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The Social animal in us: In-Group, out-group behavioral patterns

Groups and tribes are constituted for minor and trivial criteria: Like where you were born, where you work, what your parents favors…

As these in-groups expand into closed-knit community, additional and more substantial reasons emerge to sticking together: and mainly to confront and oppose out-group communities.

And the members of the group receive a disproportionate amount of support for their views.

In-group members tend to view the out-group as pretty similar, the “homogeneity bias

There are over a billion Chinese and you declare that you cannot distinguish between two of the same gender.

Stereotypes and prejudices stem from this In-group bias.

Organizational blindness of in-group members working in the same institution is a known behavior.

Basically, mankind survived adopting most of the in-group biases and behaviors, and individual disconnects were minimal when facing insurmountable barriers.

For example, why do you feel that you have to lay down your life (like going to war and volunteering in the armed forces) for a random group more of a “pseudo kinship“?

Do you believe that male animals know that intercourse will generate babies when they engage in mating activities?

Or the “virgin female” know that this mating will end up giving a litter of same-kind of species?

Possibly, it may dawn on the older males and experienced females after they see the litters, again and again, that they had something to do with the outcome.

I conjecture that it was the same for mankind many thousand years ago.

By observing animals they knew how to release their sexual desires

Most probably, the males naturally used the anus, believing that’s how it should be done.

And fresh females didn’t feel much sensation, except feeling the need for an urgent bowel movement.

Until non-virgin females guided the “new guy on the block” to the right hole.

They fucked left and right, females, males and animals…

Do you think that early mankind knew that intercourse results in babies?

It is a 9-month gestation anyway, a long-time to maturity, and the female engaged in intercourse with many other males, coerced or voluntarily.

I guess the elected of appointed shaman knew how babies come, and he did a good job increasing the tribe, and keeping this secret from everyone except his favorite son or the one he decided to inherit the job.

Could that be one of the main factors that mankind share the same genes in the 5 continents?

Should mankind stick to ancestral traditions that are no longer valid and out of the subject matter?




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