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Lebanon and Palestine: Same and Different(Part 1)

Posted on April 29, 2009

Brief ancient history:

Lebanon is a recognized State by the UN in 1943. The Lebanese State got its fictitious “independence” from France who withdrew its troops in 1946 (2 years before the State of Israel was recognized by the UN).

Palestine was partitioned in 1947 between Palestinians and the minority Jews (barely 40% but allocated 55% of the land of Palestine).

Currently, all of Palestine is under occupation by this Zionist State called Israel.

Lebanon and Palestine were throughout antiquity under the domination of neighboring Empires such as in Egypt, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq (Mesopotamia). 

The people in the two tiny stretches of coastal lands on the Eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea were mainly mariners, traders, middlemen among Empires, and skilled artisans. (They were united under the Seleucid dynasty, an officer of Alexander army)

Under the nominal or explicit domination of Empires, Lebanon and Palestine had autonomous administration of their society as City-States that were highly democratic within the city limits as Athens emulated in the 7th century BC. 

The famous City-States from north to south are Ugarite, Tripoli, Jubail (Byblos), Saida, Sour (Tyr), Akka (Acre and Haifa), and Askelan. 

The City-State of Jubail (inventors of the alphabet) built Saida; Saida built Sour and dominated the sea routes; and Sour built Akka and relayed Saida in sea domination and expanding the trading posts to Spain. 

These City-States were the masters of the sea and traded with all Empires, and build trading towns: they have resisted many overwhelming sieges, sometimes for years, and occasionally managed Not to be entered and devastated.

Every empire that conquered Syria resumed its drive by dominating Lebanon and Palestine. 

In general, when more than one empire co-existed at the same period and when the empire in Egypt was powerful enough then it governed the southern half of Palestine while the other empire governed the upper half, including Lebanon. 

The strip of Gaza to Yafa was mostly under Egyptian cultural influence.

The coastal strip from north actual Syria to the Sinai was called Canaan. Then, the upper stretch to Akka was called Phoenicia or even Saida (in reference for the main City-State).

The Sea People, called Philistines and probably coming from the Adriatic Sea, destroyed Greece fleet, devastated many coastal cities, and conquered Egypt before they were driven out and settle in Gaza and the southern part of Canaan, called Palestine ever since.

Moses (this mythical story) arrived with an amalgam of nomadic tribes and his successors attempted to occupy part of south Palestine.  These tribes worshiped Yahweh/Yahwa, thus, yahoud and Jews for the Latin people

These tribes under Moses reverted to worshiping the all encompassing God of the Land called El., except a few tribes such as Judea and Benjamin.  During the Roman Empire, and most of the empires that dominated Syria, the district of Tyr administered the upper half of Palestine, including Galilee.

Modern History:

 In the beginning of the 20th century, the military in Turkey deposed the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and started policies focused on Turk Nationhood.  Many in Lebanon, Syria, and Palestine immigrated to Egypt. 

During the First World War famine fell on Lebanon along with a devastating wave of locust; they immigrated to the USA, Brazil, Latin America, and many were dropped in Africa by unethical ship captains who claimed that they reached the Americas.

After the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in the First World War, Britain had mandate over Palestine and Iraq; France had mandate over Lebanon and Syria.

Consequently, the bilingual Palestinians spoke English, and their counterpart in Lebanon spoke French.

In 1930, Haifa grabbed the center of trades and many Lebanese flocked to Haifa and Palestine.  The reverse wave occurred when the State of Israel was recognized by a majority of one vote at the UN in 1948.  Lebanon received Palestinian refugees who were installed in camps on the ground that their stay is temporary! and will return under the UN resolution 194

In one chapter of “World Adrift” Amine Maaluf said “The western powers are now paying the price for failing to apply their values in the colonies” 

The European colonial powers of Britain, France, Germany, and the  Netherlands had no intentions of spreading their moral values to those they considered Not worthy of their pearls and gems.

The indigents were to be enslaved, exploited, and humiliated;

The indigents who adopted the western values of equality, liberty, and democracy were persecuted and harassed and imprisoned;

The colonial administrators negotiated with the conservative conformists who were ready to strike deals and cohabit with lesser human rights. 

Dictators in Europe maybe abhorred after their defeat, but the colonial powers readily accept dictators in underdeveloped States to facilitate the embezzling businesses.

Human values had different quality and flavors according to the whims and interest of the exploiting colonial powers. 

Britain used astute diplomatic policies to subjugate their colonies more frequently than France did; but France of the French Revolution had No patience negotiating and communicating with their colonial people and never skipped an occasion to stat its true purpose for domination.and exhibiting arrogant military posturing.

 The colonial powers installed infrastructures that were appropriate for exploitation of the colonies; they established the required administrations for smooth and efficient exploitation.

The other administrative offices for legislation and justices were carbon copies of the ones in their homeland, but these codes could be disposed off and trampled at the first occasion that short sighted interest called for swift and immediate actions.

Contemporary history:

Current Lebanon was created by France during its mandate period and cut out from Syria; it is now a recognized State by the UN since 1943.  Palestine was divided but the Zionist movement conquered the allocated portion for the Palestinians by the UN in 1948. through a detailed pre-planned attack drawn in 1935. 

The Palestinians are now located in the West Bank of the Jordan River and in Gaza where Israel has built 150 Jewish-only colonies and increasing every year. 

The Palestinians who fled their towns and villages in the State of Israel are refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria.  And they spread throughout the 5 continents. The UN resolution 193 demands the repatriation of these Palestinians to their hometowns but Israel has been rebuffing that resolution since 1948.

Lebanon suffered many civil wars and calamities for Not being capable or unwilling of absorbing the Palestinian refugees.

Israel has waged four devastating wars against the State of Lebanon on flimsy pretexts based on the Palestinian resistance trying to regain their rights for a homeland.

And three more pre-emptive wars against after the withdrawal of the PLO in 1982.

Note: More detailed facts of the daily business trades between Lebanon and Palestine in Part 2. The implantation of Israel was mainly meant to break down daily trades, and One market, and prevent daily communication among the One people in One Nation: Syria.

Swapping Punishment and counter Revenge at the expense of people in Lebanon, including the refugees, Palestinians and Syrians)

Note: This idea came to me in a flash and made plenty of sense given the many concording evidences, months and years after the events that happened in Lebanon. This conjecture is Never approached in articles and news, on the ground that the “active” feuds between Israel and US administration should be taboos.

The US embassy in Lebanon does Not need many secret agents: It receive intelligence pieces directly from the sources: ministers, deputies, Central Bank, private banks, and all its institutions.

