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Comments and Notes posted on FB and Twitter in Arabic/Lebanese slang. Part 8

Note: These are notes and comments in Lebanese dialect written in Latin characters and with numbers (2,3, 5, 7,8) representing vocals and consonants Not available in Latin or Saxon languages.

Egypt President Sisi nakirat: Gaza hospitals are closing for lack of oil.

A7yaam kalimaati taka3ou 3ala 7itaan. Mo3zam al wakt tadkhol al 3akel

Nisbiyyeh aw shi tani, taalama al mourrasha7 lazem ye koun sammad $100,000, al natijat ta tama7war 7awl “tabakat 7akimat” min zamaan

Mazbout Na3eem Kassem baddo ye 7awel Loubnan ila dawleh Islamiyyat? Khemmana Hezbollah bado dawlet moush ta2ifiyyeh?

Intakassat bayn Saad wa waziraho Al Jarra7: Saudi Kingdom badha tsakker kaman Ogero bi Loubnan 

Alfo lejnat lel nazar fi ma3ayeer moukata3at Israel, kabel ma al siyassiyeen yedlo bi mawakefhom
Nifayaat 3ala shate2 Sami ejet min nifayaat Beit Chabab, Cornet al Hamra wa Mazra3at Yachou3. Hal baladiyyat bit kebb nifayatouha bi majra Nahr al Kalb wa al shetteh al ghazeer bit jamme3a bil nahr

2al shou? ellak 7a2 tetfarraj. ka2anno msharda2 etfarraj 3ala le3ba al mou3aa2

Moush msharda2 erja3 3an kareeb ila Garderie. Hal mara me3tebrat enno al Club her private playing ground. wa hiya al mo3alimat

Kaalat enno ya7ok li bass etfarraj. 3ala shou? 3ala le3b ma2zoum?

Can Egyptians be silenced? Can peaceful protests be criminalized?

Egypt President Sisi took power by a military coup against the Moslem Brotherhood one year reign on Egypt politics. After Hosni Moubarak was demoted by mass uprising, USA pressured to have a quick election without any preparation for the other emerging mass organizers to constitute political parties for any election.

Hillary Clinton admitted that US policy was to hand over Egypt to the Moslem Brotherhood by any means.

Since then, Sisi has been cracking down on any free expressions and assembling of citizens. Even after his second mandate without any opponents (the potential candidates were sent to jail)

Note: Apparently, the Moslem Brotherhood Morsi ex-president is dying in his jail

Dalia Hashad –


11:32 AM (8 hours ago)


Dear friends,

The government has just passed a new law that seeks to silence all Egyptians and authorizes the police to violently crackdown on public meetings. But in the last three years we have shown that if enough of us join together to raise our voices, we can get action. Join the urgent call to interim President Mansour and government ministers to withdraw this outrageous gag bill:


The Egyptian government just passed a law that criminalises peaceful protest and authorises the police to violently disperse public meetings. It’s up to us to stop it before there is more bloodshed.

In the last three years people’s protest has been the driving force of huge change. We know if enough of us come together we can get this outrageous law revoked. Let’s not let them gag people now.

This law doesn’t help Egypt, it’s a law to silence everyone. People have sacrificed too much, to surrender the freedom to gather in the streets. Let’s build a massive petition — click to tell President Mansour and government ministers to revoke the gag law now and then share this with everyone:

The new anti – protest law prohibits Egyptians from gathering peacefully at any meeting bigger than 10 people — unless government approval is applied for 3 days in advance.

It bans protests at places of worship, limits labor strikes, and imposes huge fines and jail time on anyone taking part.

Even scarier, it legitimizes lethal police action. Imagine what could happen if this law is endorsed.

Opposing the new protest law is not about politics, or taking sides, it’s about citizenship and the rights of people. Tell interim President Mansour and government ministers that Egyptians will not be silenced — add your voice now, and share this with everyone.

With hope and determination,

Dalia, Nicholas, Bissan, Alex, Allison, Wissam, Ricken and the whole Avaaz team More information:

Egypt protests: New law condemned as ‘repressive’ (BBC)

Female detainees released and dumped on desert road (Mada Masr)

Egyptian women jailed for years over protests (Al Jazeera)…

Egypt police disperse first protest since new law passed (Reuters)

Egypt’s interim president Adly Mansour signs ‘anti-protest law’ (The Guardian)




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