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Maybe the commentators are wrong in their analyses, but it is worth reporting the various viewpoints of the commentators’ interpretations.  Israel landing on the leading Turkish “peace boat” is definitely a pre-medidated activity to humiliating Turkey of Erdogan.  

Possibly, Israel meant to humiliate, face to face, Turkish members of the “peace boat” and maybe injuring a few of them.  It would be incomprehensible to understand why Israel would have decided on a slaughter (19 dead and dozens injured).  With the current neurotic Israeli government, everything is possible.  After all, Israel’s policies are based on grand scale State terrorist activities since the inception of the Zionist movement.

Israel’s objective was to warn Turkey of Erdogan that Israel is very unhappy with Turkey’s new drive to be the main player in the Near East conflict:  Turkey is supposed to have a unique political position which is total and unconditional support to the State of Israel; Turkey is to keep its tradition of very lukewarm foreign policies with Arab States.

Personally, I think that Israel is sending the message to the political opponents of Erdogen and his party.  The message is: “Israel can and is ready to destabilize Turkey for the opposition to return to power and resume the unconditional support to Israel.”  This bold tactic is doomed to fail because Turkish citizens would not be humiliated with military antics. 

The Kurdish separatist movement is serious about Turkey’s openess for negotiations to putting an end to this civil war that dragged on for too long and has to end.  So far, Israel has managed to infiltrate a few Kurdish radical factions that are resuming the fight; the entire excercise cannot last long when Turkey is humiliated militarily.

A few commentators would like you to believe that the US administration of Obama did not change policies of unconditional support to Israel; they allude that Obama agreed on Israel’s plan to destabilize Turkey.  That would make no sense at all:  Turkey is in fact the main regional power that the US would never relinquish or weaken under any condition. 

Most probably, the US might have encouraged this stupid Israeli government into more stupid decisions to let it fall quicker as a rotten fruit.  The US would be pleased with a new Israeli government that is more rational and more diplomatically inclined to negotiating a peace treaty with the Palestinian Authority that the US badly need at this junction; the sooner the better.

Egypt of Mubarak is the sole winner if Egypt sustains it new policy of keeping the borders of Gaza opened.  Egypt needed this opportunity to show its willingness to be an active partner within the Arab League of States:  Four African States, bordering the Nile sources such as Ethiopia, Kenia, Uganda, and Sudan have ratified a treaty for dividing the Nile water without feeling the need to negotiating with Egypt or Sudan. 

In a sense, African States are no longer relying on the regional weight of Egypt for resolving any of their conflict and Egypt got the message loud and clear.  The best way for Egypt to gain any respect is to prove that it is an effective player within the Arab States.

The best criteria for US seriousness in bringing peace in the region is the sustained opening of Egypt’s borders with Gaza.  Israel has no other exit from these recurring flaps but to demand early election.




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