The employees “agents” in every Lebanese institution are trained to recognize the kinds of fresh information that the US desire to obtain for the control of Lebanon “politics”

Most of the other embassies, with a few exceptions, receive the intelligence that the US wants to share with them, and in return they also share their intelligence with the US embassy.

Lebanon is ideal carrefour for collecting and swapping intelligence pieces in Lebanon and mostly of the “Arabic’ and Islamic States. That is why this pseudo-State is Not to erased from among the UN States.

Actually, most Lebanese “politicians” and in high level positions prefer to play double and triple agents, which is fine if they “register” as such with the US embassy, as long as they have “no direct contact” with the other agents without the approval for certain events and for a period.

Occasionally, and for local politics in Israel, Israel likes to forget that it is a tiny State and totally dependent on the US and has to plan a priori with the US in Lebanon politics.

In these circumstances, when Israel decide to play the strong partner in Lebanon or the adjacent States without the approval of the US, Israel is punished for tarnishing the “standing” of the US in this strategic turntable of intelligence swapping for the entire Middle-East, once Israel activities turn sour and it is the US that has to pay the dear price in the region.

Israel had deliberately targeted the US Liberty intelligence ship during the 1967 war, for 3 hours and killed 33 navy men. The US buried this bloody “accident” to the public, but I conjecture that is why the US didn’t build or sold any warships to Israel. It is the job of Germany to fund Israel war ships and submarine and built in France.

The US never forgot the heavy casualties it suffered in 1983 to its marines for the blowing of their headquarter close to Lebanon airport. Israel reneged on the deal to vacate Beirut and most of the occupied territories, and to quickly withdraw to the stretch of land in the south, a land that it occupied for 23 years.

The US responded by allowing Syria to get a mandated power over Lebanon politics in order to clip Israel control over many politicians.

And the resistance against Israel forces was launched that ended in Israel withdrawal in 2000 without any explicit pre-conditions.

The pre-emptive war in 2006 that lasted for 33 days is another tragic events.

I conjecture that the US was Not ready to launch this war on Hezbollah and Lebanon at this time, but Israel, for local politics, lied that it can destroy Hezbollah military forces.

A week into the war, Israel discovered that the morale of its army was Not at par with the goal of the war. Israel wanted to stop the war, but the US was outraged for being lead/dragged to this war and pressured Israel to resume the war, against all odds.

Israel ended up begging the US to quickly demand a cease fire.

In retaliation for this fiasco, the US got its revenge in 2008 by leaking the “safe havens” of Israel Mossad locations in Beirut to Hezbollah.

Within 3 days, Hezbollah had “closed” all of Israel spy networks in Lebanon and pressured the dual Lebanese political agents to desist from direct contact with Israel. And the US regained some of its standing with easy direct intelligence from Lebanon institutions.

Feeling safe, the nonchalance of the US control of Lebanon lead to the total bankruptcy of the State of Lebanon at all levels: US policies encouraged Lebanon civil war “leaders” to loot the wealth of Lebanon and its budgets since 2008.

Note: Israel is at odd with US policies in Lebanon. Israel has decided that “No more military pre-emptive wars on Lebanon, Not even on a smaller scale”. Israel desires a “stable” Hezbollah. Otherwise, Israel will be sucked into successive nightwares.

This hapless Buffer Zone of the pseudo-State of Lebanon.

Pseudo-citizens of Lebanon had to submit to all kinds of ignominious and murders for an entire century.

Mind you that Lebanon and Jordan Monarchy States were created before the State of Israel in order to become “buffer zones” for the “security” of the programmed creation of the colonial powers implanted colony of Israel in 1948. And both States delivered according to program.

At least Jordan is still in this program, but Hezbollah in Lebanon reshuffled the cards and became a mighty counter fighting power to Israel repeated aggressions on Lebanon.

Safia Saadi published her article in the Lebanese daily Al Akhbar and she is a university professor and one of daughters of Leader Antoun Saadi who founded the Syria National Social Party in 1936 and was executed in 1948 without even a trial.

لبنان المنطقة العازلة

دور «لبنان الكبير»: بداياته ونهاياته

لو لم تقرّر بريطانيا العظمى إقامة مستعمرة استيطانية صهيونية على أرض فلسطين، إبان الحرب العالمية الأولى، لما وُجد «لبنان الكبير» عام 1920.

دور «لبنان الكبير» الأساسي تمحور، آنذاك، حول كيان مسيحي يُفترض به أن يلعب دور «منطقة عازلة» بين دولة «يهودية»، ودول إسلامية مجاورة.

وأكثر ما صبا إليه المستعمران الغربيان إلغاء أيّ فكرة لبناء دول وطنية / قومية من رؤوس سكّان المنطقة، والحفاظ على المبدأ الديني / الطائفي كهوية لها الأولوية المطلقة على كلّ ما عداها.

ساعد تاريخ السلطنة العثمانية الملي في تعبيد الطريق أمام الاستعمار البريطاني الذي لجأ إلى استقدام عائلة آل شريف الحسيني من الجزيرة العربية، وتنصيب أبنائها على دول الهلال الخصيب باسم الهوية الدينية ومركز العائلة الديني، شرط تنازلها عن فلسطين، أي أنّه لم يتم تعيين رؤساء عراقيين، أو سوريين، أو أردنيين، لقيادة بلادهم، بل استُقدمت عائلة من خارج المحيط «السوراقي» وهي مدجّنة بالكامل، ومنصاعة للإرادة البريطانية كونها لا تمثل شعباً، بل مجرّد رمز ديني.

أمام قصر الصنوبر في أول أيلول/ سبتمبر1920: اللقطة الشهيرة التي وثقت إعلان «دولة لبنان الكبير»، وبدا المندوب السامي الفرنسي هنري غورو متوسطاً البطريرك الياس الحويك والمفتي الأكبر الشيخ مصطفى نجا
في موازاة ذلك،

ومنذ منتصف القرن التاسع عشر، تعلّق العرب المسيحيون بالهوية العربية وأعادوا إحياء اللغة العربية، بعدما كانت العثمانية اللغة الرسمية، وباشروا في ما بعد بتحديد معالم القومية العربية، وكانوا على رأس الأحزاب القومية التي تتبنّى التراث العربي،

