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Instead of being the King maker, he opted for the throne: Mr. President Michel Aoun

President Michel Aoun knew well enough that he is no match to the militia/mafia leaders that ruled Lebanon for 30 years, under the same political system.

President Aoun knew well enough that they will confront him step by step, hoping they will adapt gradually to a more transparent system with moderate level of looting of the budget.

Does anybody believe that President Aoun could Not find a match for the Presidency among the thousands of members in his party? The void in the Presidency would Not have lasted 2 years.

President Aoun was chief of staff and Prime minister after President Amine Gemayel tenure.

President Aoun wanted to break a guinness record of becoming someone who grabbed the 3 highest positions. Period. And at a very old age of 85.

What glory is there to be President of a pseudo State?

What glory is there to rule over pseudo-citizens since independence in 1943, with all kinds and forms of discrimination, genders, religious sect, class status, origin of birth, the district you vote in…?

I wrote this letter to General Michel Aoun, exactly 16 months ago.
Before he was elected President. I sent the letter to his private email.

He read it and highlighted a few lines.

مارون بطرس مخول

Dear General Aoun,

You are definitely the best and the most entitled to be elected as a president to this broken Republic.

You have all the qualifications and the top qualities:
You represent the majority of Christians,

You head the second biggest parliamentary block,
Your CV is the best,

You are strong, courageous, honest and transparent,
You are a leader

All what you have is too much for such a country… all the honest people want you as a president, the dishonest ones don’t want you… unfortunately the bad guys are more in this country…

General, please, in the name of God, in the name of the very big portion of the “faithful Aounists”, be the president maker, remain the valve of security for The Republic and for the Government.

Remain in Rabieh as “Damir al Massihiyyin”, “Damir kull al Lubnaniya al shourafa 2”… “Damir Lubnan”.

In politics, as you definitely know, there are deals; let the President be someone you trust, someone from your school.

Ask for a good portion in the Government to secure the interest of Lebanon and safeguard the interest of the Christians…

General, the majority of the Christians and big part of the non Christians, our brothers in this country, have full trust in you.

Of course they dream to see you president in Baabda, but deep in their hearts they prefer that you stay in Rabieh, free, guardian angel for the presidency with good representation in the Government.

General this is the wish of many many Aounitsts.

We feel more safe and more comfortable when we see you, as you are now, king in your kingdom, free to say what you want, not hands tied sitting in Baabda with more responsibilities and less authorities.

This is a shout from deep of the heart, let the president election go through, have a president accepted by you…

As surely with a president accepted by you and watched carefully by you is better for the country than no president.

God bless you, God save le General
Maroun Makhoul

يا ريتو سمع مني..لانو القذارة عند السياسيين اللبنانيين سكرت عليه كل الطرق ومنعتو يحاسبن.
انشالله يقدر يستلحق ويكون عندو الدعم والوقت تيرمي كل سارق ومجرم ومرتكب بالسجون
ومؤبد ،على الاقل تعويض معنوي على أهالي الشهداء الذين سقطوا بتفجير المرفاء.


They think they had it: Exclusive Rights

A common behavior for President and CEO

Exclusive Rights (Written in 1998)

1.   I’m mad.

The President made my hand

Touch his crotch.

I just discovered that

He did it with many other women.

Many less beautiful than me.

Many downright ugly.

2.   I’m mad.

The President grabbed my breasts.

They were young, round, and stone hard.

I’m finding out that

He did it with so many others.

Many were flat chested.

Many right down sagging.

3.   I’m mad,

Very mad now.

I didn’t mind then what He did.

I may have been flattered, I think.

I was honored, definitely.

He is more than My President:

He is the First Stud.

4.   I’m mad.

Studs have no rights over non studs.

They may be spared a slap.

A swift, ringing slap.

I have the right to be mad.

I have the right to claim

Exclusive rights too.

Open letter to President Obama (part 3) (November 7, 2008)


Mr. President Obama; this my last trilogy of open letters to you.  I have published yesterday a letter congratulating you and the people of the USA on their bold choice.  I listened to the joy of billions of people around the world and the “Hope and Change” of hundred of Nations that took your message at heart, simply because this world dearly wanted to hold on to hope and change after a catastrophic decade lead by the Christian conservatives or better known as the new Christian-Jews of this century.  I had apprehensions and I stated them as boldly as the US citizens voted you in.

And then I read the comments of Ralph Nader, the lead defender for the “consumers”, in his article “Hope and Change” about your character during your electoral campaigns for Senate and then for the Presidency, and Nader knows much better about your character and he followed closely your progress.  I should have doubts, Mr. President, about what you mean by “Hope and Change” and whether they coincide with what the little people in the USA and the world take for granted.

As for the citizens of the USA, if you succeed in activating the general health coverage promptly then you would have achieved the basic minimum: you cannot have the economy back on track if the little people are constantly worrying about their health and safety and their expectancy for a better life shot to smithereens in its infancy.

            I read that during your whole campaign you were very shy to recall your origins, from your father side a Black from Kenya and a Moslem to boot; your childhood upbringing in Indonesia, and your other non-white adoptive grandmothers.  You never visited a mosque while even George W. Bush had sense enough to visit main mosques at crucial moments when the Moslems in the USA were very apprehensive. You were very shy indeed to mentioning the little people and the minorities during the campaign and then, miracle of miracle, you remembered them at your “victory” speech without much conviction or intentions at investing much time to their plight later on.  Mr. President, your are the adoptive son of many communities around the world and lately academia and political circles; you are literarily the President of the world.   Very rare are the hard working immigrants or minorities or color tainted who denigrate and disdain their origins and their communities that were the sources of their potentials and millions of hard to get-by communities need an adoptive supporter.

            Ralph Nader reminded us that the crux of your program is to relieve those earning less than $250,000 from taxes, as if the cost of living has increased after the downturn of the economy and this period of deflation! 

Nader reminded us how you fawned to the AIPAC Israeli hard line lobby when over 60% of the Israelis want the peace process to progress at a higher speed.  Now that the Palestinians and Israelis are converging toward peace you want to take the reverse direction, why?  Why when many Israeli political parties are communicating directly with the democratically elected Palestinian Hamas you stated that you would not?  Mr. President, we sincerely hope that another miracle in diplomatic change would materialize outside your campaign lack of character behavior.

            I read today that your first two choices for important offices went to hard line Zionists. You will be lending an ear each day and very frequently to your chief-of–staff Emanuel; your special envoy to the Middle–East is another hard line Zionist.  Evidently, peace and stability in this region is not in the offing from the start!

            Mr. President, the talking heads on financial problems have been focusing on the “how” mechanism for the current crisis.  Would you order a full fledge investigation to unravel the “what, who, and why” this crisis came to be? This financial crisis is not the first and will not be the last so may we get a report written in plain language for the benefit of all?

            Mr. President, there are two images that the people cannot forgive their leaders and representatives. First, the image that their leader is training the people to cower when the tough gets going in the reform challenges. Second, the image that their leader is mainly shuffling winds instead of putting bread on their tables.  Before you deliver a speech, please make sure to start expounding on your decisions and actions that delivered bread and butter; then, and only then you may soar high on abstract notions and no harm would be done!




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