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The sacs of Rome, printing, Reform, and Renaissance; (August 24, 2009)

The writer and polemist The Aretin was a feared guy by Emperors and Kings; they were cowed into the defensive until their promises are obliged and delivered.

Aretin lived in Rome before 1525 and then moved to Venice to become a famous and respected personality.  It happened that the illustrious painter Titian visited Rome in 1545 and was awed by what he discovered.  Titian wrote to The Aretin describing his enchantment of Rome. The Aretin replied: “You are regretting that you didn’t visit Rome 20 years earlier. If you are awed by what you are seeing now then what you would have done observing Rome when I left it?”

This answer is truer nowadays than even 50 years ago.

Now you would say “If you had seen the Cote d’Azur, the Riviera, Peking, or Rio de Janeiro 50 years ago!”

No, this is not nostalgia matter. Rome was indeed ransacked in 1527 by the French at the order of Emperor Charles Quint. The invading troops looted almost everything for months during Pope Clement 7 who loved art and encouraged artists and learned people to settle in Rome.

Consequent to that ransacking most artists and learned spirit immigrated to various regions in Europe.  The new printing discovery played as a catalyst for the Luther reformists and the dispersed artists and spread Renaissance in Europe.

Rome was ransacked several times by the Christian “heretics” coming from France, Germany, and central Europe.

Christian heretic sects evolved since 325 after the Nicee conclave and the following conclaves as Emperor Constantine decided to unite the divergent dogmas into an Imperial orthodox dogma.  The heretics in the Orient fled Byzantium Empire to Persia, the Arab Peninsula, and reached China with their brands of Christianity.

Wars that invade key and civilized rich cities instead of subjugating entire countries and people had beneficial results to disseminating civilizations.




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