فوجد الغرب أنّ هذه التيارات القومية / الوطنية تمثّل تهديداً لوجوده الاستعماري، وبدأ بمحاربتها عبر تقسيم السكان في لبنان إلى مسلم ومسيحي.
منذ إنشاء لبنان – المنطقة العازلة – بدأ تركيب أيديولوجيا خاصّة بهذا الكيان المسيحي لفصله عن محيطه، فإذا به فينيقي الأصل، غربي الهوى، يتكلّم أبناؤه المسيحيون اللغة الفرنسية في منازلهم ومع أبنائهم، ويفاخرون في عدم تمكّنهم من اللغة العربية التي يأنفونها ويعتبرونها أدنى مستوى،

كما تُظهر أسماؤهم تعلّقهم بالحضارة الغربية، فهُم بيار وريمون وبول وجانيت وكوليت… وساهمت مدارس الإرساليات في ترسيخ هذا المفهوم ومعاقبة كل من يلفظ كلمة باللغة العربية، فتلاشى التيار العربي الذي كان سائداً بين المسيحيين حتى نهاية الحرب العالمية الثانية وعمل الغرب على وأد هذه الفكرة،

ودعم التيار الذي يؤدلج إلى أنّ العربي هو مسلم بالضرورة، وبُتر تاريخ الحضارة العربية من جذوره الوثنية والمسيحية، وحتى الإلحادية، فلا هوية للعربي إلّا الإسلام،

ووقعت الدول العربية في فخ إلغاء نفسها وأصولها تماماً كما خطّط لها المستعمر الغربي. وها هي أعداد كبيرة من رجال الدين والحركات الإسلامية تنفي صفة العربي عن ما هو خارج دينها، وتحرّض على قتله، أي قتل الهوية الوطنية / القومية. وهذا تماماً ما حصل في خضم الحرب الأهلية عام 1975.
عمل الغرب الاستعماري، خلال الفترة الممتدة بين عامَي 1920 و1975، على دعم لبنان الكبير المسيحي والمنطقة العازلة التي هي بمثابة مساحة جغرافية تمتص ارتدادات المواجهة الإسلامية – اليهودية. ليس هذا فقط، بل أيضاً تحويل لبنان إلى منطقة ترانزيت وسوق عكاظ يتم عبر مصارفه الأجنبية تسييل النفط إلى دولارات، وتدجين أبناء النخب العربية عبر جامعاته الغربية، فيصبح المسلم متقبّلاً للغرب ومنقاداً له.

دور المدارس والجامعات الأجنبية
واكبت الإرساليات الأجنبية الهجمة الاستعمارية الغربية على المنطقة، وعملت على إثارة النزاعات الدينية المتطرّفة عبر التبشير الديني في المدارس، والتفرقة بين الطلاب المسيحيين والطلاب المسلمين كي لا تتبلور الأفكار والطروحات القومية التي تقود إلى اندماج المجتمع، وتهدّد الوجود الاستعماري،

فالوعي الوطني / القومي سيخلق وحدة بين جميع المكوّنات والفئات في ما يختص بالتمسك بالأرض واعتبارها مُلكاً لجميع المواطنين بمعزل عن دينهم.
كانت النتيجة أنّ الفئة الأكثر تعلّماً وتمرّساً في اللغات هي الفئة المسيحية التي انخرطت بكثافة في هذه الإرساليات، خصوصاً أنّ بعض هذه الإرساليات عمدت إلى التعليم المجاني لاستقطاب الطلّاب، كما أُنشئت جامعتان تبشيريتان أجنبيتان: الكلية السورية البروتستانية (الجامعة الأميركية في بيروت)، والجامعة اليسوعية التي أمّها الموارنة.

لن يؤدّي تمسّك السلطة التقليدية بالدور الذي لعبه «لبنان الكبير» في العقود الماضية إلّا إلى مزيد من الانهيار

بالرغم من أنّ غاية هذه المدارس هي التبشير، إلّا أنّ نوعية المواد والبرامج التعليمية كانت متفوّقة، ولا تزال، على كل المدارس العامة في دول المشرق العربي، ولهذا السبب تقاطر إليها المسلمون في ما بعد، كما المسيحيون.

هنا يبرز التناقض الأكبر: هذه مدارس وجامعات غرضها استمالة الطلاب لدولها الغربية، لكنّها في الوقت ذاته توفّر مستوى علمياً متفوّقاً، وفكراً يرتكز على المنطق والنقاش وهو ما ليس متوفّراً في المدارس العامّة، وبدلاً من أخذ الفكر العلمي وتبنّيه للتطوّر والتقدّم، نشأ تيار يرفض هذه المدارس الأجنبية، لكنّه في الوقت ذاته يشمل برفضه المنطق والعلم والعقل على أساس أنّه نتاج غربي!

الدور الاقتصادي
إنّ تركيبة الوفاق الوطني ما بين السنّة والموارنة، عام 1943، هي أيضاً صنيعة الغرب، وخصوصاً البريطانيين الذين كانوا يهدفون ليس فقط إلى إقامة منطقة عازلة تفصل بين المسلمين واليهود، بل أن يلعب لبنان دوراً اقتصادياً كمنطقة ترانزيت بين دول الخليج التي لا تزال في بداية تطوّرها العمراني،

فكان المرفأ والمطار والمصرف والجامعة، وكلّها في خدمة دول الخليج الثرية نفطاً، والمتخلّفة تنموياً.
وجد الغرب الاستعماري في لبنان واحة لتواجد استخباراته ولتدريب جواسيسه وتعليمهم اللغة العربية (مركز شملان مثلاً)، من دون أية عوائق أيديولوجية كون المارونية السياسية قد شدّدت في تعاملاتها الدولية على ترسيخ الهدنة بينها وبين إسرائيل،

كما عملت بعض النخب على الادّعاء بأنّ هذه الأخيرة ستأتي إلى نجدة لبنان في حال تعرّض لمضايقات سورية، وتأكيداً على حياده، رفض لبنان إلصاق أي هوية عربية به.
إنّ دور «لبنان الكبير»، المنطقة العازلة، والمهادِن لإسرائيل كما أراده سايكس وبيكو، عام 1920، انتهى مع بداية الحرب الأهلية عام 1975. حتى ذلك الوقت، كان الاعتقاد السائد بأنّ الأمور ستبقى على حالها في لبنان، وأنّ مآل القضية الفلسطينية هي التصفية، وأنّ الأردن سيكون الوطن البديل لهم.

