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Professional Procrastinator may write a sentence per day

Suppose you are a procrastinator and barely publish a 100-page book every 7 years.

It is Not the long delay of getting a task done that defines a procrastinator: It is the postponing of an important, urgent and critical job that should be grabbed by the horns.

For example, postponing writing your New Year’s lists of resolutions has Nothing to do with procrastination: Common sense has demonstrated that a resolution to be carried out successfully requires time, energy and consistency on a daily basis. And common sense tells you that you will lack all the necessary requirement, not just for one resolution, but for the dozen of them.

Why professional writers procrastinate?

1. Research is much more enjoyable than writing. The procrastinator enjoys surfing the Web for hours on, supposedly to get lucky and stumbling on a forgotten story. (I don’t like researching and wait until the sources are staked in front of me, if I could afford an assistant)

2. The procrastinator’s lame excuse is Ï wait till I’m in the “right mood, as if an artist becomes famous by Not working his trade every day, consistently and stubbornly, and does not wait for his mood swing to stabilize.

3. The main factor is the time lapse between sowing and reaping. If no external authority sets deadlines, the longer the time lapse the harder is to start on the task.

4. Abusing and draining your willpower. For example, the group of subjects who were prevented to touch the cookies for 30 minutes gave up on a math problem twice as fast as those who could eat as many cookies as they wanted. The period of self-control drains mental energy and willpower.

Luckily, self-control is not a requirement at every moment in our life, otherwise, we will be living as zombies.

A good trick to weaken procrastination attitude is to eliminate distractions such as turning off internet and TV.., particularly, give a rest for gorging on cookies and soda cans…

Best trick of all is to set deadlines, strict deadlines in phases, for example in writing your dissertation thesis.

Mind you that finishing writing a thesis is Not that important: after 3 years of fine-tuning and re-editing your Masterpiece, you realize that most of the contents are obsolete and need re-researching. This is the case for Non natural scientific fields of study.

In any case, if your belief is that strong for having a closure, then set your damned deadlines, disconnect from distractions, and get on with your dissertation.

At most, half a dozen will peruse your lengthy dissertation, maybe those on your jury board.





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