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Are we all Pervert? Laws meant to recognize our strong passions?

This is a tough essay: Not so much in writing it, as it is in reading it.  This article is hard and harsh to compose because I can feel the acute reactions and responses of the readers.

We are driven by our passions, and they are so many and so diverse.

If we read the laws, we realize that we are all a bunch of perverts. The “normal” people according to social perceptions should be the abnormal and mentally handicapped persons. Passions are not just general penchant: they are very specific.

Laws are meant to aid us recognize the kind of passions that a particular community wants us to be very aware of.  The harsher the punishment, the more worried is the community for the kind of passion that the law is trying to intimidate you from exercising…

All those passions accumulated in childhood, daydreaming about them for long time, forgotten, hidden, covered over…

How we acquired our passions, and particularly the strong ones, is almost impossible to analyze, regardless of the scientific research and experiments meant to comprehend our passions.

We tend to understand that passions were acquired by osmosis from our senses and that we ended up constructing a model for our world.

Our passions are not abstract concepts, and they cannot be abstract constructs: They are made of blood and flesh, and they are recognized through the senses, and blood and flesh, in real operational situations.

Do you think that our lust for recognition is a general need?

I think that we mostly seek recognition from a particular group of people of specific age range, genders, social status…and not necessarily and exclusively the peer group in our profession.  We recognize this particular group that strongly generate our passion for recognition once we are in their mist…

Do you think feeling despised affect us with the same intensity, regardless of age group, genders, social status…? You recognize the particular group that strongly generate your aversion to being despised by being in their mist…

Do you think beauty is in the eye of the beholder? You bet: You know the kind of beauty that strongly affect you when you are among the particular group in the flesh and blood…

All those passions attracted to money, power, absolute control, pedophilia, lesbianism, homosexuality, one-dimensional social rights and wrongs, absurd religious fiction stories, attraction to abstract concepts, structuring the universe…

Justice and equality are two components of what we seek: Fairness.

A law is a combination of frequency and acuteness of the suffering that result from an act.  Violent and durable trauma cases logically entails harsher penalties on the perpetrator…And the more frequent a certain act of violence, the more urgent is the need for a law.

That is fine and dandy.  The crucial factor that is removed from the equation, in the consequences of any law, is the lack of responsibility of the community (State) in preempting the violent acts.  We should all be equal in the eye of the law, but we should not all be equal in the level of punishment, if fairness is the name of the game.

Should we expect a person in a poor neighbourhood, neglected by the community, to be punished as harshly as a person who enjoyed the privileges and investment of the community? That is not fair.

Prevalence in acts of violence is an indication of the level of community responsibilities and dedication…

Time and reforms in culture can change the hands on social values and how passions should be controlled and penalized.




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