لكنّ دحر الكفاح الفلسطيني المسلّح في الأردن عام 1970 في ما عرف بـ»أيلول الأسود»، وانتقال «منظمة التحرير» الفلسطينية مع مقاتليها إلى لبنان غيّرا دور هذا البلد، فلم يعد منطقة عازلة ومحايدة ومهادنة، بل أرض مواجهة وتحدٍّ، ما أدّى إلى انهيار دور لبنان المصرف – المرفأ – المطار – الجامعة، واختفاء أبناء وبنات النخب العربية الذين كانوا يؤمّون الجامعات والمدارس، واضمحلال الطبقة الوسطى المسيحية بعدما سارع شبّانها وشابّاتها إلى مغادرة لبنان بشكل نهائي.
قضت الحرب الأهلية على الدور الذي لعبه الكيان المسيحي كمنطقة عازلة، وتدخّلت الولايات المتحدة الأميركية من أجل مواصلة الهيمنة عليه، لكن هذه المرة عبر السُّنّة فكان الاتفاق الأميركي – السعودي – السوري، وإنتاج دستور جديد (اتفاق الطائف) ينزع الكثير من صلاحيات المسيحيين ويعادلهم بالمسلمين.

ومنذ عام 1990 وحتى عام 2005، أصبحت السعودية، عبر رئيس الوزراء رفيق الحريري، هي التي تقود البلاد بدعم أميركي واضح، لكنّ دور لبنان المسهّل للاندماج مع الغرب انتقل إلى الإمارات وعلى رأسها دبي، وافتتحت أهم الجامعات الأميركية فروعاً لها في دول الخليج لتأمين الكادرات التي ستعمل لاحقاً في بلدها.
ركّز رفيق الحريري سياساته على الدور السياحي للبنان، وعمل على تأمين كلّ المقوّمات المطلوبة من أجل هذه الغاية، وكان مؤمناً بأنّ الصراع العربي – الإسرائيلي قاب قوسين أن ينتهي بفضل السيطرة الأميركية على العالم إثر سقوط الاتحاد السوفياتي، وقبول الدول العربية المعنية بالمشاركة في مؤتمر مدريد، كما واعتراف «منظمة التحرير» الفلسطينية بإسرائيل في أوسلو.

اعتقد الحريري بأنّ الهيمنة الأميركية نهائية، وبنى سياساته على هذا الأساس، خصوصاً أنّ أهم مفكري العصر أدلَجوا للانتصار المطلق للولايات المتحدة الأميركية و»نهاية التاريخ».
لم يدم استقرار الوضع في لبنان أكثر من عقد من الزمن، ففي عام 2006، حاولت الولايات المتحدة الأميركية قلب الطاولة لمصلحة إسرائيل، لكنّها فشلت في كسر محور المقاومة، كما فشلت من قبل في العراق (2003)، ومن بعد في سوريا (2011)،

ومع تبوّؤ ترامب للرئاسة تغيّر التكتيك الأميركي باتجاه إقامة جبهة مكوّنة من دول الخليج العربي وإسرائيل في مواجهة محور المقاومة الممتد من إيران إلى لبنان، ما قضى على دور لبنان السياحي والمالي الذي كان ينشده الحريري. إنّ إقامة بعض الدول الخليجية علاقات طبيعية مع إسرائيل، أدى إلى النتائج التالية:
أولاً، نهاية دور «لبنان الكبير» كما خُطّط له عام 1920، فلم تعد الولايات المتحدة الأميركية بحاجة إليه، فحتى لو عاد لبنان واصطف مع دول الخليج كالبحرين والإمارات، كما يأمل العديد من المتمسّكين بدوره القديم، فإنّه لن يعود إلى وضعه السابق المميّز والفاصل بين «مسلمين» و»يهود».
ثانياً، إنّ الضغوطات والعقوبات التي مارسها ترامب على لبنان تهدف إلى تركيعه وانصياعه لإسرائيل، أسوة ببعض الدول الخليجية، إلّا أنّ الثمن الذي سيدفعه لبنان، بعكس تلك الدول، يمسّ سيادته، وأرضه، وماءه، ونفطه. فلإسرائيل أطماع في الأرض اللبنانية صرّحت بها علناً منذ إنشائها عام 1948؛ فهي تريد ضم الأراضي اللبنانية للاستيلاء على الماء،

ومع الانحباس الحراري أصبح هذا المطلب قضية حياة أو موت لها. كذلك الأمر بالنسبة إلى النفط والغاز والحدود البرية والمائية، المتداخلة مع فلسطين المحتلّة، ولولا وجود مقاومة شعبية لاستولت إسرائيل على الغاز وبدأت بإرساله إلى أوروبا.
ثالثاً، بما أنّ بعض دول الخليج أخذت دور لبنان الكبير وفاقته ترحيباً بالمستوطنين الإسرائيليين، لم تعد ثمة حاجة لمرفأ بيروت، ومن الأرجح الاستعاضة عنه بمرفأ حيفا السليب. كذلك، لم يعد من حاجة إلى تطبيع العلاقات بين الغرب والجزيرة العربية،

فالجامعات الغربية افتُتحت فيها، وأصبح أهل الجزيرة متعلّمين وملمّين باللغات الأجنبية، أما أولاد الأثرياء فما عادوا يأنفون من متابعة دراساتهم في الدول الغربية، كما انتفت الحاجة إلى توظيف أموالهم في لبنان.
رابعاً، حتى المهارات اللبنانية والمتخصّصة في الحقول شتّى أصبحت متواجدة في دول الخليج لثرائها، وإمكانية العيش برفاهية في أرجائها، ولا رغبة لها بالعودة إلى لبنان، بل أصبحت تنتقل من الخليج إلى الغرب للإقامة الدائمة،

وقد ترى في القريب العاجل منافسة شديدة لطردها من قبل الكفاءات «الإسرائيلية».
يقودنا ذلك إلى الاستنتاج بأنّ تمسّك السلطة التقليدية بالدور الذي لعبه «لبنان الكبير» في العقود الماضية، لن يقود إلّا إلى مزيد من الانهيار، لأنّ هذا الدور انتهى، ودوره اليوم بالنسبة إلى الغرب هو منع وصول أيّ دولة من الجبهة الشرقية إلى شواطئ البحر المتوسط، لأنّ ذلك يهدّد مصالحها. هو،

إذن، ساحة صراع قد يمتدّ لسنوات طويلة بين قوى متعدّدة الأقطاب، وفي خضمّ هذه المواجهة الشرسة سيقع على كاهل لبنان استنباط قيادات جديدة، واعية، تستطيع استشراف المستقبل لتبنّي خططها على هذا الأساس.

* أستاذة جامعية

Is the United Nation Indispensable?

Posted on October 30, 2009

We have UN “peacekeeping forces” on our Lebanese border with Israel since the July 2006 war that lasted 33 days

This savage pre-emptive war ended with a major debacle of the Israeli troops and a definite political defeat of Israel’s expansionist strategies and pre-emptive war policies.

