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MALAYSIAN Airliner Found in Saudi Arabia? Hijacked by a PRINCE in Jeddah?

Expert aeronautic commentators have already stated that superpower States have the capability to locate any missing object, far smaller than an airplane, in record time.

The delay in announcing the finding of the missing Malaysian airliner was due to “sensitive” political negotiations and how to find a “face saving” alternative to the story.

And no, the parts located near the Australian south western sea do not belong to the missing airplane.

I recall that China declared, a day after the missing event, that the plane was most probably hijacked since it couldn’t detect anything in its airspace.

It is not possible that the airplane went out of sight from the largest US military airbase on an island in the Indian Ocean. It was headed toward Saudi Arabia.

And the US media shared in this disinformation for many days, showing parents crying for the missing relatives.

The missing Malaysian Airlines ‘Flight 370′ has been found by police in Saudi Arabia, bringing to an end a 12-day search for the Boeing 777.


PRINCESS URDUJA posted this March 21, 2014: (selected as one of the top posts for 3 days)

Prince Sahram Al-Sandshoo of Jeddah was arrested by local law enforcement agencies when the missing plane was discovered in his garden.

Suspicions were heightened when Al-Sandshoo placed an advert on eBay offering a ‘Used Boeing 777 Black Box Recorder’ for sale. The Saudi authorities immediately requested a search warrant to enter his 40-acre property on the outskirts of Jeddah, the city he has presided over for the past 43 years.

Al-Sandshoo is a world-renowned collector of aero-memorabilia, most famous for his acquisition of ‘Wright Flyer’, one of the earliest examples of an aircraft by the Wright brothers.

In a news conference the Malaysian Prime Minister, Perdana Menteri announced:

“We have finally located the missing aircraft in Saudi Arabia. The passengers are all OK and are in good spirits. Apparently the prince fed them a banquet of sheep testicles and wine. We are awfully sorry that we misplaced this aircraft, it’s a mistake anyone can make, we hope you understand. It’s been an unfortunate incident but we cannot be held responsible for thieves.”

Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, the CEO of Malaysian Airways, explained what was likely to have happened:

“Whilst we cannot preempt any investigation, what we can say is that the plane was probably stolen whilst in flight. It’s unlikely to have landed at an airport and then been stolen behind our backs.

We hear that Al-Sandshoo is an experienced pilot and most likely got into the cockpit by asking if he could have a go. We usually frown on this kind of thing, but if the man kept going on and on at the stewardesses, they probably would have allowed him to have a little go at flying  just to shut him up. We have the plane back now so no harm was done in the end.

We spoke to one of the passengers, Mrs Josie Kevin Taylor. “I’m appalled at the attitude of the people involved. I went away for what was supposed to be a holiday and ended up staring at camels all day in an Arab’s garden. How could they call it a garden anyway? It was just sand, no grass to be seen for miles. I’ll certainly be lodging a complaint with my travel agent in Slough when I get home and I won’t be using Malaysian Airlines again after this. I’ll tell you something else for free, I won’t be using these so-called search parties again either – twelve days it took them to find us, that’s ridiculous. It’s a jumbo jet, not a flippin’ missing watch.”

We have to hear from the thief Al-Sandshoo yet, as he is being kept away from the media by police.

We believe that the Boeing 777 was a plane missing from his collection and that was the motivation for the robbery. We hope to speak with the Prince over the next few days and will come back with more.




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