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Feel good nonsense quotations; (Part 2; August 12, 2009)


Note: this is the second batch of quotations; my comments are in parenthesis.


A simple way to remove fear is to seek knowledge and understanding; (my life story though it is the hardest way: not that simple at all)


The fool wants to be seen; the wise man smile in the audience; (are we talking about politicians? Isn’t the smiling wise man a symptom of his idiocy?)


The less you speak the more you are listened to; (if you have anything to say to people who don’t care for you)


The more you understand yourself the easier to remain happy and peaceful (all that come with aging whether you understood anything in life, yourself, or not)


The survivor knows how to adjust; (isn’t the definition of the capitalist?)


The price of freedom is always responsibility; (with more responsibilities we learn to love any dictator and obey him blindly)


Simplicity is beauty and very close to truth; (mathematicians would love this quote)


To be a child of God means to reflect his qualities; (all 99 qualities? Only children are too stupid and ignorant to seek all these qualities)


Be enthusiastic of others’ successes as yours; (I wouldn’t mind when I got any success)


Be natural.  It is far easier than pretending to be someone else; (not true; society will not let you get your way with it)


How can you see the future if you live in the past? (What do you mean by “live”? What ugly future you want me to see?)


Warning! Your expression will leave an impression; (the story of my life; and pretty decisive impressions I left; what can I do: I have an expressive face)


Contentment and bliss go hand in hand. These two qualities fascinate people; (it is the way around: fascinated people are mostly contented and blissful in their mind)


All tasks are difficult for a lazy man; (not all; we have got remote controls and easy lazy chairs; define me who is lazy, please)


God has a broad back; if you have any burden let Him take it off you; (here we go again; God will be thanked if he unburdens me with a few “friends”)


Insults and defamations will destroy you if you allow praise and fame to puff you up; (You are cluttering my memory; let me experience fame and I’ll get back to your wise quote)


It is like eating unripe fruits when you are impatient to experience the results of your efforts; (not all ripe fruits taste better than unripe ones)


Your conscious is a good friend; listen to it more often; (we fails more often than not by listening to the conscious of the lazy law abiding masses)


If I wish to advocate peace, then do I have to shout and scream? (Yes, now and then, yes; frequently is better)


Using your special talents for evil will change your talents into a handicap; (depends how often to it takes toward evil; anyway give me special innate talents and then I will get back to you)


If truth and honesty come easy to me then love from God do also come easily; (Are we not shifting the roles?)


The odds are much higher that your next moment will be a happy one when you appreciate your present moment. (This is my quote)




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