This peace keeping force is not really meant to keep peace and could not do this job if a resumption of war sets in.  Actually the UN main function is to be the intermediary with Lebanon army every time Israel tries to create an incursion or changing border limits…

The major benefit of UN peacekeeping forces is to interact with citizens and aid in small social and economic undertakings within the needed communities and providing seasonal jobs. 

The fact that citizens are exposed to different nationalities and daily interactions is more important than any kinds of power exhibition and posturing. 

One drawback is that many kids tend to like playing soldiers by wearing blue beret or blue helmets; in a way of emulating the UN military forces.

Many regions have witnessed exposures to UN peace keeping contingents with communication advantages that dwarf the petty enmities based on ethnic or religious conflicts that are the wreckages of lasting historic ignorance and confinements.  Just providing multinational troops for separating armies is good enough a job to preserving and consolidating the UN institutions. 

Currently, the UN departments are focusing on environmental changes (the Copenhagen forum is awaited with great expectation this December), eliminating arms of mass destructions, reducing the nuclear arsenals, slowing down the proliferation of sub-munitions, biological and chemical arms, and prohibiting the usage of land mines, cluster shells, phosphoric bombs. 

After the fiasco of the pre-emptive war in Iraq and the occupation of this Nation for 8 long years, and the hopeless case of resolving the Afghan conflict by shear military intervention by US/Britain, it is becoming obvious that the UN will erect a solid wall against such unilateral pre-emptive endeavors. 

Major wars are practically at an end.  The main difficulty is to diplomatically preempt conflicts that may result in low level wars or civil wars that are more difficult to resolve when they starts than open wars. This is where the UN can dynamically extend helping hands as an honest third party broker to encourage the main parties to meet directly.

A not largely publicized endeavor is the efforts to re-integrate kid-soldiers in Africa militias into civilian societies: many families and communities refuse to accept their kid-soldiers within their mist for fear or disrupting the traditional way of life.

Many African States have recruited over 300,000 kids to play soldiers during the many civil wars and those kids would Not relinquish the man status they acquired during these horrible wars and the easy ways to rob and stead just by showing off with a Kalashnikov.

The UN divulged that military expenses have reached $ 1.5 trillion this year; an amount that would have made every inhabitant on our planet earth richer by 200 dollars. 

The US alone accounts for 48% of that total in world military budget. 

Most armies have reduced the number of their standing armies in order to invest the savings on more performing weapons in load power, reduced size, and accuracy to kill and maim. 

The US and Russia are negotiating the reduction on the number of warheads and ballistic missiles for the purpose of investing the savings on more performing and newer generations of warheads and missiles.  The US and Russia needed the UN as a world forum to misinform the world community on their intentions for greater peace and stability.

Civilian group actions are taking the lead over State governments in disseminating awareness on global problems and exercising beneficial pressures on the 199 State governments represented in the UN.  Former hegemonies of superpowers are making rooms to emerging economic and financial powers. 

The group of G20 (20 “richest” States as of their GNP) is meeting frequently and neighboring States are conglomerating into trade zones in South America and South-East Asia.

Slow changes in the re-organization of the UN and power distribution are taking place. 

Rotations of non-veto power States (I think around 9 in addition to the 5 veto members) are asked to represent the UN body in executive sessions. For example, Lebanon was voted in for two years after 53 years of absence.  This sharing in responsibilities is a great exposure for non-veto States to learn and get training on the UN administrative labyrinths.

The rights of the former five “superpowers” of US, Russia, China, France, and Britain to veto on major decrees related to wars or pre-emptive wars did not function well: superpowers did what they wanted to do anyway, if they could, regardless of the votes in the General Assembly.

Worse, the superpowers vetoed on petty matters that would have discouraged crimes against humanity and blatant apartheid policies.  The US caste the most number of vetoes in the history of the UN just to take Israel off the hook on the thousands of Israel’s behaviors and activities that went counter to the UN charter of safeguarding human dignities and rights. 

Veto rights to absolving crimes against humanity are not to be acceptable any more. 

After the world financial crash, the successive failures of direct wars to solving problems, and the exorbitant costs to waging wars and paying for wars’ aftermath in caring for refugees, displaced people, and reconstruction… a new political era is evolving.

The superpowers are now willing to permit the UN playing greater roles in resolving world problems.

Why and how Israel decided to flatten Beirut?

Is it Out of Spite, Israel/US decided to bypass their totally impotent and greedy Lebanese leaders’ allies?

Hezbollah has plenty of serious grievances against these militia/mafia leaders who have totally sided with US/Israel for many decades, and many of them who supported the Zionist movement before the creation of this colonial implanted colony Israel in our midst.

In fact, the Maronite Phalange Party, created by the French colonial mandated power in 1936, and headed by Pierre Gemayel, totally supported the Zionist movement and the creation of Israel as a counter-power against the predominantly Muslim population in lebanon.

The successive pre-emptive wars of Israel on Lebanon were supported by these “agent” leaders since 1948.

1) Actually, those who were elected in the parliament are the ones who sold their properties and lands in Palestine to the Zionist movement in order to run for election

2) In the first 3 decades of the “Independence” of this pseudo-State of Lebanon, the Southern region and its people were totally ignored in the successive budgets for any worthy infrastructure, schools and hospital.

And that indignity included the Akkar region in the north and the Bekaa Valley people.

3) The Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini dispatched his cleric Moussa Sader to Lebanon in the late 1960 in order to rally the Chia sect around a leader that was Not a feudal and landlord conventional “leader” or za3eem.

Moussa Sader did a great job and his “Disinherited Movement” called Amal grabbed the attention of the conventional Lebanese leaders in power for all that period and this movement became a force to negotiate with.

Hezbollah General Secretary, Hassan Nasrallah, in a speech declared that “All we need is to launch a couple of missiles on the Ammonium plant in Haifa. The conflagration is as powerful as an atomic bomb”.

It turned out that Israel actually executed this idea and stored an amount of ammonium nitrate in the port of Beirut and let it be forgotten

Who still believes that this calamity is a simple matter of laziness of every responsible during the last 6 years?

Who is still unable to believe that Israel is Not able to prepare for a long-term catastrophe and hangar #12 was being prepared and targeted for a timely decision to flatten Beirut?

Who still believe this conflagration was Not triggered by an electromagnetic pulse bomb, planted in the hangar?

