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If You Think You Know Everything About Your Cat, Check Out These 22 Facts

Posted Nov 28, by Justine Figueroa
1. Cats purr at 26 purrs per second. The same rate as an idling diesel engine.

2. Nikola Tesla’s cat gave him static shock, which inspired him to look into static electricity.

3. They sleep a lot because of a growth hormone that’s released when they sleep.

4. They might be able to hear dolphins.

They can hear ultrasonic sounds, which dolphins and rodents use to communicate.

5. If your cat looks at you like this, it loves you.

6. Some cats have thumbs.

They’re really just extra toes.

7. Cats can make over 100 vocal sounds.

8. A female cat is called a “molly” or a “queen.”

Not surprising.

9. Male cats are called “toms”.

10. You can add two to three years to your cat’s life by neutering it.

11. Cats have evolved to communicate with humans.

The tone of a cats voice should be inaudible to humans, but experts believe that cats have learned to communicate hunger, fear and desire for affection with humans.

12. Cats can’t taste sweet things.

Scientists believe this is because they have a mutation in their taste receptors.

13. Cats can drink seawater.

Their kidneys can filter out salt, but keep the water for hydration.

14. Cats might be able to find their way home due to magnetised brain cells.

They can find their way back using something called psi-traveling. Experts think it has something to do with the angle of the sun or magnetised brain cells that acts as a compass.

15. The ridges in a cats nose are as unique as a human fingerprint.

 18. Adult cats just sleep all day because they feel like it, no hormones involved.

19. The fur in their ears is called ear furnishings.

They’re used for insulation and to filter out noise and debris.

20. The more you talk to your cat, the more it will talk back.

21. Russian scientists discovered that Siamese cats kept in warm rooms don’t develop dark patches that are characteristic of their breed.

22. Domestic cats can run up to 30 mph.





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