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Humans of New York: Physicians and medical personnel

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“What I think we don’t realize is how extremely brutal the suffocation of the people of Gaza is.”

Doctors make mistakes. The best medicine is for them to admit it!


From the wrong diagnosis to the wrong prescription, medical errors kill more than bullets in this country—and injure many more.

Until doctors break their code of silence, the cure is a long way off.

When they save lives, and they often do, doctors are treated like gods. Lebanese doctors even manage to believe they really are.

No one is as unreachable as your doctors, they make you wait, they treat to you as if you are stupid, they barely talk to you, they don’t make an effort to explain your problem, and they never give you enough time.

But it’s all ok! because they make you feel better, they make the ones you love feel better, and one day, they will save your life.

But what happens when they make mistakes?

should we still treat them like gods and gods are never judged? or should we punish them like normal human beings?

In my humble opinion, the answer is “none of the above”, and here is why.

1- Let’s all agree that no one is untouchable and doctor or no doctor, whoever makes a mistake needs to pay, and people who pay for their mistakes tend to learn and make less mistakes afterward.

While on the other hand, whoever knows is untouchable, will naturally pay less attention and make more mistakes.

It is also said that people learn from their mistakes? So how are doctors learning how is the med. community learning to avoid future errors?

2- Doctors cannot and should not pay for their mistakes the way we do…

I mean take me for example, a blogger with poor English skills, if I make a mistake no one cares, same for a car dealer or a graphic designer or an architect, for us, mistakes have no, to very little consequences.

Except if you are messi and you miss a penalty in the champions league final, than you are a god and you will be punished like a human being….

Now imagine if every time you make a mistake someone dies, would you still write?

Would you still shoot the penalty? would you still sell cars? or draw buildings or design logos?… I wouldn’t… and I personally don’t believe doctor needs to be treated and punished the same way we do.

So yes it’s true dear doctor that you give birth, save lives, give hope, draw smiles, announce death and new lives.

It’s also true that this might give you the feeling that you are a god, but you are not…

And even if you were, nothing justifies not admitting your mistakes and taking some responsibility.

And sometimes, for those who are victims of your mistakes, admitting you did, can bring them a lot of comfort, and this is what you are supposed to do.




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