Tidbits #63

“Quel est ce grand qui n’a cure de l’incendie?” Dante

My contention, very plausible alternative of how Beirut was flattened. There are teams of insider criminals who planted a Fuel-Air Explosives (FAE) bomb in the Hangar #12 that disperse an aerosol cloud of oil fuel on the 2700 tons of nitrate of ammonium and other oxyde chemicals. This bomb is ignited by a detonator, producing massive explosions. After the fire increased and plumed, a non-radiating version of depleted uranium (a new electro-magnetic) missile was launched from a far away military jet that cannot be observed by the naked eye.

How Israel would have reacted if the port of Haifa, instead of Beirut, experienced the same devastation? I bet more than half the injured would have died for lack of individual zeal to come to the rescue. At 6 pm on August 5, 2020, the post of Beirut and all residential streets in that sea front (radius of 3 miles) were totally devastated.

All Lebanon militia/mafia “leaders” demanded from Israel to teach Hezbollah a “lesson”? They got a Flattened Beirut as a reward to their treacheries.

In 2016, the academic Etzioni writes: “I asked two American military officers what other options Israel has. They both pointed to Fuel-Air Explosives (FAE). These are bombs that disperse an aerosol cloud of oil fuel which is ignited by a detonator, producing massive explosions. I think that is how Israel attacked the port of Beirut that contained 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate. The first bomb sprayed the FAE and the second was a low grade depleted uranium missile.

After the conflagration in the port of Beirut at 6 pm: Avez-vous entendu hier le soleil s’immergeant à l’horizon? Même le soleil avait disparu de vue

This digital display of Lebanon flag on the mayoral building in Tel Aviv, after the “atomic/electric/magnetic new bomb” conflagration that flattened Beirut, might be sending two messages; 1) Please Hezbollah, refrain from reacting in kind and 2) We the secular Israeli will Not vote for any of the ministers and deputies that sided and supported Netanyahu in the last 2 decades. We are sick and tired of the insane policies of constant military siding in the Middle East battle fields. We want out of coat tailing Trump and other US policies in this region.

Israel/US planned to flattened Beirut after August 7, 2020, the date the International Court was ready to announce its verdict on “Who assassinated late rafic Hariri in 2004”, but an event precipitated the date to August 4. Everybody knows that this Court is politically manipulated and intended to lay the blame on Hezbollah no matter what the evidence against that decision. The goal was to internationalize the political system in Lebanon as they succeeded to do in 2005. It happened that the Lebanese army had checked the hangar #12 and decided to relocate the 2,750 tons of nitrate of ammonium. Israel/US decided to pre-empt the attack and advance the date to August 4. This decision will fail to point the blame on Hezbollah, but the goal was to flatten Beirut and devastate the port, the only competitor to Haifa port.

Someone was asking who took the picture of the workers welding at the entrance of the Hangar #12. I replied;
the one who took this picture is a member of the team that planted the bomb that sprayed aerosol and fuel oil on the 2700 tons of nitrate of ammonium and then detonated the bomb. As the fire plumed a small “atomic” missile was launched to cause the conflagration that flattened all the port of Beirut and the building on the seafront.

The Lebanese dozen TV channels, in this tiny market of barely 5 millions, need outside infusion of liquidity. It is the Lebanese who created the fantastic story of Monster Hezbollah to keep the flow of foreign money and keep spreading fake news related to Hezbollah.

Most foreign entities give Hezbollah its due credit of restitutting to Lebanon the status of State to diplomats, though still a pseudo-State for how its treats its pseudo-citizens. Even our existential enemy Israel has given Hezbollah more credits that it ever dreamt of.

Hezbollah of Lebanon is an existential necessity to preserve Lebanon from outside pre-emptive wars

Very nonchalantly, foreign and local leaders are saying that the State of Lebanon will be no more? What that mean? That the UN will vote to oust Lebanon as a State? And what will become of this stretch of land? What about its pseudo-citizens? Will they be granted UN passports to roam the earth anywhere they wish?

All the lead personalities voiced the wrong message: The President, Hassan Nasrallah, the army… said that they had no knowledge of the existence of nitrate ammonium, or knew about this “piece of intelligence” very recently. They had their ministers, their deputies, the internal security forces, their public servants in every institutions…

Quand la liberte vertueuse du blâme est souillée, les qualites morales se degradent.

Les autels et temples abandonnés réclament toujours des sacrifices. Tout comme la notion de l’ honneur.

Les fragments des investigations individuelles de la conflagration du port de Beirut devront aboutir a une immense confession des militia/mafia leaders. Plus de d’absolution des crimes commis contre l’humanité et les Libanais.

Quand je vois les oiseaux migrateurs au début de l’automne, j’ai envie de fuir a des horizons lointains. Pourtant, tous les horizons sont déjà fermés aux âmes qui n’entendent que de calamité partout.

What? A shipment of chicken wings, from Brazil, tested positive for Covid-19 in a Chinese port. 

Nature (Natural) capital—the dollar value of the services nature provides, from clean water to breathable air—is worth more than $160 trillion every year. Water is already privatized. When will air be out of reach for the public?

Several Novels that were written by women and who had to use male noms de plume are being reissued with the female name. Middlemarch by Mary Ann Evans is hitting shelves and that was George Eliot’s real name

Who is still Fighting for the Man?

Food aplenty for the few:

They are addicted to junk food.

Leftovers for the leftover of humanity;

Delicious: hungry


Fighting for the signs, given and wanted traits,

Thriving for characters of the beyond;

Fighting for the provocation of the ambient collective;

The objective environment and the living one;

The social, psychological, and family entities;

Fighting for the Man.


Toys aplenty for the few;

They are addicted to one-on-one machines.

Leftovers for the leftover of humanity;


A piece of paper and threads gets kites flying high; smiles even higher;

A couple of sticks get a team running and laughing;

An old makeshift ball got kids gamboling and shrieking with joy.


Fighting for the society of objects, consumer goods;

The historical environment, of body and soul;

The cosmic belonging, the instinctive thrust;

The defense of the ego and the taste to live;

The denying and utilization of the other;

Fighting for the Man.


Vaccines and antibiotics for the few;

Open heart surgery for the few;

They got to be ninety and end up in nursing homes.


Alone: the refuse of humanity.

Leftovers for the leftover of humanity;

Barely first generation antibiotics dispatched to them;

They don’t get to live long,

They were Not meant to live long.


Their young memory didn’t erase the fresh good time.

They die within their community and among parents.


Fighting for the nutritional instinct, sexuality,

The race, age, gender, and life;

Variations in metabolism, language of the forms,

The sick body and the domesticated body;

The presence and ascendancy of the other.


Fighting for the Man.

