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Spoil the kids: Puck out the thorns and lick the wounds…

My youngest teen age niece (15) is practically dyslexic or “Focus Dyslexia Syndrome” (my medical term): She cannot focus on anything but Harry Potter movies.  She hate to read, hate to study history, geography…She abhors math, physics, chemistry, religion…She cannot stand learning French and Arabic…You name it: She hate anything related to studying, and her mother ends up doing her homework, preparing her “study schedule”, fetching her books, going through her notebooks, coloring her drawing…and fixing her sandwiches and buying her all the chips and candies she likes…While my niece is sprawled on the poof or curled up on the bed, faking to study…

Do you know of anyone doing math or physics problems and exercises while lying down? My niece hates to sit down on a chair, facing a steady desk…All she wants is to go to Hollywood and become an actress?

I am very suspicious: This private school is passing her on purpose.  As long as she is not violent, coming on time, not carrying in a dangerous weapon…doing good in sports, dancing, acting in the school plays, and volunteering painting and drawing for ceremonies…And her five other siblings who had studied there, a few were bright and the remaining lovable and cooperating…This private school needs the money.

You think that my youngest niece is daydreaming: She is not! Her brain is not normally structured to focus longer than microsecond. The only time she seems focused is getting ready for a birthday party. The entire day is not long enough to be ready for the exciting event: And as long as the time for the party is about 15 minutes away, she is still changing and doing her face, and harassing everyone around, particularly her mother and her available sister, for feedback on how she looks and how the countless little pieces of cloths match…And what pair of shoes she should be wearing.  By the time she is gone, two large closets are to be re-arranged…

My other niece (18) is doing fashion design at a university. She is apparently bright, but totally lacks the sense of initiative. Can you believe that during the 12-day vacation, she spent it sitting put on the computer watching an old series, which ran for eight years? Why? Because her elder brother did it for two straight weeks until he felt better, and out of “depression phase”.

And as her dad asked her to relinquish the computer because he has work to do she got into a mad fit of anger. Why was she so hysteric? Because her dad should have used the computer while she was sleeping her blessed 10-hour night! She was so crazy mad that she cursed her dad several times and slammed the computer. This time around, the computer didn’t break, so many other times were not that lucky, and expensive equipment were chattered…

And their mother is still doing the beds, feeding them watching movies or chatting on the computer, “mom, hey mom…are you deaf? Bring me the water bottle”, taking them errands several times a day, taking them to school, preparing their homework, buying them gifts for the countless birthday events… everything must be new from head to toe…and the closets are bursting and the pairs of shoes getting outmoded by the week…and their is no money to satisfy the whims of these totally spoiled kids who are never satisfied or contented…

And they blame me for not getting married and with children! I would have committed murder, the sooner the better: I would have saved plenty of money and gotten rid of rotten fruits early on…I doubt that I would be in jail: My violent acts would be categorized as self-defence, pleading insanity for brutal and consistent assault, father’s right to chastise incorrigible brats…

Like this 4-year-old Saudi kid who shot his dad because he refused to buy him an iPhone?

I hear: “kids are curious by nature…” Curious my ass. They are curious about physical games and playing roles.  Everything else must be coerced in their throat.

Nurture is the key term: Nature and genes are the “black Box” we throw every imaginable causes of our failures in, failing doing our due diligence in coaxing and coercing our kids to doing their jobs and daily tasks…

What about this other kind of spoiling kids. You have this mother living in Paris most of the year. Her 40 year-old got married, and never lived in Lebanon. She married her son in Paris and four months later, she returned to town in Lebanon.  Through third and fourth intermediaries, she disseminated the news that her son is coming for a week to receive congratulations. Nothing wrong with accepting congratulation, mind you.  The hicks is that all her close relatives and cousins and elder aunts and uncles are at walking distance, but she preferred not to pay them any visit and tell them the “great news”. Most of the aunts and uncles cannot even get out of their homes, and they are supposed to hire ambulances so that they pay their “respect” to her, as if she is a big shot and running for any kind of election…

A 40 year-old not daring confronting his mother for basic common sense…





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