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There was this private library; its owner Phares Zoghbi bought over 50,000 books and documents and then decided that it was about time for a private university institution to take care of his library, his house, and continue “his spirit” of disseminating knowledge, tolerance, and encouraging reading to newer generations.

I have been patronizing this library for over 4 years and basically spend on average of three hours in the morning, 5 days a week.  I read current books and magazines, available dailies, and publish my articles on my blog.  I used to borrow books and magazines to resume reading at home and writing articles: This facility is denied me with fee charges.

Now, this private institution of “learning” refused to keep up to the spirit of the contract.  Not only the institution is not up keeping the house but it is charging local readers who want to visit the library to pay $30 a year.  I barely see more than one person a week sitting more than five minutes in this comfortable and quiet library.  Thus, whoever wants to pay this fees is intent on borrowing books.

I have no qualm to retainer fees in case a borrowed book is lost or not returned, but to charge people to come and read is outrageous. It means: “We are an educational institution, but believe us, reading will take you nowhere, we know better than you about why we are in the spreading ignorance business.”

From my experience all these years in Lebanon, even if you offer free breakfast, brunch, or soup kitchen for people to sit and read for half an hour (not dailies or photo albums), you will not find a long line forming outside the door, morning, midday, or evening; the only one sharing in the feast will be me!  Kind of hitting two birds in a single shot.  But the USJ, this Jesuit University might be sending the message that it is in poor financial conditions and relying on Phares Library to cover its deficit.  It is sending the message  that Sarkozy of France refuses to allocate funds for this poor university because France budget is in the red.

No, this French and Catholic university called “Univ. St. Joseph” (USJ) has plenty of money and is investing in profitable portfolios that have nothing to do with learning or education.  This Jesuit university has been founded 150 years ago and Lebanese students have been paying “an arm and a leg” for its “valuable” education; mainly to becoming lawyers and being elected deputies in the Parliament and emulating France legal system and laws.

You would think that France would care about this institution, which is extending France with a semblance of political weight in Lebanon, the way the USA keeps funding the American Univ. of Beirut and the Lebanese American Univ. and any educational institutions teaching in English, even if the USA is under 6 trillion deficit and printing like crazy fictitious dollars to maintaining it political and military hegemony.

Poor USJ; breaking my heart! I expect the “Brain” to repeal this outrageous charge, in the name of basic integrity and loyalty to Phares Zoghbi who is still alive and in his mental capability.

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