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In 1906, General Leonard Wood massacred 600 natives in the Philippines (men, women, and children) because a few “rebels” with arrows and spears could survive for 6 months in the mountains.  He resumed: “What other choices did I have? I recall our valued ancestors’ heroic deeds against the American Indians and what Captain John Mason did to the Pequots in New England”

What Captain John Mason did to earn his statue of national hero in the US history books?  General Wood must have listened to this story in primary school.  The manual in primary school entitled “Exploring New England” recounts the heroic story to a jubilant kid Robert.  “Captain John Mason gave the assault at dawn.  His army surprised the Indian Pequots and killed everyone in the camp (squaws and children).  After breaking down the barriers, they burned the reserves of grains and the wigwams.  The Pequots and the other tribes realized how brave were the white soldiers and will no longer trouble order for many years to come.”  And little Robert to exclaim: “I wish I was adult to witness all these feats.”

In Vietnam, the American officers re-enacted what Captain mason did in countless “engagements” such as My Lae and nothing changed in the preemptive invasion on Iraq.  For example, are the rural population supporting the rebels?  No problem; it has a practical resolution of neutral ethical and moral bearing or consequences to the main goal of victory.  The army starts forced “urbanization” of the countryside:  It destroys the villages, burn the harvests with napalm, orange gas, and fire launchers:  People are better controlled in cities.

No school children in the US are told variant versions in their official history book of what the institutions want to be known.




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