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The fallen due to Covid-19: From so many reasons… Confine yourself

Prinda Mulpramook posted on Fb. 22 hrs

Yesterday evening, my cousin Anick Jesdanun passed away in a Manhattan hospital from complications due to COVID19.

To call him my cousin doesn’t do our relationship justice. We are part of a group of 7 first-generation-American “kids” raised more as siblings, rather than cousins. He was my brother.

I wanted to honor Nick by sharing his COVID19 story as a way to spread the word and help save lives.

Nick was the picture of health. He had no underlying health problems and would not be considered high risk by any means. This past November he ran his 83rd full marathon. In fact, he had run so many New York City Marathons (15!) he was now guaranteed entry for life.

Although he had been feeling sick and tested positive for the virus, he did not require hospitalization. (How so? Lack of ventilators?)

He did everything he was supposed to do – resting in his apartment in complete isolation.

By the end of last week his condition had started improving. On Saturday, he went to the doctor to get his vitals checked. His lungs were clear, and all vitals were in good range.

This week started off well, still feeling like he was slowly recovering.

But Wednesday was a sudden setback, and he spent most of the day in bed. By 4:30 am yesterday he was in the ER with some breathing issues. 13 hours later we lost him.

As I’m sure you can imagine, my family has been going through a range of emotions. What I am feeling most now is anger.

Anger at all the people I see STILL not taking this virus seriously.

All the people who think they are invincible, because they are young or healthy or arrogant. What I wanted to do today was share a story of SOMEONE YOU KNOW PERSONALLY losing a family member to this virus.

And it wasn’t a grandparent or even a parent. It wasn’t someone with underlying conditions. It was a brother who could literally run circles around you and me and not break a sweat.

Nick had the strongest heart of any of us in the family, yet this coronavirus was able to take him away from us.

Please let your friends and families know – this is very REAL!

And we all need to be taking the necessary precautions – not only to keep ourselves safe, but to keep EVERYONE safe. Love to all, especially Nick, who I already miss terribly. May he rest in peace ❤️




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