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Tidbits #35

I say that people have plenty of time to grow stupid. As kids, they should Not be exposed to any religious teaching or beliefs. Especially, demand from them to participate, attend or share in religious activities and events.

John Cleese says political correctness has gone too far, especially on America’s college campuses. The very essence of his trade — comedy — is criticism and that not infrequently means hurt feelings. But protecting everyone from negative emotion all the time is not only impractical, but also improper in a free society.

Cleese, having worked with psychiatrist Robin Skynner, says there may even be something more sinister behind the insistence to be always be politically correct.

Trolls is supposed to “write provocative and offensive posts specifically to elicit reaction,” claimed a 2012 Guardian article that compared trolls to imps and their behavior to prank calls. Trolling in the 80’s was accepted as normal, if undesirable, even as evidence of its harmful effects—suicides and intense trauma—mounted.

I suggest citizens need to keep a card in their wallets that confirm: “I, Adonis…, testify that if I am infected with one of the pulmonary Corona viruses, and if the medical teams are Not equipped with efficient masks and the hospital lacks respiratory machines… then I want to be euthanized and my body cremated” Wa haik. We are meant to die.

Softboy (Softboi) and its parallel, the softgirl trend is notable because it reflects Gen Z’s ease with the concept of gender fluidity, and the ways in which this generation is already challenging the traditional divides between masculinity and femininity.

Quel est mon avenir? Il reste le champ de l’âme et du rêve. Tu en occupe l’essentiel

Does the US sincerely believe that it can maintain eastern Syria under its control in order to prevent a land highway among Iran, Iraq and Syria? And prevent a gas pipeline crossing these States?

On September 16, 1920, a bomb planted on a red horse-drawn wagon exploded into the lunchtime crowd at Wall and Broad streets. This was just outside the House of Morgan (now known as J.P. Morgan), then the world’s most powerful financial institution. The force of the explosion, which killed 38 and wounded hundreds, was strong enough to lift people off the ground and fling the mangled horse halfway down the road.

USA country’s foreign-born population shrank 5% in March 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemics, according to US Census Bureau data. It was the largest one-month decline since June 2001, and helped push the US foreign-born population down to 2017 levels. (Feeling the health systems in their original State is better run and more compassionate?)

Some of China’s early coronavirus patients are still testing positive and that’s happening to a growing number of people after they recovered from Covid-19. It might reflect testing issues, but if not, it could complicate global efforts to lift lockdown measures.

Tout ce petit bric-a brac que l’humanité laisse derrière elle, dans des greniers, des granges… Laisser sur ses rives, a force de couler, a force de mourir, traces de passages… de mille campements evanouis

Les hommes vantars, ne vous font grâce d’aucun detail de leurs prouesses viriles: ils ne vous dit pas ce que les femmes leurs ont fait manger, même des souliers en caoutchouc.

Large firms received $300 million in US taxpayer-backed loans. The Associated Press reports that some of them have thousands of employees and $100 million+ valuations, as well as past penalties. They’re using loans that were created, at least in theory, for small businesses.

Government officials worldwide are shoveling out more than $5 trillion to prevent their countries from dropping into an economic black hole. First the big companies got the initial government loans in secrecy and now the small companies are expected to get the next loan issuing. Except in Lebanon, Parliament of Nabih Berry refused a package help for the non-rich citizens.

EU financial packages: Some countries blocked firms registered in tax havens from receiving aid.

The conglomerate of cells that make up the immune system in Older people, over 65, degrade. There tend to be fewer of these cells, which translates to fewer forces available to fight off a new infection. When they do respond to a pathogen, they’re more prone to setting off inflammatory responses—which can dangerously overwhelm the body, and ultimately do more harm than the virus itself.

How German Nazism spread? From 1919 to 1921, les gens de droite assassinent un gauche tous les 2 jours. La Gauche un tous les 40 jours. La droite commit 345 meurtres contre 19. Tous les coupable de droite reçoivent en totale 31 ans de prison. La gauche 8 peine capitales et 211 ans de prison. Injustice leads to insecurity followed by dictatorship

Nadejda, second wife of Stalin, shot a bullet in her heart at the age of 32. Nadejda is a hero to Humanity, against all the Stalins and stupid Silent majorities that refrain from siding with what is right, fair and equitable

There is No danger for Trump to print worthless $ to satisfy US internal market for liquidity. The problem is forcing a high $ on the rest of the world. Once the US reserves is reduced to 2/3, US will import Saudi Kingdom for almost nothing. US wins at all boards in this pandemics

Thus, Africa during Covid-19 is Not a bunch of States: it is just a continent? Number of Corona in Africa s tabulated on the base of a Continent?

On se sert du language pour mentir. Apprend les languages des gestes, postures, silence et les yeux pour débusquer les mots du Coeur

Life boils down to learn how to take a stand for what is right, fair and equitable, after years of trying to adapt to what behavior and activities that demean and humiliate humanity

Casualties of Iraqis as Bush Jr. invaded the country in 2003:

  1. one million of widowed
  2. 4 million of orphaned
  3. 2.5 million dead
  4. 800,000 disappeared persons
  5. 2.5 refugees (inside and overseas)
  6. 75,000 AIDS (only 4 cases before the invasion)
  7. 4 million cases of divorces
  8. 34,000 incarcerated in unsanitary opened camps
  9. The stealing of most artifacts and destruction of ancient sites

And not counting the horrors the Iraqis suffered during the ISIS (Daesh) occupation. Just to re-conquer Mosul, 50,000 soldiers and government fights succumbed. Not including the civilians and the extremist Islamists.

