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Planet needs us, and we need us. Can mankind save us? Dystonia Culture?
‎”The planet needs us, and we need us. And we are the only ones who will save us.”
Kourtney Mitchell wrote in Wikipedia on the Dystopian Culture:
“A dystopia is a community or society, usually fictional, that is in some important way undesirable or frightening.
It is the opposite of a utopia.
Such societies appear in many works of fiction, particularly in stories set in a speculative future.
Dystopia communities are often characterized by:
1.  dehumanization,
2 .totalitarian governments,
3. environmental disaster, or other characteristics associated with a cataclysmic decline in society.
Elements of dystopias may vary from environmental to political and social issues.
Dystopian societies have culminated in a broad series of sub-genres of fiction and are often used to raise real-world issues regarding society, environment, politics, religion, psychology, spirituality, or technology that may become present in the future.
For this reason, dystopias have taken the form of a multitude of speculations, such as pollution, poverty, societal collapse, political repression, or totalitarianism.”
Although I do not claim to be well-read when it comes to science fiction writing (the only dystopian novel I can remember reading is 1984 and it scared the shit out of me), I don’t think you have to be a sci-fi scholar to see that we are living in a dystopian culture.
Civilization is a dystopia. It contains all of the characteristics of the basic dystopian narrative, and it’s only getting worse over time.
This culture causes and perpetuates the most reprehensible behaviors, and has created the most violent reality the planet has ever endured.
But what makes it downright insidious is its unashamed attempts at masking this reality by creating an entirely fake one to distract us, to keep us occupied while the planet and its community of life perishes.
Violence is not only inevitable in an extractive culture, it’s necessary.
By definition, civilization requires violence, because cities require the importation of resources due to its denuding the resources on its own landbase, and therefore must be violent towards other cultures and their landbases in order to secure necessary resources.
This culture is literally draining the planet dry, hurtling it towards a Venus-like future.
That this is even a possibility is horrible beyond description. Pathology is common in this culture.
The most notorious psychopaths – those running corporations, governments, military and police forces – are rewarded for their behavior.
They are afforded even more opportunities to enact violence on the planet and its life. Think about how morally depraved a culture must be to reward psychopathic behavior. To make it worse, this culture has created social conditions inevitably resulting in poverty and addiction and then punishes the victims of its own creation.
This is why victims of substance abuse can be imprisoned but corporate executives are allowed to retire with pensions. This is why homeless people are beaten, harassed and jailed for sleeping on the street but homes are allowed to sit vacant, and police protect the property of wealthy business owners.
In a more sane, just culture, such people wouldn’t be able to walk the streets safely. They would fear for their lives.
Anyone who pollutes air, water and soil or otherwise enacts violence on entire groups of people should be afraid to leave their homes.
But in this world we live in – this depressing reality – we consider the worst behaviors to be of the most benefit. To read the complete article go here:
‎”The planet needs us, and we need us. And we are the only ones who will save us.”




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