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People in sensitive political positions, whether public or private, can’t any longer say “I didn’t know” that my decision was that bad and deserves to be brought to court of justice and be punished.

The social network robbed all these criminals from their lame excuse “I didn’t know” what was happening, what were the consequences of my actions.  You can be mentally retarded and not being able to distinguish what is bad and what is good, still, the fact that you have direct access to know that what you are doing is “crime against humanity” is ground enough to facing justice of the world community.

Most of the Libyan administrators, ambassadors, and public servants lived for 42 years under the “protective shadow” of Qadhafi and have no idea how they can function outside a Qadhafi’s regime.  Yet, as pictures and news flooded of Qadhafi ordering tanks, guns, and fighter jets to bomb the Libyan peaceful demonstrators they decided to quit their jobs and side with the rebels.  They could no longer claim that they had no idea that Qadhafi ordered fire on the citizens.

This phenomena of considering crimes against humanity as a serious criteria for justice, regardless of State autonomy and particular legal systems, is a giant step forward to humanity progress in reducing violence.

Even Israel, the worst apartheid system in the world, has discovered and realized that it cannot be immune to judgement on grounds of crimes against humanity.  That the US is covering effective prosecution does not erase the fact that those who prosecuted the invasion on Gaza know that they did commit crimes against humanity.

The next milestone is to convincing the personalities in the USA, China, Russia, France, and England that crimes against humanity apply to them too; that they should not hope to hide behind veto power of their States in the UN.  A crime is a crime and Bush Jr., Cheney, Ramsfileld…and the like will eventually be brought to trial:  They knew that they were committing crimes against humanity and their mental alienation is not an excuse anymore.




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