Am I biased? What are your cognitive models?

There is an interesting story behind these questions; the effort of answering as many as you can will generate satisfaction.

We function and decide along cognitive models of what we think we know of facts and reality.

1) You had an excellent grade on one of the courses.  What is the main reason?

You are very intelligent; you studied hard; the course was pretty easy; the teacher was good in explaining the subject matter; the school environment is conducive to learning; the teaching method was appropriate to your temperament; your close community is supportive to learning.

2) You believe that your girl friend’s mental capabilities are below your mental potential.  Is it because:

She asks many detailed questions that you consider should be taken for granted; she has this habit of going frequently on tangents instead of focusing on the main subject of the conversation; she is convinced that girls’ trump card is elegance and style; she is never satisfied how she looks;  she is always one hour late for the date;  she just starts dressing up and bathing on the date schedule and thus unable to plan ahead;  she is not logical or rational in her thinking…

I don’t believe my girlfriend is less smarter than me but I don’t know why;

I have facts that my girlfriend is smarter than me.

3) You are convinced of the “evolution” theory of mankind.  Why? Because:

I read the original book of Darwin and he convinced me; I read commentaries of scientists that I value their judgement and I got convinced; I observed mechanism of evolution; I read scientific peer-reviewed studies on that topic; I am a scientist working in that field; I don’t believe in The BOOK or religious Books describing creation of mankind and species; I don’t see any other alternatives but evolution;

I don’t believe in evolution but I don’t know why;

I believe in evolution but I am not convinced.

4)  Small commercial airplanes are far more dangerous for traveling short distances (300 miles) than cars. I agree because:

the only consequences in crashes is certain death; I have no control over planes; weather conditions affect the maneuvering of airplanes far more than cars; there is a heavy density of birds at low altitudes; there is no co-pilots in small commercial planes;

I disagree.

5)  Your schoolmate closest friend had a much better grade than you on one of the courses.  What is the main reason?

Is he more intelligent than you?  He studied harder; the teacher is biased to him and favor your friend;  your friend’s parents have strong connection with the administration; he is more relaxed in the school environment; his close community is more supportive to learning.

6)  People of developing countries are evidently less smart and not endowed with mental capabilities as people in developed nations.  Because:

their brain size is smaller; they failed so far to reaching a social stage of development that is compatible with modern social standards; they are still in the tribal stage; they allow foreigners to exploit their resources; their leaders are willing to sell anything for bribes; civil wars are rampant in developing countries; political structures are unstable; democracy is lacking; Christianity is not predominant;

I disagree based on the above premises or observations but I believe the initial statesman;

The statesman is wrongly formulated and biased but it cannot be disproved;

The statement is not “politically correct” and thus it is wrong;

I have no opinion and care less;

I have facts to the contrary to the statesman.

7)  In general, women are less capable of running big businesses or holding important political positions.  The reasons are:

Women are rarely found in high positions; physical handicaps during pregnancy are not conducive to persistent work in becoming expert; women are emotionally less strong than men in critical events;  women get bogged down in details; the temperament of women is less focused on business targets;

This is wrong statement;

The question is biased in its formulation;

Women are more capable than men in running big businesses and controlling personnel.

8)  You have got a pretty lousy grade.  The main reason is:

You have no inclination for the subject matter; you had urgent problems to taking care of; the teacher lacked the vocation; the classroom is crowded; the schedule for the course didn’t match the top performance period in your circadian body cycle.

A few subjective cognitive models we use to deciding without enough facts are the following:

One:  We rely on simple heuristic strategies to avoiding complex computational judgement.  This model is called “Attribute substitution

Two:  We tend not to acknowledge our biases in judgement and think that we are better than average in feeling the correct attitude; thus, we have “Bias blind spots“.

Three:  We tend to attribute to our strong imaginative power pieces of memory that we have registered and had forgotten.  The phenomena of False memory syndrome, Recovery memory therapies through hypnosis…and plagiarism are within the category of Cryptomnesia models.

Four: We tend to extend positive outcomes as relevant to our internal capabilities and potentials while negative outcomes are attributed to external factors.  This “self-serving bias” is reversed when judging another person’s outcomes (grade results for example).

Five:  We tend to ask more money for items we own than we are willing to pay for as market value.  This “endowment effect” is related to our aversion to loss and sticking to the status quo biases.

Six: We search for bad actions and behavior of the victims based on our model of “Just-World phenomenon“.  Somehow, the victim must have been bad to get this outcome.

Seven:  “I can quit addiction at any time I decide to” is within the “Restraint bias” model and illusion of control when we will anything.

Eight:  We tend to under-estimate task duration that is unknown to us.  We use the “planning fallacy” model.

Nine: We estimate based on our most vivid memories.  This is the “Availability heuristic” cognitive model.

Ten:  We search for facts that support our hypothesis instead of the way around.  We use the “Confirmation bias” model.

Send me more questions and option answers that generate examples of our subjective cognitive models




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