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Sex Tales (June 6, 2009)

This post is Not about love; that is a different ball game.

It is not on feelings. This post is on sexual desires.

Reading sex tales interest me; discussing fictitious love proposal does not.  Discussing actual sex proposition interest me; performing actual intercourse does not; though I am functional.

Are you waiting for explanation?  Discussing details in writing interest me; verbal discussion does not: I am not verbally intelligent.

We have two hands; one is more sensitive, functional, and defter than the other and not only for manual work but for relieving your emotional anger and passions. Man must learn and be encouraged using his professional hand as often as his rational mind desire to focus on important matters.

Man is Not endowed in sensitive body parts to experience sexual pleasures; they just want to get natural relief, like pissing or shitting without dirtying their hands. It all in their mind.

In fact, women have focused so much on their well deserved sexual endowment for pleasure that man deduced that women are less fit for rational reasoning.

In fact, women learned that luring man to sexual desires is the quickest and most effective mean for satisfying their wishes and wants; they did abuse it to such an extent that man banished women from rational functions, such as governing soberly and equitably among all people.

Consequently, wise men banished women from “statesmanship” and leadership jobs.

Sexual desires are Not sins; how could they be sins if they are natural?

Sexual desire is the main enemy for both genders if the mind is to be considered the most valued part in man.

Mystics and Sufis, of both genders, comprehended this dialectic: You cannot vanquish your enemy if you fail to know the enemy completely.

Mystics and Sufis dissected sexual desire in all its forms, shapes, and varieties; they explained sexual desire in the minute details, pornographically, physiologically, anatomically, and psychologically and left us scientific manuscripts in that field with accurate terminologies.

Mystics and Sufis achieved the highest level of serenity in personal victories after mastering the characteristics of the enemy to defeat and facing it boldly; they lost many battles but their purpose was to keep the struggle.

Steadfastness in the struggle for the victory of rational thinking is the discipline of the courageous and strong men and women.

All religions approached sexual desire as the most disturbing factors for social stability.  A few religions attacked sexual desire as sins attached to various myths; they have woven fantastic tales to demonstrate their premises and applied drastic punishments and ordained stupid conditions to overpower the most natural of instincts.

Other religions defined sexual desire as the enemy for rational thinking and equitable functioning in society; they faced that enemy rationally and didn’t run away from rational temptations or hide from natural facts.

Unfortunately, rational thinking require studying, application, follow up, and training; rational thinking is not endowed to vanquish natural inclinations when society is lazy and government not intelligent and bold to disseminate literacy and permit freedom of speech, opinion, publishing, and gathering.

Virgin ladies abuse sex seduction more frequently than the staunchest nymphomaniac experienced ladies.

Sex decoying is independent from sexual practices: in fact, the less practiced the virgin the most experienced she is in seduction.

Women learn that skill since childhood, directly and indirectly; they already mastered that domain before puberty.

Contrary to man; man needs years of practice and continuing education for sexual baiting, after he realized that there is more than one function for the pissing ridiculous projection.

I am interested in serious sexual proposal: I have strict terms and will set detailed conditions, more rigorous than financial or marriage deals.

I’ll have sex, take time off, extend the cuddling phase, spend hours on foreplays, and even have intercourse for pleasuring my friendly partner who genuinely is in need of companionship.

In almost all religions, particularly in Islam, women have rights to dictate conditions and clauses for marriage.  That they fail to exercise their rights is not simply a matter of lack of character: in most instances it is illiteracy, pressures of deviant traditions, and ignorance of THEIR RIGHTS.

Sakina, the grand daughter of Caliph Ali, Aicha Bint Talhat, and Hababa imposed their conditions to the astonishment of the Muslim society in the 7th century; those intelligent and ambitious women refused to wear the veil and keep silent in gathering; they behaved as they imposed the clauses that suit their life style and got it.

Remember, man does not get sexual pleasure; he works to make life and the world goes on.

Man, when you are surprised by sexual lure, remember that you have got a professional hand to get in control if your terms are denied.  This post is not on love: let your comments not mix love with sexual desires.

You need references? You need qualifications?  Good luck in your research.

I am reflecting loudly on personal experiences.  Take my reflection or leave it. (You may read a few of my tales in my 13 addendums of my “Introspection” or autobiography category)

Note: I got a few pieces of information from “Love in the Muslim Countries” by Fatema Mernissi.




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