Spaces and green horizons for the few;

They are addicted to tiny cubicles in overcrowded megalopolis.

Leftovers for the leftover of humanity;

Wind, dust, eroded land, dry earth,

A shade under an old resilient tree out in the nowhere;

A trickle of water of a drying source;

Crying babies, skeletal babies, over-stretched stomachs;

And white carcasses dotting the parched landscape.


Fighting for the emotive duality, the emotive matrix,

The emotive root of characters;

Getting a grip on the conscious, rhythm, perseverance;

Space and living duration;

The I, here, and now; in extension, in tension, and in intention;

Generosity and avarice.


Fighting for the Man.

Homes, gardens, and highways for the few;

They are addicted to driving and drinking.

Leftovers for the leftover of humanity;

Trekking for hundreds of miles for a handful of food;

Bare foot, crackling skin, sore dried up eyes;

To reach one of those Blue Tents

Erected and tended by romantic hearts.


Fighting for accepting reality;

Refusing reality, imaginary refusal;

The real, irrational and the surreal;


Carnal intelligence, dramatic intelligence,

Dialogue, rational arguments, democracy, discrimination,

The master action, the power of deciding,

The struggling with obstacles,

The greatness and misery of the will;


Fighting for the Man.

A car accident, a mugging,

A child left unattended, locked in a car,

A dog, a cat, an iguana for the few.

One million widowed, two millions disappeared,

Three millions refugees,

Four millions disabled in pre-emptive wars,

To depose a dictator here, a tough-minded leader there.


Five millions orphans, dislocated institutions and social fabrics;

Fifty thousands incarcerated:

Potential terrorists, with no hope for legal due processes,

For the leftover of humanity.


Fighting for the moral character, the moral act,

The religious expression of moral limitation;

Comprehending the Man is a science;

Far more complex and exhilarating of sciences

Than inanimate physical sciences.


You don’t need to be neutral in human behavioral sciences,

Just be plainly unbiased.

You don’t need to be odorless and insipid in social sciences;

I have got to be fighting for the Man!


Did you breathe the Dawn?

What’s in the dawn?

Birds must be chirping.

Cool breeze must be biting.

Wet thyme must be tingling.

And I am smiling.


What’s in the dawn?

Is it raining?

Is it thundering?

Is it freezing?

I am sending a prayer

To the sick, the ill, the suffering from cold and hunger;

To the many at the end of their rope

Curtain drawn


What’s in the dawn?

I am breathing fresh life.

In a couple of hours nature dies:

The drama of the day begins

I can’t get used to that drama.

I want my dawn

Any day of the year.

Note: During this Covid-19 pandemics confinement I had to change many of my daily routine tasks and schedule. I started waking up early and take a one-hour morning walk at 5:30 am. I discovered that the chirping of birds can deafen me. It was like walking through a long tunnel, the singing of birds coming from every inch of the tunnel.

The were many periods in Lebanon that we could no longer hear birds, due to civil war, the frequent pre-emptive wars of Israel on Lebanon, or the extensive hunting of the Lebanese (just for fun).

I am glad that Corona showed me new discoveries and opportunity to change my life-style.

Tidbits #30

Le temps du Purgatoire est une longue préparation à la souveraineté humaine contre la nature et les animaux?

The most stupid of all wars is WWI. European countries infrastructure were linked with one another, and you could hop on the Orient Express and reach Istanbul from any city. The infrastructural union was established, but racist and chauvinistic behavior were rooted in those colonial powers

I can claim that I walked/drove almost every street in these cities: Beirut, San Francisco, Houston, Washington DC, Montgomery County.

California is letting some prison inmates out early and release of 3,500 people who are serving sentences for nonviolent crime and were already due to be released in the next 60 days.

My conjecture is that after the resignation of Nixon, the USA has gradually shifted into a Dictatorship of the Executive institutions. The Supreme Court, the Senate and Congress have turned “shadow powers” just to blind the Silent Majority that USA is a “democratic system with 3 independent powers check” 

Wars, pre-emptive wars: Uncanny direct connections to defaulting States on Sovereign public debts with weak military nations

Qu’un sang impur abreuve nos sillons“? c’est la meme chanson de tous les hymnes coloniaux.

Asymptomatic cases? As lockdown are lifted, officials in China are releasing the concerns that people going back to their routines and Not knowing they carry the coronavirus. The number was previously classified.

A statistical model by the University of Washington shows that the highest number of daily deaths could happen on April 16?

In 2014, the USA created the Biological Technological Office. This agency announced that biology joins basic sciences to produce an “augmented soldier” since robots by themselves are Not capable to win in the battle fields. Apparently, USA created Covid-19 to win a worldwide battle?

Covid-19 has shut down parts of the hyper-consolidated US meat industry. Employees are getting sick, and with just a handful of facilities churning out an outsized amount of the meat supply, disruption at a single plant can have a big ripple effect.

Facts on Covid-19: the highest rates of victims are in dense cities, dense prisons and Blacks in USA. Only standard masks and social distancing can reduce contaminations. Degraded air quality is the major cause for reduced pulmonary immune system.

Funny. New bioweapons? A Florida man faces federal bioweapons charges after allegedly spitting at a cop. 

Remdesivir? Not having FDA approval. The US military has secured a possible coronavirus drug. Gilead Sciences will provide personnel with remdesivir at no cost. Though the antiviral drug is considered one of the most promising Covid-19 treatments, it doesn’t have FDA approval.

33%: Share of people who survived a stay in an ICU on a respirator (Not ventilator) who later showed symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), in a Johns Hopkins study of acute lung injuries

Imagined Masculinity”? A book review of Mai Ghoussoub and Emma Sinclair-Webb, published in 2007.

Note: Re-edit of an article posted in 2008 ““Imagined Masculinity”

Chapter One:

The kids, Moris Farhi and his friend Selim, used to accompany their Armenian servant Sofia to a Turkish bath called “Paradise”.

The manageress Teyze hanim (Lady Aunt) allowed the two kids to bath with the females because their testicles did not yet drop off.

The kids heard this chit chatting and started to continuously checking their testicles and wondering when they might drop off; they roamed the streets looking for any pairs of testicles in case theirs might drop off and attach the found ones.

The kids heard a lot of myths told by Gypsy kids about female genitals and breasts and would surreptitiously investigate the category of women in the “hammam” through seemingly closed eyes.

The kids would try to discriminate the temperament and emotional sexual performance of women according to the size of the aureole of the breast, the shape and elasticity of the labia and the size of the clitoris, sesame, or lentil, or chickpeas and whether the pubic hair is shaved daily (a status of riches) or occasionally.

