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Prime Minister breaks toys; cry out frustration and anger (Lebanon)

There is this Prime Minister who refused to grow up:  He was fired last week.  In the last three days, this Prime Idiot (named Saad Hariri) vented out his anger and frustration in the streets.  His hooligans have been burning tires, garbage bins, government properties, educational institutions, media trucks. His hooligans have been throwing hand grenades, stones at the soldiers, at the media personnel covering events and the rampage; they have been closing major highways from traffic and shouting “Treason, back stabbing of the Sunni politicians, stooges to Iran and Syria; Saad is our Prophet, Saad is the only and unique legitimate Prime that his assassinated father appointed Prime for life…”

The retinue of this Prime ID, under the umbrella of a movement called Future “Mustakbal”, know that their figure-head leader is a kid who refuses to grow up; they don’t care.  As long as their Tsar Peter is happy playing with his Playstation and satisfied within his comfort-zone, then they can resume ruling  the shadow government that they constituted 5 years ago, government that trampled on the the constitution and public institutions.

When Saad is being disturbed by demonstration of hungry citizens, Saad flee to his private Jumbo Jet and orders his pilot to “go west”, to his many villas and palaces, and exotic islands in order to cool down his nerves.  When Saad is apprehensive of an election, he fetches his white potty, incrusted with precious stone, deposit his golden trove, passes the potty around for his retinue to smell his achievements and then take the stand:  He pray for the soul of his “assassinated father Rafic” and demand from Rafic to sent him more political toys to break immediately.

The Hariri clan and their Saudi descendents (Saad being the Prime One), and their party the “Mustakbal” (Future) movement, ruled Lebanon since 1992, almost with no interruption, and considered Lebanon as their background garden and the citizens as chattel meant to increase the financial hold of the Hariri oligarchy, and extending their financial and economic domination with no restriction.

The Hariri clan constituted a shadow government to bypassing the legal and legitimate government:  They think they own the Treasury, the finance ministry, all the public projects, all the foreign loans earmarked for the reconstruction of Lebanon after Israel invasion in 2006, the International Court for Lebanon…

Fact is, 65% of the Lebanese side with the “opposition movement” and are aware that the previous oligarchy is not serious in pondering on their daily needs, long awaiting reforms in the legal system, the election law, the strategic plans for resisting Israel’s frequent invasions of the territory, the obsolete education system, the archaic political and social structure, the health, economic development, taming the increase in foreign debts, enhancing the quality and quantity of potable water, the affordability and availability of electrical power, and opening work opportunities for graduates and workers…

The Lebanese citizens, and much less the foreign workers and immigrants, had no rights under any constitutions; the finance treasury was off any kinds of regulations, control, and questioning by deputies or any minister:  11 billion dollars are not accounted for in the last 4 years alone, and over 2 billion in foreign loans were spent somehow and never registered officially in the finance ministry and how they were spent…

This prime ID was appointed to form a government with over 96 deputy votes out of 128; he failed to form a government for 5 months because he needed more time to comprehend the Lebanese complex “political customs”.  He was re-appointed by only 78 votes, and for an entire year, Prime ID confirmed that his government did not achieve a single promise.

If the retinue of Prime ID still hope that their Saad is ever going to come back as PM they must be joking.  The Lebanese have got enough of breaking toys, institutional toys, Constitutional toys, industrial base toys, agricultural base toys, health institutional toys, educational institutional toys, legal system toys…  The Lebanese fired Saad for good.  Good riddance Mr. Prime ID and your ID of oligarchy.

Note: Saad Hariri was to meet with President Barack Obama in the White House.  A couple of hours before the “interview” ministers in the government summoned Saad to come back for a vote of confidence was in the process.  Saad didn’t take the summon seriously (what! I am to meet with the US President) and refused to shake his ass back on his private jet: He was fired by 11 ministers out of 20.  Maybe Obama took this maneuver as a strong signal of defiance from the Syrian regime of Bashar el Assad and had decided that he got enough with this headache of a regime. This “troubling event” is one of the main reasons for the current persistence of the US Administration of getting rid of Bashar’s regime.

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