher the indirect taxes the more outdated the political/economic system. Lebanon is the worst: a non-productive society and budget mostly based on indirect taxes that rob the citizens in every of his daily activities

In Middle-East politics, I have two invariable positions, based on daily confirmation for many decades: 1) Israel is our Existential Enemy, and 2) Greater Syria forms one Nation with One people (current Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan and Iraq)

Think with me: if you are an Ethiopian from the center of the country, how could you manage to save $400 in order to flee the country toward Djibouti, Yemen and Saudi Kingdom? Would you take this totally hazardous and and insane  route if you were Not submitted to an ethnic cleansing? I submit that the multinational agro-businesses that rent for cheap vast land and entice the peasant to flee their land? This regulated scheme has been going on for decades in Ethiopia. And how come the world community dare attribute a Nobel of Peace to the President of Ethiopia?  And why this dam on the Nile if Not to provide cheap water for the multinationals?

Same basic rule in Japan: No eye glasses are to be worn by female employees in tourism, fashion industries…

Apparently, frequently catching cold is the symptom of a transformed constitution that is getting allergic to many items and pathogens that it was previously immune of. Kind of the immune system got set on an old administrative routine and unable to cope with the exponential increase in polluters and human-made poisonous products

Let’s us Not be that confused: In every country, there is an “elite class” that managed to take roots with all the privileges that have Nothing to do with “money” as we know it. For fundamental reasons, and Not related to any rational basis, No revolution ever eliminated the elite class.

Every other “citizen” regardless of color, genders, race, financial social status… are necessarily second class, given that the Elite Class conserves its status. Sure, there are third and fourth classes… All you can do is learn and do your best to advance to the second class.






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