Chapter 2: Hassan Daoud on moustaches.

It appears that in older times, village leaders instituted various styles of moustaches depending on ranks and nobility; whomever wore moustaches not adequate to his rank was forced to shave them. Thus, when a person used to leave a single hair from his moustaches as a guarantee for a loan, the lender would know the capacity of this fellow to repay his loan.

The Lebanese army used to, or still is, allocate a monthly stipend for soldiers with appropriate moustaches as large as for any additional child he had.  I can generate two plausible hypotheses for this practice in our army:

First hypothesis: Emir Majid Erslan was the defense minister most of his life since our independence and he wore these fine but ridiculous moustaches that circled upward and would swear on his moustaches; I guess he might have induced the army to encourage the officers and soldiers to carry these moustaches so that he would not be laughed at or mocked by the new generation of Lebanese.

The second hypothesis is that our army is a carbon copy of the French colonial army in structure. laws and behavior; I guess the republican French army held to the standards of the elite Napoleonic “grognards”, who were selected among the most hairy and awe-inspiring virility of their large moustaches, among other factors.

Now, why moustaches are no longer a la mode? Pick and choose one or several of these reason:

First, women don’t like moustaches because they rub roughly their skins, they send the implicit message that the man is not interested enough to beautify his looks to please them and insist on the virility value of moustaches, or because the upper lip would cease to look like the man version of pudendum when shaved;

Second reason: after our many defeats with Israel frequent pre-emptive wars we are no longer fond of imitating our valorous grandfathers. Well, may be after the Hezbollah victory we might experience a resurgence of the moustaches, hopefully left unkept and wild; or

Third reason: Nose mucus sometimes stick to moustaches along with food and other sticky materials and finger-pointing to these humiliating debris can destroy the resemblance of virility; or because the Mullahs, and religious men are no longer appetizing for the modern generations and they need to remove that visible aberration. Or because the modern sharp and safe razors, manual or electric, provided the adequate leverage for fashion alternatives.

Chapter on circumcision: The Tunisian Abdelwahab Bouhdiba wrote a chapter on circumcision.

Nothing in the Koran, what the Prophet Muhammad admonished, states anything related to the need to get circumcised or “khitan“; it is Muslims and not Islam that imposed circumcision to the conquered people who opted to join Islam.

Even in the 3,000 pages of the “Fatawa Hindiyya” or the 2,000 pages of “Ihya” of Al-Ghazali the act of circumcision was never accorded a compulsory duty, barely a “sunna” act or strongly recommended.

Al-Ghazali recommended that circumcision of boys must not be done a week after he was born as the Jew did but after the boy’s grew steady hair. The excision of girls was basically irrelevant and this act was demoted to at best a “makruma” or a pious act.

Clearly, circumcision is a tribal sign, a tattoo, for inclusion in the Muslim communities; like it is within the Jewish communities, although the Jew attached this act to the Torah in an attempt to create a tight tribal relationship.

In any case, circumcision has become the number one obligation among the Muslims and festivities of violence accompany these events.

The ceremony is an almost carbon copy to the ceremony of wedding and which could be interpreted as the preparation of the boy to matrimony, a few years earlier before the girl loses her virginity when the boy is married off.

The circumcision of a boy occurs when he is between 8 and 12 years old and the ceremony is accompanied by very loud noises to cover the crying and shouting of the victim.

The advantage of circumcision is to direct the boys away from lechery, and because the foreskin makes of the penis very sensitive and the wife would enjoy a longer copulation time when penis Not that sensitive which she usually needs and wants. Actually, getting a hard on becomes mostly an act of good imagination and a willingness to please the mate.

The author Abdu Khal wrote a section about his circumcision ceremony (brit milah in Hebrew or the cutting according to the covenant) in the early forties in South Saudi Arabia close to the borders with Yemen. Abdu was to go on pilgrimage to Mecca with his grandmother because his dad has died and he was the only male in the family; thus, he was to be circumcised first.

Abdu was to dance all the way to the open place of the “makhatina” podium for the cutting of his foreskin (orla in Hebrew), accompanied by the “zaghareeds” of the women and loud noises, then he was to stand erect, akimbo, hands on his hips and looking far in the distance; he was not to blink or swoon or flinch “takhabbab” otherwise he will bring shame to the whole family as long as he lives.

Abdu proved to be a man and asked the circumciser to cut another slice in honor of his uncle and then another slice in honor of his mother.

His mother carried him away promptly in fear that he would mutilate himself for the whole tribe.  Abdu suffered three gruesome months from infections to the wounds which festered and spread to his testicles and could have died.

The act of circumcision of the male boys (zhakar for male in both Arabic and Hebrew) seems to be a common ritual in nomadic tribes starting for hygiene reason and then taking on several structural and religious dimensions and interpretations like the prerequisite step toward learning.

The ancient Jews used to perform circumcision late and in mass ceremonies before they decided to have it the 8-day for the newly born for infection reason by observation

My personal hypothesis is that during the captivity in Babylon or other dire circumstances that prohibited mass celebrations this act was transformed and made more confined in secrecy early on.

Thus, a more public ceremony consisted on the cutting of the hair at the age of 3 when the boys are taught the Torah and the religious doctrines.

Since a woman should be kept close to her natural state and uncut, thus impure, then the boys should have something cut off, like pruning or grafting trees, so that they grow better, more knowledgeable and productive.

It appears that productivity is purely in terms of procreation since the male spend their life studying the religious doctrines and most of the work is done by the women, even earning the daily bread.

The haircutting ritual of Jewish boys at the age of three “halaka” as pronounced in Arabic was adopted from the Muslim rituals when families visited holy shrines; the Palestinian Jews (musta3rbim) spread this ritual which was primarily a Sephardic or Middle Eastern custom and the Kabala adopted it in the sixteenth century until it became widespread among the Jews in Israel.

Miron is a town near Safed where the shrine of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yohai is the target of the pilgrimage; the ear-locks are left intact and the rest of the head is shaved; time for the boys to start going to religious pre-schools “heyder”, wear the four-cornered undergarment, recite the Jewish statement of faith (Shema Yisrael) and accompany his father to the synagogue.

Theoretically, the boy who looked like a girl with curly hair now looks like his father “tsurat yehoudi“; the boy is now completely attached to his father, separated from the female sex, and oriented to acquiring the religious wisdom and knowledge.

It appears that during the early crusades in Medieval Europe the Jews were under pressure to convert to Christianity; the early indoctrination to Torah of the Jewish children was a counter response to inoculate the Jews from later pressures.

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