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Frontiers: costly illusions in lives and economy (December 12, 2008)

The World is divided by 250,000 kms of frontiers among the recognized States.

Since 1991, more than 26,000 kms of new international frontiers have been instituted; a total of 42,000 kms have been delimited by makeshift barriers, electronic fences and the like.

Almost all wars had frontiers as excuses,  when in fact the causes were basically cultural myths and expansionist policies.

Thousands of frontiers are imaginary lines drawn in deserts (in Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere) by the colonial powers of the last century and these colonial powers expect the newly created under-developed States will monitor thousands of imaginary lines.

There are many hot spots in the World using frontiers as excuses; this is an interesting topic for another article.

There are tiny and stupid States that invested billions of dollars to set up fictive barriers on the sand.  For examples:

Kuwait had spent $30 billion for 217 kms barriers over sand with Iraq.

Saudi Arabia spent over $100 billions on barriers over sand to delimit frontiers with Iraq.

The stupidest barrier (over 8 meter high and 800 km long) ever erected is built by the State of Israel to separate the Jews from the Palestinians.

The Ashkenazi Jews (Jews who immigrated from Central and Eastern Europe) are the ones who came with the idea during Sharon tenure.  The Ashkenazi Jews lived in ghettos in Europe and their psychic feels comfortable in a ghetto setting  They don’t care for open horizons or open skies; they need claustrophobic enclosures.

I ask the Sephardic Jews (Jews who emigrated from the Middle East and North African States) to tear down that wall of shame; I tell them “you are not from the same breed or same culture of the warp minded Ashkenazi”.   

The thinker and philosopher Bertrand Russell stated morosely “Peace will return when Earth would be incapable of feeding life




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